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It's never good to have a date go wrong. It's even worse when it's the fourth in a row, and Sunset Shimmer can't help but feel down about her romantic prospects at this point. When she accepts an offer from Applejack and Pinkie Pie to go on an ice cream outing with them, she can't help but wonder how the happy couple has made things work so well between them. But when she asks, they're more than willing to share some of the details.

Runner-up in Bicyclette's ApplePie contest! Sex tag refers to past-tense references to a sexual encounter.

Takes place senior year, post-Holidays Unwrapped but pre-graduation (April-ish?). Not part of my shared "Conversations-verse" continuity.

Thanks to Krack-Fic Kai, RDT, The Sleepless Beholder and Tipper for pre-reading!

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I'd definitely love to read more about how Pinkie and A.J got together.

"You see, Jackie wanted to reintroduce me to her family now that we were dating, so after school one day she took me back to her place! Except we'd forgotten that Apple Bloom had gotten herself in detention the day before and Granny Smith was having to wait at the school to take her home! So we knew we'd have a lot of time before they got back, and we didn't really know what to do, but I suggested that maybe we could try having sex, and so we did, and it was great!"

Really Pinkie? :facehoof:

Cute story.

Sunset was staring intently into the chocolate swirls of her hot fudge sundae, lost in what could generously be considered thought—but was really more of a messy mixture of half-comprehended emotions and remembrances—when Applejack's voice caught her attention.

hehe, this is a good way to bring the reader into the story with the same mood as the viewpoint character, not having any idea what's going on

"Oh," Sunset replied, trying to fake-smile her way past her glumness, "I'm just not really the 'eat your feelings' type. That's more a Rarity thing, I guess."


The three of them were at a booth in the local ice cream parlor whose name none of them could ever remember, despite being frequent visitors.

hehe, saves having to come up with one!

"She always keeps one taped inside her sleeve for ice cream emergencies,"

ah, finding explanations for Pinkie antics

As Sunset recovered from the shock, Applejack elbowed Pinkie in the ribs. "Did you really have to do that?"

i am with Applejack there, that was quite a lot, Pinkie!

Flash was just so excited to be on a 'real' date with me that he just blathered on and on about how cool it was to have a second chance and how everything was totally gonna work out this time; I didn't even get a word in edgewise the whole date.

aww, poor Flash!

I seriously haven't seen her look that terrified of me since I was shoving her into lockers on a daily basis. This may have been even worse."

oof, and yeah, that is an interesting dynamic

You should at least have an idea of why this person is someone you'd want to be romantic with!"

or, as an alternative, we ship Sunset with literally whoever and work out the details later!

Applejack gawked at Pinkie. "How in the heck can ya be that bad at doin' an impression of yourself?!"

ahaha, i loved this gag

"But that wasn't the point. I just meant... you live on an apple orchard and make cider. What's so exciting about a cider mill?"

Applejack frowned. "There's a whole heck of difference, Sunset! It's a completely different—"

hehe, this was another fun character moment!

"If it's clear and yella, you got juice there, fella!" Applejack recited. "If it's tangy and brown, yer in cidertown! Now, there's two exceptions—"

ah, the interrupted before giving more detail than anyone is interested in gag, i use this one in my posting persona a lot

Applejack smiled at the memory. "And I sure did. I sat ya down in the passenger seat and you just looked so cute after you fell asleep in my arms there. I coulda just watched you like that all day."

Pinkie giggled. "That'd be seriously weird in any other context."

hehe, so true! good thing it is not weird here

"I mean it's not like I go around telling people for no reason!" Pinkie went on. "I just thought it made sense—"

oh yeah, definitely can see the contrast between Pinkie and Applejack here, and the funny conflicts that would arise. and come to think of it, this would be true between Pinkie and any of the Mane Six except Rainbow Dash, haha

"Hmmm..." Pinkie thought for a moment. "If we're not getting more ice cream, I do want one more treat."

She turned and kissed Applejack full on the lips.

aww, that is a sweet Pinkie Pie moment to end it on!

short and sweet, thank you for it! and i just got the title. ApplePie and ice cream! i get it!

Howdy, hi~!

This was a super fun read. I like how cute Applejack and Pinkie are together, and felt super bad for poor Sunset. The dynamic you wrote between the couple felt really natural, and the characterization really matched what I would have expected from those two.

Super fun read, thanks~!

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