• Published 2nd Nov 2016
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The Tale Of A Lost Wolf - Solaris Night

While preforming a new spell, Twilight accidentally summons a being, unlike anypony has ever seen, to Equestria. Can she and the rest of the girls befriend him and teach him the values of friendship?

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Chapter 23: You're in the Army Now

"And don't forget to write!" Pinkie said as she gave Trider a massive bear hug.

"I. Won't." the Kanisar barely replied as the mare squeezed the air out of his lungs. "Pinkie. Air."

She let go of him and gave a small chuckle. "Eh-heh. Sorry." she apologized. "Oh, before I forget. here I baked these for you!" She said as she gave him a packet of homemade cookies. Trider looked at them with hungry eyes, as a single strand of drool ran down his chin.

"These look delicious Pinks. Thanks!" The mare gleamed, before she was pushed out of the way as Rarity stepped up to Trider.

"As much as I would like to say I won't miss you, I'd be lying." she gave him a light smile as she levitated a small package to him and he grabbed it. "These are some of the experimental clothes that I made. Although they're not up to my tastes, I made them specifically to be very durable, since we all know how much you like to ruin my clothes." she said with a half scowl and half smile.

"Wow Rarity." Trider said astonished. "There is actually a very kind woman behind all that bitchiness." he joked, but the mare didn't take it as such.

"Why, of all things! I go out of my way to give you a thoughtful gift and you just-" she was silenced when Trider put a finger onto her mouth.

"Kidding!" he explained. "I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. It was a reflex, honestly." the Kanisar said, which seemed to calm Rarity down a bit, but she was still scowling. "But in all honesty Rares, thank you. I couldn't ask for such a great friend."

"Apology accepted." she said as they hugged. When she was certain none of her friends could hear, she whispered into Triders ear. "I hope the drill instructors make you cry."

"How do you know it won't be the other way around?" he retorted.

Rarity scoffed as she let go of him. "A mare can dream, right?"

It was Fluttershys turn next. She approached Trider, this time however she didn't hesitate or hid her face behind her mane. "Here. I made you these." she said as she offered the Kanisar a small package. Trider took and and shook it a bit, trying to figure out what it was. "They're energy supplements." the mare explained. "It's something I usually give to my critters when they feel exhausted. I'm sure you'll need them at some point."

Trider looked at the gift and smiled, before he put them in his pants pocket. "Thanks Shy. I too am certain they'll come in handy." He waited to see if the mare would hug him as well, but she seemed hesitant. "C'mon I won't bite ya." he encouraged her. She took his offer and hugged him, but it was quick. "Alright who's next?" he asked.

Spike walked up to his mentor and he too handed him a gift. "Here, I hope you'll like them." he said as he handed over a small box. Trider opened it and in it was a pair of combat fingerless gloves.

"Dude. These are awesome!" he exclaimed as he quickly put them on. He threw a swing at one of the stations pillars and the impact shook it as well as whole roof. "Thanks buddy."

"You're welcome." Spike said as he soaked in his praise. They then exchanged a fist bump and Spike let the rest say their goodbye. The only ones remaining were Applejack and Twilight, since Rainbow Dash already left for the Wonderbolt Academy.

The cow-mare gingerly approached her friend. Her eyes fell onto his left arm where the scarf she gave him last night was tied. She gave him a smile. "I see ye're wearin' mah pa's scarf." she stated. "Although ah'm pretty sure yer supposed towear it round yer neck."

"You sayin' I'm stupid?" Trider said in a hurt tone."AJ I'm shocked!"

The mare however wasn't buying his act as she lightly punceh him in his shoulder. "Har, har, har. Yer so funny." she said as she gave him a light smile. "Come back soon." she said as she hugged him. They remained like that for a few minutes, until Rarity cleared her throat.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you two, but Triders train will be here soon and Twilight still has to say her goodbyes." The orange mare blushed as she let go of the Kanisar and joined her friends, who were all giving her a knowing smile.

Trider however seemed oblivious and he turned his attention towards Twilight. She slowly made her way to him and she looked him in his bright green eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't bring you any farewell gift." she apologised.

"Don't worry bout it Twi. I'm just glad you came to see me off." Trider assured her with a smile. They then hugged and the lavender mare melted into him. She didn't want to let go, fearing she might not see him again, but the sound of the train made her eventually let go.

"Guess my train is here." Trider said as he looked at the big vehicle. "I'll see you guys-" he stopped when Twilight rose to her hooftips and pressed her lips onto his cheeks. Everyone stood still as they looked at the mares bold move. When she was done with the kiss she turned around and went back to the group, but not before saying: "Be safe."

