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Voice Actor, wanna be writer, and loves to draw. I suck at writing I know, but I'm getting better. I'm a sucker for romance and drama stories/fanfics. Feel free to leave feedback I sure could use it.

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Want a friend to write with. · 10:46am Nov 17th, 2018

I don't what kind of story I want to write. Honestly, I just want a friend that I can talk about this stuff with. And we can write the story together on google docs. If anyone is interested and I mean (anyone) I'm here. Just send me a pm.

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Cute avatar. :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Blast deleted Oct 29th, 2018

No problem^^

Thanks for following, Woof!


You're welcome. I do like Cozy and most of the stories I've seen on here involving her have been good and like I said, I know yours has tons of potential.

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