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Hello my name is Ben I have been a Brony for a good 5 or so months and have done some Alpha and Omega fanfic on fanfiction and now think on doing some MLP storys



This story is a sequel to How Could You Want A Pony Like Me

Tempest and Twilight have been together for almost a year and Tempest has now moved in with Twilight and enjoying life but what happens when a little battle happens at the Gala

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I Like Sooooo Much This History

Pls Secuel

two words come to mind in describing your stories they are fantastic and great!please dont stop .twilight and tempest make a fabulous and fun couple! well done to you on these two fine stories!

While the story is fun and fluffy, which fluffy is good. I like fluffy, is very cute. But your grammar and spelling could use some editing, it's a little hard to read at times cause I have to go back and make sure I'm reading the sentence correctly.

"She's already at the Gala girls don't worry my brother asked her to go early o help with security thats all

To be honest, even if it is some kind of joke, I thought that Tempest should show the royal guard how to be a guard.

This looks really good, but at the same time it is just to short to get a big reaction out of me.

Well that's a silly ending.

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