Looking after the mare, Trider pressed his hand where she had kissed him. "I will." he mumbled before lifting his bag and all of his friends gifts and boarded the train. He quickly found an empty compartment and sat into the seats. The train whistle sounded off, signaling trains departure. He looked out the window and saw his friends waving at him. He waved them back just as the train began to move. As they were making their way down the tracks, he saw how Pinkie ran after the train seeming to shout something, but he couldn't hear her.

Eventually he left her way behind and he laid onto the bench, hoping to catch some z's before he arrived at the academy. But as soon as he closed his eyes, his ears were bombarded by a loud shout.


His ears rang as he tried to gather his bearings. He knew for certain the shout came from Pinkie, but he had no idea how he could've heard it, unless the mare somehow got her hands onto the worlds biggest megaphone. When his hearing returned to him he chuckled.

"Goddammit Pinkie!" he said before laying back down and drifting off.


"Welcome to the Royal Guard Academy!" the receptionist greeted, when Trider walked into the building.

"Uhm, hi?" the Kanisar greeted back.

"What is your business here?" the mare continued to ask, as Trider approached the desk.

"I'm actually a recruit." he explained, as he set his bag down and leaned onto the desk.

"Really?" the mare said surprised. "Can you tell me your name then?"

"Trider Lykosgrothia." he answered.

The mare tried to go through her documents, but she eventually stopped. "I'm sorry, but how do you spell that?" she asked and gave him an apologetic look.

The Kanisar sighed and spelled out his name. "T-R-I-D-E-R L-Y-K-O-S-G-R-O-T-H-I-A." Soon the mare pulled out a file and opened it.

"Trider, ah yes, I have you right here." She skimmed over the info that was on the file, before she looked back at him. "I see, so you're here as probation, correct?"

"Yes." he responded and scratched his head.

"Well it seems everythings in order." the mare finished and put away his file. "I'll have somepony show you around, before we take you to a doctor to check you up and afterwards you'll be given your uniform."

"Sounds like a plan."


"Here you go." said a solider as trider was handed his uniform. He and his guide were already done with their tour and doctor visit, so all they had to do now was get his uniform.

"Thanks man." Trider replied as he took the clothes. "So is there a place where I can change or should I do it right here." The solider simply towards a closed door and Trider headed in. After a few minutes he stepped out, now clad in his dirty green uniform. There was one problem however.

"Trider, what happened to your sleeves?" asked his guide.

"I tore them off." the Kanisar said simply.


"Cause I don't like sleeves." was his only response and it made the guide as well as the solider who gave him the uniform facepalm.

"Really?" the guide said and Trider only shrugged. "You can't just destroy your uniform like that. You'll get in a lot of trouble if any of the higher ups catch wind of you doing that."

"Well, I don't care what they say, I'm not wearing sleeves. Period." Trider stood his ground.

"Fine." the guide said as he took another uniform and gave it to the Kanisar. "How about a comproise? You roll the sleeves up and we solve both of our problems. You get your sleeveless shirt and you don't even have to destroy it."

Trider took the new uniform and looked at it and then to the guide, switching his gaze between the two. Eventually he stopped and smiled. "You're a goddamn genius. Why didn't I think of that?" he said, before going back into the room to change himself again.

"Celestia help me." the guide mumbled. He had to wait a bit more this time and when Trider came back out he saw that he heeded his word. Instead of the sleeves being removed they were now rolled up.

"Is that better?" the guard asked when he exited the room.

"Yeah." the Kanisar replied. "Though it's a bit itchy." he complained as he scratched himself.

The guide merely rolled his eyes before he turned around and began to walk away. "Follow me. The others are waiting for you."

"Waiting?" Trider asked confused. "What do you mean by waiting for me?"

"You are the last of your group to arrive and we can't start your training unless everypony who signed up is present." the guide explained.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" the Kanisar exclaimed and booked it towards the training grounds.


"We're here!" Trider said when he and his guide arrived at the training grounds. The Kanisar had a look around and saw numerous future and current guard doing different tasks. Some were training, while others did labor work.

His guide however walked past him and headed straight for a group that wa standing at attention, while a bright red stallion paced in front of them.

"Sir!" the guide stopped in front of the stallion and saluted. "I've brought the last recruit, sir!"

The stallion returned his salut. "Good job solider. Now return to your post." he commanded as he relieved the solider.

