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It has been quite a ride, millions of people around the world have for many years enjoyed the world and the fandom of My Little Pony.

It has however come to an end..

Will we always be able to escape to that happy place of adventure and friendship? Will we always remember? Or will the show glide into happy nostalgia?

Twilight and her friends are about to find out the answer to that very question.

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Nice work! FIM really accomplished things no other show did, and that will be remembered

it never felt like the show left ower hart's this was just perfect

and so the serpent eats his tail...
another revolution passes, and what has ended begins anew...
beautiful, simply beautiful
by the by, i'd recommend listening to In The Air Tonight(the original) for the best ambiance

And this is how fanfiction is born.

Anon keks them all into a p*rn-fic, just watch.

Kidding, but wow, this actually touched a spot deep down somewhere. Wherever their new adventures begin or whatever magic BS they get into, we'll be there for them.

i just realized this was an E fic

I like to keep it open, letting people imagine what they find, what they do. Some people has asked about a sequel, I don't personally think this story needs a sequel, I think it would kinda undermine the point. I could be wrong, if somebody writes a kick ass sequel then that would be pretty rad. I don't think it will be me doing it though. I like the story like this. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Switch Swap deleted Dec 8th, 2020

Be careful, you're gonna carry that weight.

IS THAT A BEATLES REFERENCE?!?!?! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not complaining, but I actually felt the Beatles song 'The End' playing as background music during this whole story. :twilightsheepish:

With that wording, it's actually probably a double reference - it's Spike Spiegel, referencing the Beatles' "Carry That Weight"

Let's hope, that just as we people live forever through our children, so will this universe along with these characters... free from their constraints at last. FiM may be dead, but it's spirit lives on, in all those daughter-universes spawned from naught but a thought within a fan's mind.

...and so we enter the end times of this fandom.

Pretty nicely written. Good job. :twilightsmile:

Who's Spike Spiegel? :rainbowhuh:

One of the main characters from the anime Cowboy Bebop : https://cowboybebop.fandom.com/wiki/Spike_Spiegel


Anon keks them all into a p*rn-fic, just watch.

Username checks out. >_>

finally an insight into what happens when the author stops writing

As she looked over the many buildings, she suddenly spotted something, or someone, looking at them. "Hey.." It looked like a human, but dressed in a black cloak and black hood.

At the same time?

"You can stay here, go to sleep, and be what you were always meant to be."

What does that mean?

Then he gestured to the far away light. "Or, you can come with me.. Make your own world, and make your own story.. You will live on, thanks to the worlds these humans have created, you will always live on."

That’s interesting

Teen Titans Go referece

Comment posted by Fawwaz123 deleted Oct 23rd, 2020

Not from me, I think this story works best as it's own standalone story. :twilightsmile:

Truly inspired! One of the best one-offs I ever read. I'm putting this on my Favorites bookshelf.

Adiós mi pequeño pony

What a wonderfully beautiful and creative story! This is definitely going into my Favorites. Thank you (and all the rest of the authors) for helping to keep MLP FIM alive and in our hearts. :ajbemused::yay::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsmile::moustache::heart:

Congratulations, you do it,you bypassed my hatred for Anon with a well written fic

A beautiful tribute to both the Show and its End and the great Fandom who will keep it alive for many years to come.

Congrats, your story made me really sad:fluttercry:

I was rereading and spotted this:

No script, no story ark, just you."


Thank you for letting me know. :twilightblush:

Congratulations on making me cry.

Reading this story again made makes me think about the fact that one day. When I'm on my death bed, I'm not gonna be thinking about all the stuff I gained over the years like "Money", "Books", "Video Games" etc. I'm gonna be thinking about my family and honest to god friends I made over the years because if you think about it "Friendships" kinda the only thing that matters in the end, since what ever you owned is gonna be given to the next person to use.

I heard Titanic's theme, The Dream whilst reading this, no clue why, but i'm crying right now.

He gestured to them and continued. "Rainbow for her loyalty and tomboyish attitude. The happy Pinkie Pie that made not just ponies, but humans laugh. The hard working and sweet Applejack, one that made people want to be better. Fluttershy, who always warmed them, even when feeling down. Rarity, for your beauty, charm, and your heart. Spike, because you were the one they could reach the most, see the world through your eyes." Lastly, he looked to Twilight. "And you, the purple meme machine, the mare that gathered them all. You took us all on a grand adventure, you Twilight, you were the cornerstone that made everything come together."

what a nice summering T-T

It was merely the beginning...

one line... so powerfull, with so much meaning...

I am tearing up like hell T-T such a beautiful story and so sad

Why is it called 222?

That was the last episode of the series. ^^

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