• Published 29th Apr 2016
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An EquestrianTale - A Blank Note

A hole that led from one world to another... A soul that's stronger than that of the Princess... A terrible fate that transforms one... A monster that threatens the balance of this world with one long forgotten name... G@ST3R...

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Chapter 3: A Dream of Shadows (And Monsters)

Basket woke up in shadows, unable to see anything around her. She tried to get up, but her body didn't respond to her. Then she tried to call out for help, but her voice got stuck in her throat. 'What happened to me?' She asked herself, her eyes darting around inside her skull, attempting to find some sort of light. 'Where am I?'

"You're where I need you, my little one," A voice called from within the shadows. Basket listened as something moved through the dark towards her and watched in fear as the same white-faced, black massed figure from earlier appeared in front of her. She screamed inside her mind as she struggled to move away, but to no avail. The figure bent down next to her, reaching out for her with its skeletal hands. It grabbed her forehead and her struggling slowly stopped. She felt a surge through her body as the figure dragged memories and emotions from her, draining her of her own life.

But then something stopped it all. Every memory that was dragged from her mind was instantly force back into her mind as a light glow surrounded her body. The figure moved back, surprised by the sudden power that refused his grasp. He watched as the glow moved off the body of the mare and onto the ground in front of him. It slowly took the form of one pink pony. It had the wings of a Pegasus, yet also the horn of a Unicorn. The figure slowly approached the form before him, but was quickly pushed back by its power once again. Then he started to chuckle. “Your friend… You believe that she’ll come rescue you… Her spirit is your spirit… A spirit that will be broken…” He says, turning away from the pink figure that protects Basket, which faded away.

Raising one of his bony hands, he summons a door. It was the exact same door that led him into this multicolored world and it was the exact same door that will allow him to rid himself of this ‘pink’ problem. The door swung open as figure walked through. It took the shape of a pony. In fact, it took the shape of the same pink pony that refuses his control. Its fur and mane shared the same shades of pink and it wore a toothy grin. However, its mane was flat and its toothy grin was full of sharpened teeth, along with one gold tooth. It wore a dark gray hoodie that had light-yellow fur along the rim of the hood and a golden-colored zipper, along with a red shirt underneath the hoodie. Its flank was covered with a pair of gray shorts that matched the hoodie that had yellow lines running down either sides. It eyes were black voids with a small red dot that moved around within the confines of the darkness. One other thing that was noticeable was the collar that the pony wore. Black with silver spikes and a black cross hooked on.

It looked around the darken area, slightly agitated, even though it wore a smile. “Where the heck am I?” It said in a low, feminine voice that drove a slight chill down the author’s spine. She turns her eyes towards the figure that stood before her. “Gaster? What in the name of Asgor are you doing? And why do I sound like a girl?” Then she looked down at herself. “WHY AM I A PONY?!” She screamed, standing up on her hind legs, brushing her body with her fore legs.

Gaster rose a hand to the pink pony. “There’s no need to worry, Sans, it is temporary…. As is the slight alteration in you mind…” This grabbed the attention of Sans.

“What alteration?!”

“The one that will make you appear more… Friendly... “ Gaster replied. “You wouldn’t fit in very well the way you were…” This made Sans huff in anger.

“So what do you what, old man?” Sans asked, anger visible in his voice.

“For you to rid of someone… Or in this case, somePONY…” He said, holding his hands together while tilting his head slightly.

“Really? That’s a first.”

“This pony,” Gaster started, moving so he could show Sans where Basket lies, “is protected by the belief that her friend will rescue her… I cannot get past this as it is too powerful for my current state…”

“And the only way to break through is to break her spirit,” Sans finished. “I’ve heard it all before. Weakening the soul, push it to its limits, yada, yada.” Gaster scowled as Sans before turning to Basket.

“That is why I need you to give this pink pony… A GOOD TIME…” Gaster stated as white pupils appeared in the black void of his eyes, giving him that creeper look.

Sans nodded. “I understand…” She said, her toothy grin only growing more wide.

“Oh, and one more thing… From now on, till you return to you dimension… Your name is Pie... “ Gaster said, turning back towards Sans before raising his hands. A circle appeared on the ground below ‘Pie’, glowing a bright white color that only grew brighter till it engulfed Pie, removing her from the darkness. Gaster then, once again, returned his gaze to the pony who’s own faith will soon be destroyed. He smiled. “Once Sans is done with you friend, there will be nothing left standing in my way… I will return…



When Pie opened her eyes, she was greeted by a change of landscape. No longer was she in the darkness with Gaster, nor was she in the colorless underground she had come to call ‘home’. No, she found herself in a land that was filled with color. From the green hills to the yellow sun the shined in the sky, everything was friendly in some way.

And it made Pie sick. “Who would want to live in a place like this?” She questioned, holding her hoof out in the direction of the landscape before letting out a sigh. “Oh, what the hay. Let’s just get this over with.” She began to walk across the green landscape in the only direction she could tell lead to society of some sort. Little did she know, a figure watched her from the nearby forest, its body glitching in and out of reality.

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This is pretty good please continue :twilightsmile:

Working as Hard as Possible, Promise!

Just how many AU's are we looking at here? We already got Classic Sans and Papyrus, Gaster called on UnderFell Sans, and now we have Error Sans.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

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