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Fluttershy readies for the most special day of her life... and then she does it again, and again, and again, while her wives watch on helplessly.

An entry for the Polyship Contest.

Prereading and editing assistance by The Sleepless Beholder, EileenSaysHi, Grand Moff Pony, and my beloved.

Also thank you to The Sleepless Beholder and my beloved for editing assistance with the cover art.

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Oh sweet Gaia. That was heartrending. Especially the ending.


Right in the feels

Not really my cup of tea, but written good nonetheless! I've enjoyed.

A haunting little tearjerker that uses the dramatic irony of its setup to great effect. Thank you for letting me pre-read! I was surprised when I saw the length, because it carries you through so well that it feels shorter (but no less weighty for it).

How... how terribly tragic this is! :fluttercry: :raritydespair: :applecry:

This is absolutely fantastic. I love the way the narratives are interspersed together, and that ending got me misty eyed. Great work! :heart:

That was incredibly well-written, however I'm now very depressed.

Top of the feature box! Congrats!!!

Oh jesus, like 50 First Dates but not funny at all...

Poor Fluttershy.

I'm ngl, when I read this description I thought it was going to be a fic about Fluttershy experiencing a groundhog day thing on her wedding day. Which would have been really interesting imo. This was not that at all but it was still really good. Well done.

since I saw the cover I had already imagined what the story was about, even so the writing is excellent

It's a terrible day for rain

*alternate ending*
Death (the classic death with a black cape and hood, being a skeleton that uses a scythe but for some reason is a much stockier death or seems to be) appears before fluttershy as she wakes up in the room of her "new" home, fluttershy confused and somewhat terrified of her new location, she does not notice it until she coughs, which causes her more panic, this somehow makes her calm down and explains that her time has come, fluttershy now calm does not understand because she still thinks she is young but the death extends his hand and asks him to grab it, fluttershy accepts with fear and then his physical body is released from the mortal chains that he held, now he did not suffer any pain and was able to remember each of his memories, both the ones he had when she was a mere baby until she was lost in her last years of life

Fluttershy, devastated, collapses (letting go of death's hand in the process) due to the harsh reality she cries apologizing to her two loves of her life, death watches but does not console her since he is a neutral observer, but after 10 After a few minutes, she coughs again, returning Shy back to her reality, to which death explains that it was time to go to the place where her trial would take place, Fluttershy kneels with her hands grabbing her tunic asking to say goodbye to her loves as soon as that death stares at him with his empty sockets (a little more and it would seem that he was irritated) but upon seeing such devotion he decided to grant his request (not really, he just did not want to lengthen the process even more) for which death rises and drops his scythe 3 times changing the location where fluttershy was and he, now in the marriage room of Fluttershy, rainbow Dash and Twillight, the old woman now a ghost approaches his two ex-wives (you know, until death do us part) and she whispers her thanks to both of them for the life they led, for taking care of her, for making her happy, and many more things that are loving and happy, but also apologizing for all the problems she caused even though it wasn't her fault, and her last request was that they will really forgive Pinkie Pie so that they do not die with regrets, the two old women move in their beds with some tears falling from their eyes but they do not get up, fluttershy takes one last look at her double room, seeing some objects that I appreciate very much in her heart as well as in her loved ones, like other curious objects but that she could not decipher how they worked, she saw frames with photos of friends, family and just the three of them, remembering happier days... she took a last deep breath and Releasing everything, he turned towards death, having the biggest smile he had in his mortal life, but above all he had on his face the brightest and happiest smile he could have had since his wedding with Twilight.

Death looked at her for a few seconds before hitting her scythe three times against the ground again, which causes a door to appear that releases dark darkness from inside, death stands aside waiting for Shy to enter First, what she does without any fear, since she no longer has anything that binds her to her mortal life, neither her fear, nor her guilt, nor any resentment that might have remained inside her, but what she kept was her happiness and joy, even though also his curiosity, so he asked death what were the possible results in his opinion to which he replied that there would be 4 things, two of them depended on his actions but the other two could be chosen but before he could hear which were the other two, the ghost door closes, leaving the matrimonial room of the three, now two women, without the presence of any spirit or ghost.

Epilogue: RD and Twi find out about Shy's death and although it hurts them and they feel a little sad, they regret having said goodbye to her in a dream and having been able to hear her young voice and full of energy again, they both don't like the idea to see Pinkie again, but they follow what they believe to be Fluttershy's last wishes, after the kind old lady's burial and a somewhat exhaustive search, they find the whereabouts of the pink-haired old lady

They go to her residence, and after a few minutes of debating if it's a good idea, they both decide to knock on the door together (after the fight they had, they never saw pinkie again so they really don't know what happened to her) After a few minutes of listening to footsteps and murmurs, an old woman comes out, somewhat short, somewhat decrepit with straight gray and opaque hair that once seemed to be a cheerful pink, the old woman also wore sunglasses and a stick-on cane and asked them in a way Rude who they were, the two visitors are amazed at Pinkie's new appearance and do not come out of this state until the old blind woman rudely asks them again what they are doing there (from this point on all Pinkie's dialogues are rude, and depends on the reader how rude it is)

