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I like reading stories more than writing them, but I thought I'd give writing a shot anyway.


Pinkie barges into Sunset's apartment early in the morning with an urgent request.

Written for the Fimfiction Feghoot Festival.

A HUGE thanks to Lofty Withers, Shrink Laureate, and FloydienSlip for editing this story.

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I asked the girl who was washing it—her name was Lyra and she actually goes to Canterlot High too—where she bought it.

Pinkie doesn't know everyone who goes to CHS. Immersion broken. :raritywink:

Aside from that, that sounds about right for Pinkie. Lovely little story. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the contest.

Somehow, I feel I should have seen that coming . . . But I did not.

Also, it says something about Pinkie that this is the first Feghoot story I’ve read that makes absolute sense and I could see actually happening, 100%.

Thank you so much! Feels great to write a story once in a while and not just reading and recommending them.

lol i literally face palmed at the ending.......i shoulda seen that coming lol

That reaction was canonically what Sunset did mentally after she heard that.

I wonder if Pinkie put the money in the pants pocked first, just to set up[ the punchline?
Se even got a breakfast out of it, so well played, Pinkie.

Perhaps. Perhaps Not. You never know with Pinkie. :pinkiesmile: She can simultaneously be one step ahead and one step behind.

....Beautiful. :rainbowlaugh: ...Ly painful. :rainbowwild:
I indeed completely should have seen that coming. I was even reading the story looking out for what pun might be coming. And yet you got me good. Ow.

A classic feghoot indeed. Nice one!

Pretty good little story. That feghoot made me laugh. The formatting is a little overdone, in my opinion, but that's just my tastes. Good job overall.

I was just trying to allow the audience a glimpse into Pinkie Pie's headspace.

But I'm glad you like it!

I feel silly that I laughed at that pun.

Then I've done my job!

Author Interviewer


“You don’t want to know.”

This is so great though.

The story or the line?

Author Interviewer

That line. :) The story was good too, don't get me wrong!

Got it. Just wanted to clarify that.

I love the Noodle Incident trope. I always pictured Sunset's face to have that shadowing on their face characters get when they're disturbed by a flashback. Know what I'm talking about?

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