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So this is just basically a library where you can find all of my stories from all of my accounts. Also a bit of background for our characters...

Who Is Script Singer?

Script Singer is an earth pony with autism and loves to write and music. She has suffered through depression, but is able to fight through her battle.

Who Is Mensonge Singer?

Mensonge Singer is Script's alt personality. She constantly tries to bring her down when something goes wrong, and tries all she can to make her life miserable.

I also have a folder for stories you would like for me to read. You will put those in the Recommendations. But there are some limits.

(preferably) No Gore
No Sex/Clop
No Mature (only exception is if an IRL friend recommends it, they know my "standards")
No horror
I prefer stories without any profanity but am willing to look at it depending on the level

If you are not sure about something, feel free to ask, I'm generally a friendly person so don't be shy!

This group is still in a work of progress

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Comment posted by Applegirl deleted February 13th

I invite all my followers

Okay, I booped the Trixie

Where did you find such an adorable Trixie

Can’t I was using a school computer, and don’t have a tablet or anything to do discord with.

Alright, thank you. Wanna chat via Discord?

How’ve you been?

Thanks for invite? But why me if you don’t mind.

hey hey is your boy M. Shadows thx for the invite.



Yeah no prob

That's fine, I understand

Thanks for the invite!

I appreciate this Script *patting your head*
I'm not sure if I'm going to give you a story to handle, but I'll try my best. The story I'm doing for you is still being worked. Stopped because of doing other stories.

Thanks for inviting me into your group:moustache:

  • Viewing 7 - 26 of 26
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