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A place to dump, critique, or develop random ideas related to formalized logic.

Don't worry if you have trouble understanding the posts in here. Formalized anything usually involves very context-dependent languages, and new languages come with new vocabulary, new symbols, and new rules. If you have trouble understanding anything, feel free to ask for help.

Feel free to post things that you don't know how to formalize. Someone here can probably help clarify your thoughts.

Feel free to create new threads. Feel free to necropost.

The stories associated with this group aren't curated.

The icon was taken with or without malicious intent from Reikomuffin on deviantART.

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341464 This group makes sense(except when you add the variable that is pinkie pie then everything equals fun)

I have no problem creating threads.

The fun has been doubled.

341461 Perhaps this is going toward the meaning of life equation, which is:
integral of all x from x = birth to x = death (amount of endorphins in your bloodstream at the current x)

Discussions on, or relating to, fun, or on loads property of fun, will be allowed conditional on success rate in conveying X (for all X).

I'm not sure where this is going, but it might be going somewhere :pinkiehappy:

No idea what this group is about, but it does sound like loads of fun. :unsuresweetie:

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