• Published 29th Apr 2016
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An EquestrianTale - A Blank Note

A hole that led from one world to another... A soul that's stronger than that of the Princess... A terrible fate that transforms one... A monster that threatens the balance of this world with one long forgotten name... G@ST3R...

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Introduction: How it All Went Downhill

It was a gloriously normal day in Ponyville for Basket Weave. The turquoise earth pony with carrot orange hair and, of course, a basket cutie mark on her flank, was finishing up her rounds for the day. As her name implies, she is a crafting pony, filling all sorts of craft-related demands and her last order went to the pony that lived down the street at Sugarcube Corner. Delivering a number of 15 baskets for birthday bash cupcakes, Basket trotted down the road, humming a song that she heard most recently. “...I’ve got no time…and I can say goodbye...”

Around her, everything was just normal; ponies meeting and greeting, bright sunny skies, Twilight teach a pair of troublemakers the value of friendship. Completely normal, that is, except one little spot that stood out, and Basket noticed this one little spot: A dark alleyway that laid between two of the colorful buildings. An uneasy feeling rushed over her as she stared into the darkness. She was about to move on when she heard something come from within.

“Hello? Is somepony there?” She asks, her fur standing on end as she moved closer. A non-understandable mutter came, then a short silence before more mumbling, this time, a little more clear. “...different timeline…determination…return…” Basket was unsure of what was happening, but she wants to help, so gathering the courage she had, she drops the baskets and walks into the darkness. One step in and she then realizes this was a horrible idea. All the light that she was bathing in was stripped away for a dark and cold atmosphere. The sky was no longer visible and any color that was on her body drained into a light grayish color. But her attention was being drawn towards where two white lights were glowing in the dark. The voice that drew her into the dark spoke again, a lot more clear now. “ You… you will…” It stops.

“I will what?” Asks Basket, as scared as can be. The white lights began to move towards her and a figure moves out of the darkness. This was like nothing she had ever seen before. A round white face with cracks around it’s eyes and a black rigid mouth, all on top of a black mass that was oozing like slime. The figure’s smile grew as the pony stood still, frozen with fear. “Who… What are you?”

Your soul… will free me… will allow me to return…” It says, raising a black, slimed arm and pointing it at Basket. She turns from the black mass and runs. But the more she runs, the darker it became, until she was surrounded by black. She runs in every direction, but no way was leading her home. She soon stops, out of breath, and lays down.

“Maybe I lost it?” She says when she didn’t see the figure behind her anymore. She took a couple deep breaths and tries to recollect her thoughts, but was interrupted by computerized chips and blips. She tried to locate the source, but soon wishes she didn’t. She found herself wrapped in a black substance that tightened its grasp around her when she struggles. Then the black figure appears from the darkness.

Your determination… It’s strong… “ The figure says, it’s voice covered in the computerized chips and blips. “ Your soul… It’s strong… Will allow me to return…” The smile on the figures face grows, then something launches out of the dark, right towards Basket, then everything starts to fade. The last thing Basket hears was the cruel laughter of her killer.

G@$T3R is taking your soul...

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