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Just some teen author hoping to have some form of impact in this game of torture called life...


WARNING: This story contains suicidal thoughts and actions. Based on true events. Also, this is currently unedited since I wrote it within a day. Dedicated to my good friends Lotus Moon and CrackedInkWell, who are there for me even when I feel like I'm deep in the darkness, love you guys...

Late at night, Script Singer had sent a text to her friends saying she wanted to end her life and takes time to really think about her actions. Should she really kill herself, or find a way to strive through all her pain?

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If you're desperate for attention and validation, telling your friends you're gonna monkey chug bleach might not be the best way to go.

Well like I said, it's based off true events. I nearly killed myself but I've tried to reach out for help

If you don't mind me asking, why the MASH Theme?

I can testify to this. She's telling the truth. She's not doing this for the attention. She's not doing this to make a joke. This actually did happened where she was talked out of it. I would know this because I was one of them.

She is going through much, but she is strong.

*pulls you into a tight hug*

Fit the theme of the story. Also is a good song worth the listen.

Agreed, I like watching mash, but sadly I'm not sure if we still have the channel. My brother had the army red cross box thing from it

also thanks, for the link to the song, had trouble finding the right theme for it

To anyone who thinks she’s doing this for attention, she isn’t. Script is going through so much but she is a strong young woman.

This story is her truth and even though bad things are thrown her way, she has come through it a little stronger. My little dove is very much loved and cherished by all who support her. :heart:

Also, let me rephrase that; I texted my friends saying if they care enough about me, then do something. I couldn't think streight, and I regret looking back on it...

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She almost did. And no, she's not.

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Please do yourself a favor, especially when you attack a friend of mine. If you have an unkind thought, let it go. If you think this is helping in any way, it's not. What you said sir, is cruel. Beyond cruel as I actually had to talk her out of suicide. She's not joking. And if you say otherwise, why should she listen to you that's obviously isn't going to help?

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B_25 #20 · Nov 26th, 2018 · · 1 ·

YOU can DO it!

Love the prose. The emotional tension and vivid imagery really paints a picture of what the narrator is going through.

And the thing is... this did happen.

You can do IT

Do us a favor, go bother someone else

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You can do it?

:coolphoto: -.-..-.-..--.. / -.. .. . -- :derpytongue2:

:rainbowlaugh: I read that in his voice and it... was funnier than it had any right to be. I'll be following you.

Pony Critic and Script Singer and NOT the same person

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Who the fuck is script lover?



Look, I don't expect any of you to believe me so I will only say this once and then give it up. The MLPGal I know, the voice actress for one of my stories, has gone through something traumatic this year in which she has fallen into a deep depression. Over Discord, I and Ms. Moon talked her out of suicide in which we were successful but she still struggled over that fact. The MLPGal I know, isn't the kind to manipulate for the sake of attention. She put this out here for giving others who have gone through something similar that there is still hope. When this whole thing started, she was getting emails from the guy, bullying her. She banned the guy, but someone else did it to her as well. Maybe from the point of view that they were the same person, but I know her, she wouldn't do something like this. Her intent is a good one, but one that's obviously backfired.

Whether or not you believe her or me isn't what I'm trying to say. However, if you don't believe her, let it alone or have a grain of salt about the situation that you don't know about.

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*shrugs* You can do it.

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What does that even mean??

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Yeah you can get though the depression. Thus "you can do it."



Exactly what Flare said.



Thanks, and sorry if I lashed out...

No problem.

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