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A Note Of Thanks

Everything came to an end, but we stood onward and faced the void!


It's only a few nights before Hearth's Warming and Blake's excitement causes him open his present early. Inside, he finds a Talking Tattletail doll that looks like a very familiar pony, but this doesn't worry him. What does worry him is the figure that stalks him in the night while he's playing. He doesn't know anything about it or what's is happening and his talking friend keeps telling him the same thing...

Mama's Watching....

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Hmm quite an interesting start. For some reason(possibly the year is part of it?) makes me think of Furbies. Those things were often so FREAKY! *cough* even if I still have one with me here at college (found it at a thrift store in near perfect condition so crazy me had to buy it...) *cough* I look forward to reading more!

7911737 Interesting Fact: The year 1998 is actually my birth year!

Well, I guess it was a good year then huh? :pinkiehappy:
And just went and looked it up and oh wow I was right! Furbies did come out in 98'! :pinkiegasp:

Great start to a great work. I liked it and looking forward for more.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

I liked it:pinkiehappy: creepy Pinkie dolls hmm and yes furbies need to die .... In fire.... Balefire.... I hate them they always turned on when I walked by :twilightsheepish:

When you walk by the door to the basement, during the night and hear a furby laughing..... you run away.

really joHN? your scared of a HumaN robotic toy?

ehh I'm noT ReaLLy effecTed by such hoRRoR.

NOTE: The random capitals are on purpose.

Never expected to see a Tattletale crossover.

Other than a few formatting and spelling and punctuation errors, it's good!

Dear goodness...is that Twilight?!

7970341 Thanks! I just wanted to do something outside the norm...

7970808 It might just be....

So when are you going to continue this? Don't keep me in suspense, dude!

8166958 Working on it. Had a few things I had to worry about first.

8166958 Working on it. Had a few things I had to worry about first.

Please continue this! You were the only one to make a good crossover so far! :applecry:

Lol, nice comment! :D Also, you commented on Feb 21, and the story of this night is on Dec 21st. XD


shut up caliborn.

I've never seen Tattletale, but this sure looks good!

Thanks for updating this! I love ti, especially Fluttershy as a Tattletail! :twilightsmile:

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