"Sir, yes sir!" he shouted and quickly ran off to who knows where. Once he was gone the stallion turned his head towards Trider and gave him a cold glare. "Come here newbie!" he nearly screamed.

The Kanisar slowly walked over towards the stallion and stepped in the line like the others. The stallion walked over to him and looked him in the eyes.

"What took you so long?" he asked with a growl. "We have been waiting for you for over an hour. What's your excuse recruit?"

"A tree blocked the railway. That good enough?" Trider retorted. The stallion scowled, not liking his attitude.

"Your name's Trider, right?" he asked as he turned around.

"You betcha."

"I've heard a lot about you from the princess. She said you had a lot of promise, but were uncontrolable. Well, I'm here to fix that." He spun around on his heels and glared at the Kanisar. "I will make you wish you'd never been born, ya hear?"

"Loud and clear." Trider replied nonchalantly.

"Good." Now done with the Kanisar, the stallion turned around and faced the others. "Listen up you sissies. I am your drill sergeant Blaze Fury, but you will refer to me as sir, from here on out. Anypony who fails to follow this will have to do fifty push ups. Am I clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" the group said in unison.

Blaze nodded his head and began to pace. "You are here because you deem yourself worthy to be part of the Royal Guard. Well let me tell you something. You're not!" he shouted the last part. "From here on out you will experience Tartarus. Every day for the next few months you'll be put through vigorous training, that'll make you wish you stayed home at your mommy."

Some of the recruits began to sweat and one even looked like he would faint any minute. "I'll break you, then stick you back together, jsut so I can break you again! And by the end of it all I'm sure not even one of you will stay here. Most of you will run away, with your tails between your legs, like scared little puppies. Or better, you'll die. At least then you'll save yourself from your shame."

"This guy isn't holding back." Trider thought as he continued to listen to Blaze. His words eventually became undiscerned mumble, as he stopped paying attention to him, only responding when the stallion asked a question, to which he answered with the rest of the group.

"So if you think you can handle this, then let me-" Blaze was cut off when a dark green hand grabbed his shoulder.

"I think that's quite enough Blaze. They look like they're about to piss themselves." Blaze looked at the recruits and true to the other stallions words quite a lot of them were visibly trembling.

"Good. At least we now know who we can just send home packing." the red stallion said. "Alright newbies, let me introduce you your other drill instructor. Introduce yourself jackass."

An older earth pony stallion stepped forward and was now in plain vew for everyone to see. He had a dark green coat and eyes, and his mane and tail were completely black. Just like the recruits, he too wore a dirty green uniform.

"Thanks crackass. Let me introduce myself. My name is Green Fortune, but my friends call me Greenie. However, the higher ups want me to be a bit more professional, so I'll need you to call adress me as sir." Green Fortune explained with a soft tone. "But if you have any problems or just want to have a little talk I'll always be available. And then and only then can you call me by my name, okay?" Everyone nodded, happy that he was gentle unlike a certain drill instructor from Tartarus.

"He asked you a question, so answer him!" Blaze yelled and the recruits responded with 'Sir, yes sir!'. He then casted his gaze towards Green. "You're going to make them go soft if you continue to act like that." he critized.

"Everypony has their own way of doing things. This is mine. And if you have a problem, talk to the higher ups." Green countered. they then went into a heated arguement, while the recruits stood there unmoving.

"What are you newbies looking at?" Blaze shouted.

"They're waiting for orders, like a good solider would." Green retorted. "Alright everypony I want you all to run 10 laps around the facility. Those who fail in doing so will have to do 100 push ups and will have to clean up the lounge area." Most of the recruits stared at the stallion wide eyed and mouths agape.

"B-but sir-" one of the recruits wanted to complain, but was stopped when Blaze glared him in the eyes.

"Are you objecting your superiors orders, newbie?" he growled and stared down the stallion.

"N-no s-sir." he replied meekly.

Green then decided to speak up. "While I disagree with my partners mathods of doing things, he was right about one thing. You're here to train to become soliders and the only way to do so is if you go through Tartarus and back." He then gave an innocent smile, while his eyes were exuding malicious aura. "While I might act kind, I'll have you train so hard that your limbs will fall off. And I won't hear any complaints."

The recruits looked at Green with newfound fear and they couldn't move. "What in the name of sweet Celestia are you waiting for? Get a move on, unless you want to do double the laps?" Blaze yelled, making the recruits break out of their fear and run off.


The barrack was filled with the sounds of ponies chatting. After their tortureous work out they finally had some time for themselves and could rest and relax.

