An EquestrianTale

by A Blank Note

Chapter 1: A Discovery (Plus a Crossover)

It wasn’t until a few moments ago when Sans noticed strange shifting in his timeline. He was completely unsure what it meant, but that didn’t worry him too much at the moment. Right now, he had his brother, Papyrus, to take care of. “i was on break, big bro.” He says, shrugging his bony shoulders as Papyrus continues to chew him out.
“Break? Break?! You’ve been on break for the past three hours!” Papyrus yells, pointing to his wrist as if a watch was there (but wasn’t). “You haven’t fixed your puzzles, you been sleeping on the job. You’re supposed to be watching for humans! How am I, the great Papyrus, supposed to join the royal guard if you keep lying about all day, not doing your job?!” Sans shrugs again and Papyrus sighs and crosses his arms. “The least you can do is try, little brother.”
“but i do try, big bro. you might just say, i try as hard as a rock.” Sans says, winking at the end.
“That was just terrible, Sans.” Papyrus says, rubbing his nose cavity.
“hey i can’t help it if the writer sucks at making puns.” Sans says, looking the author in the eyes (Creepy). “besides, i doubt that any human will be passing through here any time soon. not after that strange vibe i got earlier.”
“Oh, so you felt that too?” Papyrus says, rubbing his chin. This comment caught Sans off guard.
“wait, you felt it?” He asks.
“If you mean that feeling of dread and despair that I felt while I was screaming at you, yes, i did feel that.” Papyrus explains, looking at brother. Sans looks away, his own feelings slowly turning into dread.
‘If Papyrus could feel that shift, then that could mean that what ever happened affected this timeline greatly. But what could have happened? I need to think.’ Sans looks at his brother. “want to head over to grillby’s, papyrus? we’ll take the shortcut.” Papyrus raises his hand in protest.
“Not now, Sans. I need to re-calibrate my puzzles and check my surroundings for any humans that might have came while we were chatting. After that, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll join you at Grillby’s.” Papyrus says, walking away. Sans shrugs his shoulders and moves down his shortcut.


The fresh layer of snow crunches under the boots of Papyrus as he marches towards his home in Snowdin, a little town outside the ruins of the underground. He lets out a big sigh as he stops in front of his door. “No sign of any humans today, old chap. But tomorrow promises to be a better day.” His mood quickly changes, then returns to depression. “Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll never be part of the royal guard! I won’t catch a human, I won’t get the recognition I deserve, and I won’t be popular, popular, POPULAR!” He says to himself, pounding on his door in anger. He sniffs and straightens himself up. “Get ahold of yourself, Papyrus. If you give up now… Then there will never be a chance!” He says out loud, a new form of confidence rushing over him. “If the great Papyrus gives up, then I will never get the chance to prove myself! I have to remain positive! And besides, if I give up, who will watch over the folks here? They’ll be vulnerable to an attack from a human! Or worse… They could CAPTURE a human! I must stay vigilant! Someday, a human WILL appear! And I’ll be waiting!” After the short outburst, Papyrus sighs, feeling much better. “I should probably get moving to Grillby’s. Don’t need Sans to be drinking all the ketchup again…” He states, marching towards Snowdin’s pub.


Sans walks down the muddy path he calls a shortcut, taking in the sights around him. “that wall is normal. that ceiling is normal. even that strange door that i’ve never seen before is normal.” He states, walking down the path before coming to a sudden halt. “door? there's never been a door down this way before.” Taking a few steps backward, Sans found himself standing in front of the gray door. A black knob protrudes from the wood surface, tempting Sans to turn it and discover what secrets lay beyond it. Sans quickly shook the thought out of his head. He could feel it. Whatever lies beyond this door was an evil that this world, his home, does not need. He starts to walk again, but a sudden banging brought him back. “um... someone there?” He asks through the door. A muffled sound makes its way through the door and to Sans, it sounds as if whatever was on the other side was begging to be let out. Sans stares at the door as the continuous banging stops. Curiosity creeps back into his head and this time, it was just too much. Sans’s hand shoots forward, latching onto the doorknob, and slowly turns. The door unhooks itself from the frame and creaks open while Sans braces himself for whatever was on the other side. And what was on the other side, Sans could not believe his eyes.
Papyrus sits in wait at Grillby’s, his bones rattling in anger. “How could he?! Standing me up… At his own favorite place?!” He yells, his fist in the air. Grillby stops by him and speaks, but doesn’t really say anything. Papyrus looks at him. “You really think there’s something that could have stopped him on his way? Preposterous! I know Sans… He would stop for anything… Unless it was something bad, of course. But even then, he still wouldn’t stop. No, there must be some big unexplainable reason of why my brother has disappeared, and I, the great Papyrus, will find out!”
“hey brother.”
“Not now Sans, I’m looking for some big reason to why you didn’t show up… SANS!” Papyrus jumps at the sudden appearance of his younger brother. “Don’t do that!” Sans shrugs. “Where were you anyway?” Papyrus asks.
“i, uh, found a strange door on my way here. i think you might want to come take a look. it looks ‘funny’.” Sans says, walking back the way he came. Papyrus sighs and follows. ‘I’ll never understand that little pile of lazy bones…’ He thinks to himself as he follows Sans.
“How did we even get here?” Papyrus asks, rubbing his mitten-covered hand against his head. Sans shrugs, then points to the wooden door. Papyrus walks up to the door, studies it for a moment, then turns to Sans. “It’s just an ordinary wooden door. Nothing strange about it.”
“open it.” Sans says. Papyrus turns back to the door, grabs the knob and pulls it open. A surge of colors pour out from the other side and as Papyrus looks through, he could see a blue sky, a line of trees and a small town in the distance.
“What is this place?” Papyrus asks, taking in the surroundings. Sans lets out a small chuckle.

“Welcome to Equestria”