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Everything came to an end, but we stood onward and faced the void!


Ghost have always been a problem, until they came. The Ghostbusters, headed by Paranormal Specialist Twilight Sparkle, have put the ghostly hauntings of Manehattan to sleep time and time again, but when a new problem arises, they are put to the test. Good thing they aren't alone. With Experimental Technician recruit Fluttershy by their side, the Ghostbusters are on the case to solve the mystery of the mandala and stop Manehattan from becoming a new location in the ghost world.

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this looks promising

*adds this story to my Tracking list*

If this is more like the carton series or the first two movies then the 2016 reboot... Count me in... You have achieves tracking status.

We don't really talk about the 2016 version around here...

7722387 Okay... Well I wish to read more of this if that is the case. Fav. status achieved

Next chapter is due to come out as soon as somepony finishes looking over what I currently have...

Finally a Ghostbusters story! Good person who wrote this I love you for this (not litterly)

So what about Apple Jack?

It's alright... We all make mistakes...

Oh, by the way... Did you know that there was a Video Game for the Ghostbusters?

7726335 there are a couple that I am aware of

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