The two snap out of their trance and while Twi was going to say her reasons for going there, RD interrupts her and convinces her that they are Shy's daughters, RD and Twi, to which Pinkie tries to slam the door in their faces, obviously. RD wouldn't let him, so after struggling a bit Twi decides to play along with RD with some reluctance and mentions Shy's death to pinkie, to which she stops fighting and after thinking for a bit decides to let them pass, she leads them to the dining room where she tells them to wait and goes to the kitchen, Twi takes advantage and asks RD what she is doing, to which she replies that if she really wants to apologize she needs to know what happened to Pinkie after the accident Because otherwise it would be an empty apology like it was so many years ago, Pinkie somehow manages to make a tea and brings her guests some cups with said liquid, and after sitting down and drinking a bit, she asks them what they were doing there, so that RD asks him about his life after the accident

(from here pinkie no longer speaks rudely) Pinkie takes another sip of tea and after thinking about it a bit she explains that after the accident she lost many friends, her full time job and her part time job (her parties) because no one she wanted to deal with a woman who acted childishly and could cause harm and as time went by, it was one misfortune after another for her either with her family, her love life or with her friendly relationships, at one point she lost her sight and She only supports herself with the money that one of her sisters sends her (I don't remember her name, but it's the stoic sister) she sends her money to stay even if it's at bay

She hasn't had any real contact with what's left of her family, her neighbors, and her old friends in years, and she ended up realizing the time she's wasted when she got the news of Shy's death. feelings. but one that prevails is irony since she was sure that Twi would never see her again, not even in painting and RD would break her nose if he saw her again but her daughters came Twi cries for the misfortunes that her old friend experienced, while RD looks stunned at the story that Pinkie told him without really knowing how to react to said story and in shock at how low he thinks he would fall when he saw himself face to face again. .. although she did think about it for half a micro second but she would never really do it, she goes on to say that if it weren't for hearing about the death of one of her old friends she would never have told the story of her last years, and ends by saying yes It wasn't for them, he would have gone out to the patio to smoke because of the memories they brought to his mind.

Pinkie finishes her tea and taps her fingers on the table, looking thoughtfully at her table, something that her two old friends reflect, and after a few minutes she speaks saying that they are not the daughters of her old friends but that they are her old friends, to which the two old women look at her surprised, she cannot observe that but explains that all their conversation made her feel nostalgic... besides, their voices were too old to be the daughters of her old friends and in a cold and somewhat hurt way she asks them what they are doing there "mocking?" she asks them, but they deny it and explain the truth, to which she is surprised and after assimilating it, she asks them for forgiveness again, for which you smile and accept her apology

After a while, the 3 of them set up a small meeting between the old group of friends, planned by Pinkie but much smoother than the parties of their youth and so the seven minus one meet, apologizing, telling anecdotes, laughing and rekindling the friendship between the 6 old friends, thus finally giving a proper farewell to the first to go to the other side in a group of 7 best friends who were once and that the remaining 6 will wait until they meet again

PS: I didn't include Spike because he's supposed to be a dog in EG, also everything was translated with google translator, so sorry for the mistakes and the will that this is

The whole time I was reading, I kept wondering why you didn't just give her regular dementia. This almost certainly would have hit me harder otherwise.

Truthfully? It never once occurred to me. The idea came to me as being the result of an accident that traps her, because it acts on one of my personal biggest fears: brain damage robbing me of who I am.

I'm aware it mimics regular dementia and Alzheimer's in the process but what made it especially tragic, to me, is how it came about.

But I understand that's a matter of opinion and I absolutely respect yours here. *nod* Cheers. :twilightsmile:

Gotcha. Personally, I'm way more afraid of death than a personality change. We change who we are each day, slowly, Ship of Thesius style. Is the me today the same person as the me from 10 years ago? Who can say, but I'm alive, and that's the important thing.

I don't understand, what does that mean? :rainbowhuh:

That thing you wrote was terrible and you should feel bad for writing it.

if you mean how I wrote it... well yes, after all I don't know English and use a translator... if you mean what I wrote, then I won't do it, because despite how sad it is the story, it seems sadder to me that the 3 suffer for much longer than they have already been, I do not remember but I think it was 20 or 30 years like this, it is better that they have a real closure and that they do not remain with bitter memories , you could say that Shy did not suffer... but repeat the same day in your head for 20 or 30 years and not have known it? that's pretty horrible in my opinion

Goodness, why did she hurt so?

ooh this sounds ominous!

Only after she drank the water and soothed her burning throat did she realize the glass wasn’t the one she’d used, but a coffee mug painted in shades of gold, with a stylized numeral fifty on one side.

oof… suddenly waking up old with an entire lifetime behind you is quite the dreadful idea

She pointed at the mirror and screamed again. “What’s happening to me?!”

very understandable reaction

“Sorry, Fluttershy, I uh, I had Twi help me fix your mirror after Pinkie tried to play a prank on you. See?”

augh, heartbreakingly transparent lie

But then one day, the jokes weren’t funny anymore. One day, the joke became all too real.

oof. real memories of Fluttershy’s life she can’t access at the moment? very ominous!

