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Voice Actor, wanna be writer, and loves to draw. I suck at writing I know, but I'm getting better. I'm a sucker for romance and drama stories/fanfics. Feel free to leave feedback I sure could use it.

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Ever since Twilight, Starlight and Spike's visit to the Crystal Empire and befriending Thorax. Shining Armor notices the glances Sunburst has been making at Twilight. He decides to give him some advice on how he can confess his feelings for her. Starlight overhears them talking and decides it was time for her to confess to Sunburst.

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15 years after Cozy Glows defeat. She is ready to return to Equestria and reclaim her rightful throne as the Queen of Friendship. And this time she'll steal more than just magic. With Tirek's help there is no way she can be stopped.

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