"I swear, that drill sergeant was sent from the depths of Tartarus just to make our lives miserable." one of the recruits complained.

"I hear ya brother. I don't think I can do this everday." another agreed.

"You guys are such wussies, that was barely a work out." Trider said. Nearly everyone looked at him and gave him cold glares.

"Seriously dude? You're gonna side with them?" asked a mare, astonished.

"I'm not siding with anyone. I'm just saying that I was expecting more from this training." Trider explained, but his explanation wasn't so well received.

"Look guys, we've got ourselves an overachiever. What, you wanna get on sarges good side, you boot licker?" a stallion taunted.

"I'm sorry could you repeat that? I didn't hear over all the whining you were making." the Kanisar taunted back. The stallion stood up from his bed and charged at him, while Trider did the same. They were stopped jowever, when an emerald green aura enveloped them both.

"Will you stop acting like little foals?" the mare, who was holding them back, said. "I swear, all of you guys are the same. Always trying to see whos dick is bigger."

Trider had observed this unicorn mare, as well as a few others, ever since he arrived. She was slightly taller than him, with a dark orange coat. Her messy frost blue and white mane, was done in a braid. Her emerald eyes glared at the two stallions and they could tell she was pissed.

She created more distance between the two, before she let them go. She then glared at the stallion. "You have no right to complain. You signed up for this and I don't know what you were expecting when you did. So if you have a problem with it you can just leave whenever, so stop complaining." she scolded him. Trider chuckled and grinned at the stallion, thinking it was his victory. But the mare then switched her glare to him. "And you. Just because you have it easy doesn't mean everypony is the same. Show some tact." She then turned around and walked to her bed. Right before she left she turned around and gave Trider another glare. "And you better not voice your thoughts to any of the drill instructors." Everyone watched the mare as she laid in her bed and opened a small book.

"Damn." said the stallion.

"I know right?" agreed Trider.

"Wow, you guys just got owned!" a pegasus stallion shouted, earning Triders glare.

This one was another recruit Trider had his eyes on. You could immediatelly tell he was working out, by the athletic body he had. His midnight blue coat and black mane made him nearly invisible in the dark, while his torquise eyes stood out in said darkness. A small scar also ran across his right eye.

"Do you wanna start something wiseass?" Trider asked.

"Nah, I'm just teasin ya bro. All in good fun." the stallion replied. Trider didn't believe him and wanted to voice his disbelief, but was stopped when another voice spoke up.

"Could you guys tone it down a bit, I'm trying to read here." The Kanisar looked to where the voice was coming from.

His eyes fell onto an olive coated unicorn with a short grey mane. His brown eyes were hidden behind his black thin rimmed glasses. He didn't really stood out from others to Trider at first, but while they were running he saw that he had scars over his hands, but what caught his attention most was that while they were running he seemed to have moved unnaturally fast.

"Seriously dude? You're reading another book? This is like the third one you've read since we came to the barracks." the previous stallion exclaimed.

"And? I just like to read and learn, unlike certain muscle heads." the colt retorted. He somehow reminded Trider of a certain unicorn amre he knew.

"Well it seems you guys have made yourselves quite comfortable." someone suddenly said. Everyone turned their heads toward the entrance and saw Green Fortune standing beneath the door frame. "I'm glad you already made yourselves at home. Now as for why I'm here. Tomorrow you'll be doing a certain training, lets call it. So I want you all to get a good nights sleep. We'll come to wake you at dawn."

Everyone mumbled their responses and laid in their beds. The lights went out adn soon everyone was snoozing off.



With a jump start everyone fell out of their beds and were groggily trying to stand on their hooves or feet in Triders case. Blaze looked at each recruit and shook his head. "Is this really how you guys are in the morning? It's disgraceful." He then walked across the room and turned around. "I want this room to be in tip-top shape in the next five minutes. If you fail to do so, everypony has to do 50 push ups."

The morning was eventful to say the least. When they were done with their cleaning the recruits headed for the mess hall to get their morning meal. Trider watched the food that was presented and his mouth watered.

"I don't care what this looks like, I could eat a cow." he said while drool fell from his chin.

"Yeah me too."

Trider shifted his gaze away from the food to look at the one who spoke. He wasn't exactly sure what 'he' was. He mostly looked like a pony, but had some characteristics of a dog. Mainly his head, right arm and torso looked dog like, while his hooves and left arm were pony. He also had two tails, both of which resembled dogs, rather than pony's. Long black dreads fell over his shoulders and he had a dirt brown coat. Another oddity were his eyes, where his irises were white, blending in with his cornea, only leaving his black pupils to show.