Even when they stopped being a couple.

ooh, fun sentence! so easy to assume this implies a breakup, but given the contest…

She found it precisely where she expected to see it, but as she picked it up, the fabric seemed to feel a little odd to her… almost like it was frayed in places, thin, older than she would have expected.

oof. much easier to trick up a mirror…

“I’m sorry, Rainbow, I’ve been doing what I can but I can only do so much when you won’t even let me seen most of the--”

augh, i don’t like the sound of this…

They didn’t reset the number of years counter though. Twilight refused, saying she didn’t want to be responsible for them forgetting their first anniversary,

ah, the irony of those words…

“Huh?! Oh! Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, what you heard… sorry, just, just talking to Twi about my grandma, you know she’s getting up there in years, hahahaha.”

oh that is good. really twisting the knife with this irony!

And then the accident happened.

oof, so they’ve possibly been doing this for at least twenty-five years! i can’t imagine how tired Rainbow Dash must be, in every possible aspect

But then the losses lasted longer. Minutes, even whole hours could go by, and Fluttershy wouldn’t remember a thing of what she did. Anterograde amnesia, the doctors called it. The inability to form new memories.

ah, that makes sense. such a horrifying prospect! 

Rainbow Dash chuckled weakly as she ate a few forkfuls of her own food. “Yeah, I’ve uh… I’ve gotten good at it.”

love lines like this. like they sound so innocuous but imply something so horribly painful

Surely it couldn’t get any worse, right?

oof! as horrible as that situation sounds already, oh, what Twilight and Rainbow would have given to not have it get any worse

She wouldn’t buy an electric car unless they’d become ubiquitous.

well, at least electric cars are ubiquitous in the future! that’s nice at least, right?

They lived that way for another five, maybe eight years, before the true reality of Fluttershy’s health set in, when she awoke one day, and couldn’t remember why Twilight was living with them.

and augh, how horrible that must have been. and for Twilight to live on for years after, doing what she can for Fluttershy while Fluttershy doesn’t remember their love of decades…

She opened the box, revealing a golden ring studded with seven small gemstones, each one in the shade of one of Rainbow’s seven hair colors.

aww, that is such a nice ring!

Rainbow let out a shuddering sigh, and although she tried to smile, Fluttershy could see the sorrow threatening to overwhelm her. Like this morning, she seemed about ready to cry when she took hold of Fluttershy’s hands. “O-of course, Fluttershy. Always.”

and twisting the knife some more! for this day of all days to be what Fluttershy constantly repeats. Rainbow has had a very, very awful past however many years

Somewhere in the back of her mind she was wondering why Rainbow hadn’t taken her to a clinic or a hospital to get it treated instead, but the rest of her was too happy over Rainbow saying yes to worry about it.

advanced future medical technology? 

Soon Rainbow returned with Twilight, and a doctor in tow, someone who looked oddly familiar to Fluttershy, with curly dark pinkish hair and a familiar tone to her skin. A name tag pinned to her lapel read “Doctor Lil’ Cheese.”

a thought came to me years ago that one can split one’s life into two phases. in the first, your doctors are older than you, and in the second, your doctors are younger. i dread the transition

What a silly notion. Sure, she liked Twilight, but it would take a heck of a lot for her to love Twilight as much as she did Rainbow Dash.

…though admittedly the thought was kind of nice…

and augh, that glimmer! so cruel that i am sure it would mean so much to Twilight to know it was there, but she’d never know, being unable to read Fluttershy’s innermost thoughts

“Oh! Lil’ Cheese, is that really you?” Fluttershy said, confusion racking her brain. “Um, I’m… my leg hurts. I think I broke it.”

augh, so it seems she has fragments of her old memories floating around in there

Lil’ Cheese sighed, drumming her fingers on the bridge of her nose. “I told you, you can’t forget the cane anymore. Her osteoporosis is too severe. Realistically she shouldn’t even be walking anymore.”

it is horrifying that this is a fate that awaits us all eventually, if we’re lucky

“She’s earned her rest,” Twilight said, her voice strained. “And so have we.”

love this line

Twilight let out a long, low sigh. “We’re going to send you to-”

Rainbow elbowed Twilight in the side. “Oh, the doc’s just gonna make you something to help you feel better, okay? It’ll help with the leg. Right, Twilight?”

ah, Rainbow. all the way to the end, but what else can be done?

As she closed her eyes, she vowed to herself, tomorrow would be the day. The day she’d ask Rainbow Dash to marry her.


that special day, indeed.

what an awful fate! the love and joy that these three had for each other only making the cruelty and pain of the situation all that much worse. and for Twilight and Rainbow to have kept it all going for so long, for the sake of Fluttershy. what love!

great job with the cruel tragedy of this one. i really felt the heartrending horror of it. thank you!

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