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Mensonge Singer

Just some teen author hoping to have some form of impact in this game of torture called life...

Suicide is NOT The Answer

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  • 164 weeks
    Where have i been?

    I got back from the mental hospital last night and I will not be on fimfiction or anything at all. I need some time to reset to to personal reasons.

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  • 165 weeks

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  • 168 weeks
    ....I feel like I owe everyone an apology....

    ....I haven't treated people very good lately, and I have some regrets... I haven't been myself, and I've been at a complete writers block lately due to personal issues... I guess I was venting or ranting through my writing, but....if you want me to stop, I'll stop... not like I can make much of a difference with them anyway... It's just all I could really figure out what to say, and....I guess it kinda helped in a way, ya know...? but I shouldn't just....rant like that.... it's not good for

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  • 168 weeks
    Casting Call

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  • 169 weeks
    Behind The Mask Official Music Video

    ITS HERE!!!!

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About Me

Life sometimes can be dark, and we all need a therapy for that darkness. My other FimFiction

Hello, and welcome to my fimfiction. Here I will be posting my 'darker' themed stories to keep them separate from my more 'family friendly' stories, but don't worry, I still have the same standards, so no need to worry for curse words. I'm probably not gonna be on this account that much. If you just want to read the stuff I write here, that's fine. Why don't I introduce myself a bit to those who don't know me...

(As of writing this,) I am 17, born and raised in Provo Utah and I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love to travel every once in a while with family and friends. I've always had a thing for writing, singing, drama and art and hope to pursue some form of career of it in the future. My favorite pony from the main six is Pinkie Pie. My favorite color is orange.

If you want to message me about anything, feel free (but I do warn you no promises I won't fangirl over something...)

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Comment posted by ponybird21 deleted Jul 23rd, 2019

I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you.
Praying for you :fluttershysad:

Dear Mensonge Singer,

I have been arrogant, ignorant, and unsympathetic towards you. What’s more, I’ve been blind to my own behavior, and it disgusts me. Oddly enough, it was a bit of Scripture from a Daily Bread pamphlet that opened my eyes to my own hypocrisy. I acted like I knew what your situation was, and what your illness was, and that was wrong. I made assumptions on what you were and were not doing and tried to give you orders based on those assumptions. I read what I have written to you, and it disgusts me. I consider myself a Christian, but my behavior would say otherwise. I’ve been falling behind in my faith for a while now, but I won’t talk about myself here. This is about YOU and how I’ve failed to build you up and instead possibly torn you down even further.

The point is that a person of my upbringing should know that words can tear down and build up. They can save a life or end a life. I’m not sure how far along the road to recover you are, but I do know that thus far, I haven’t been of much help to you. I won’t tell you what kind of person I’ve assumed you to be, because I was wrong. Any assumption made about a person suffering from depression or any mental illness is wrong. So, I apologize for my ignorant statements that you should just take medication and be done with it. That was horribly cold and cruel of me. I also apologize for how I tried to demand that you do what I say to somehow cure yourself. That was even worse of me. I was angry that your condition had driven you to write stories about your OC committing suicide, and I thought forcing you to stop was for your own good, but what I was doing was unfair to you and was void of love. Without love, a voice is just noise like a clanging cymbal.

And so, let me speak without ignorant assumptions, but instead with truth and love. YOU helped me see a flaw within myself, as well as how I’ve been living a life of ignorance and hypocrisy. I am going to initiate a change within myself so I no longer speak to people in such an arrogant toxic way. Do you see what you’ve done? You’ve initiated a positive change in another person. That’s not a baseless platitude or a wild assumption. It’s not even an exaggeration. It’s a FACT. YOU have just made an improvement to the world. Yes, YOU! This PROVES that you really do have value. YOU have made the world itself BETTER with your existence, and there is no way that this is the only way in which you’ve done so. Now, whenever you feel worthless or negative in any way, you have this FACT to prove those evil thoughts wrong. You are, in fact, an actual blessing, and I know you’ve brought blessings to others, even if you haven’t realized it or others haven’t acknowledged it. And so, I continued to pray that God will bless you, and help you to push through these trying times you are facing.

One last this, whatever problems or illness you are facing might prevent you from feeling loved, but NOTHING can take away your right to be loved or the fact that others really do love you no matter how much everything hurts. I hope that the FACT that you helped change a person like me will help you in some way.

Matthais Unidostres

Comment posted by Matthais Unidostres deleted Jun 18th, 2019
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