"Um, uh, hi?" Trider said, getting the dogs attention. When he looked at the Kanisar his ears folded and he directed his gaze away. Trider waited to see if he would respond, but it never came. "Well, uhm, you wanna sit together?" he offered, but again received no answer. "Oookay then." he said before grabbing his food and sittng behind an empty table.

He hastily dug into his food, savoring every bite he took. As he was eating he felt another presence approach the table and sit next to him. He lifted his head to see who it was.

There sat an earth pony with pink mane tied in a pony tail and ash blue coat. His eyes blue eyes were staring directly at Trider making him feel nervous.

"What the hell does this guy want?" he thought. Unlike with the rest, Trider only began to observe this guy because he was watching him. He felt his gaze all the while they ran and when they were resting in the barracks. The Kanisar couldn't tell what he wanted, but for some reason it made him feel unnerved.

"I'm sorry can I help you?" he asked the stallion.

"Why, yes you can." he responded and scooted closer to Trider. "How about you and me go out and have some fun together?" the stallion implied with a wiggle of his brows.

"Is he for real?" Trider thought as he stared at the stallion. "Dude, what?"

"Oh, where are ym manners? My name is Whip Lash. A pleasure to meet you, uhm?"

"Trider." the Kanisar replied, before he shook his head. "No, wait. I didn't want your fucking name. What I want to know is why you're coming onto me?"

"Trider, what an unique name." the stallion admired. "Just as unique as you." He could see that the Kanisar was beginning to lose his patience, so he decided to answer him. "Well you see, ever since I laid my eyes on you I couldn't take them off. I've never seen anything like you before and that thought made me shiver with ecstasy. To have such an exotic being in front of me I just can't help myself."

"I'm flattered, not really, but I'm straight dude. So go look for someone else you want to stick your cock in." Trider said as he stood up.

He was stopped when Whip grabbed his arm. "So are noodles until you get them wet. Or in your case, hard." he replied with a seductive grin.

Trider gave him a cold glare and he bared his fangs. "One warning. Let go of me or you'll be eating your teeth." he threatened. Their display began to draw a crowd as everyone wanted to see what was going on.

"Your lips say no, but your eyes say-" He didn't get to finish his sentence, as Trider delivered a powerful punch directly into his muzzle. Whip flew through the air for a bit before he hit the ground with a hard thud.

"And don't get up you creep!" the Kanisar as he turned around.

Whip remained laying on the floor. He reached a hand up to massage his nose. When he retrieved it, it was covered in blood, telling him that he had a nose bleed. He clenched his hand into a fist and began to slowly lift himself up. The crowd began to whisper and Trider looked back to see the stallion standing with shaky legs and head lowered, but he could tell he was bleeding.

"Hope you learned your lesson creep." Trider said as he put down his plate adn crossed his arms. "If you kneel down before me and beg for my forgiveness I might just consider it."

The stallion began to shake even more. "That..." he said weakly. "That was wonderful!!!" Everyone looked at him in disbelief, all having the same thought.


Whip began to hug himself as he seemed like he was filled with ecstasy. "That punch was wonderful. I could feel your passion and love behind it. It made me feel so good." he continued as he hugged himself even tighter. "I want to feel more of you." He grabbed the hem of his shirt and ripped it apart, revealing his well toned chest and stomach. "Give me your love."

He jumped at the Kanisar with arms extended. Trider however delivered a roundhouse kick and sent the stallion thorugh the air once more. This time however Whip quickly got up and began to revel in his pain filled ecstasy. "Yes just like that." he moaned. "You can do so much more to me if you want."

"THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Trider shouted. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" He began to run off, but Whip was close on his tail.

"Playing hard to get, huh? I can get into that and so much more. Now embrace me mi amour." Whip said as he removed his pants as well, leaving him in only underwear and torn shirt.


Author's Note:

OC presented in the order they were shown in the story.
Blaze Fury - my creation (no theme song)
Green Fortune - created by Rainbow skies ( theme song Falling In Reverse - Gangsters Paradise)
Frost Fire (the mare) - created by TheWolfSpartanBrony (theme song Starset - Point of No return)
Nightshade (pegasus stallion) - created by Nightshade1228 (theme song Thousand Foot Crutch - Courtesy Call)
Critical Second (book reading nerd) - created by Prankstered (no theme song)
Ace Quickpaw (dog pony hybrid) - created by KollionsTheReader (theme song Troll Metal - Ouch Time)
Whip Lash - my creation (theme song Tata Young - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me)

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