• Published 2nd Nov 2016
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The Tale Of A Lost Wolf - Solaris Night

While preforming a new spell, Twilight accidentally summons a being, unlike anypony has ever seen, to Equestria. Can she and the rest of the girls befriend him and teach him the values of friendship?

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Chapter 5: Dragons Quest; Wolfs Decision

"WAILING NOVA SPHERE!" followed by a loud explosion was all that could be heard from somewhere in the middle of the Sweet Apple Acres apple orchard. Trider stood in front of a pile of rubble that once was a big boulder. "So three is still my limit." he thought as he wiped the sweat from his head. "Though I don't have much time to train myself, with all the work I have and all the time I spend with the girls and Spike."

He sat down and leaned on a nearby tree, so he could take a rest from all the training he has been doing. Ever since his body completely healed, he has tried to focus on getting his body into the proper shape, before he was hospitalized. At first he only ran around town and did some exercise near the Everfree, but since he started working for Applejack she allowed him to use this part of the orchard to practise his Ki manipulation. At first he tried to refuse, as he thought he would destroy the trees during his training and he didn't want to hurt one of the major incomes the Apple family had. But she reassured him that this part hasn't been used in years due to the apples not growing any crops on them, so he could let loose all he wanted.

He tried to get some shut-eye, but a loud roar interrupted his attempt. He jumped on his feet, expecting some wild animal to attack. But there was no sign of anything approaching him. He heard another roar, this time more clearly. Following his ears he directed his gaze towards the horizon. There he saw some sort of a weird cloud, which seemed to be alive. He looked at it for a few more moments, before he realized what it was.

"The dragon migration." he exclaimed, turning around and running out of the orchard as fast as he could. "Twilight will have a fit, if I come to the meeting point even a second too late. That mare, sometimes I just want to take one of her schedules and shove it up her ass." He paused as he ran past the trees. "Although she would probably like that, I mean she already has a stick in there."


Trider was quickly making his way twoards the trench th girls dug out, while the dragons flew overhead. Every once in a while, a dragon would smack into another and they would in turn breathe fire to retaliate. The attack would however miss and instead hit nearby scenery. As he looked at the swarm, he was impressed at how big they were. "Wonder if Spike will grow to be that big?" he thought. "Cuz if he does I'll definetly ride into battle."

When he was just a few feet away, he saw the drake leaving the trench, sulking, while the girls watched him leave. When he got close enough he spoke to the young lad. "Hey there Spike everything ok?" The dragon only glanced at him before continuing to walk away. Trider decided that if he didn't want to talk about it he wouldn't pry. "Nice apron by the way." he commented.

Spike screamed in frustration and flailed his arms. "Augh, not you too."

The Kanisar looked at him with confusion, before directing his gaze at the mares. He approached them and descended into the safe haven. He looked around and saw all of the girls wearing camouflage, with the exception of Fluttershy, who wasn't present, and Rarity, who completely missed the definition of stealth wear, instead opting to be the main target for the fire breathing beasts above them.

He approached Twilight and crouched down next to her. "Fluttershy got scared, didn't she." The mare nodded. "Figures." Trider didn't hang out with the meek mare, that often, everytime he did though it ended with her running away. The Kanisar didn't hate Fluttershy, but he also didn't like her. It was in his nature to despise cowardice, on his planet there existed an unspoken rule that only the strong survive. So it was inevitable for him to ignore the pegasus mare, but her kind nature somehow rubbed on him, so he tolerated her.

"Can someone tell me what was up with Spike?" Trider asked the group. "He looked like Rarity does when she sees me everytime we meet."

"Nothing we just told him that he is not like the other dragons." said Rainbow Dash. "He got angry all of a sudden and walked away."

Trider narrowed his eyes as he got skeptical. "What did you tell him exactly?"

Rarity decided to explain the man what happened. "When Spike came here, with refreshments he commented on how ferocious his kind can be and we told him that he is nothing like them and that he is such a sweetheart."

Applejack decided to add to her statement. "We might've also made fun of how he acts like us ponies and not like a dragon."

Trider looked at them in disbelief and facepalmed. "You guys are a bunch of fucking idiots." They glared at him waiting for an explanation. "When you said that to him it was like telling a cat it's not a cat because it acts like a dog. Spike now thinks he is not a dragon, because he doesn't act like one."

Realization dawned onto the girls and they wanted to get Spike so they could apologize, but Trider stopped them. "Talking to him won't help now, the damage is done." He paused as he scratched his head. "Best thing to do right now is to let him figure it out by himself." The mares wanted to argue, but found his statement to be true. So they setled back down into the trench and continued to watch the migration.

Next morning

Trider woke up, well rested for once in a long time. He didn't have to work on the farm today so he could sleep a little longer. When he looked at the clock he realised it was already 9 o'clock. "Is Twilight sick or something?" he thought as he got up and dressed. When he was heading downstairs he heard the mare and Spike conversing with one another. When he reached the bottom stair, he took in the sight that was before him.

All around books were lying in piles on the floor and in the middle a tired Twilight and Spike were reading some of them at that moment.

"nothing in this one either." said the mare as she put the book she was reading onto a pile.

Trider cleared his throat to get the duos attention. "What in hell are you two doing?" he asked once they looked at him.

Twilight got up and streched herself. "We are looking for any books about dragons, because Spike wants to learn about them." She then looked around the room and sighed. "But we haven't managed to find anything." The mare picked up a random book and began to look through it. "It seems ponies don't know much about dragons as they are extremely rare and very dangerous to approach, even more to study them."

At those words tears began to well in the drake eyes and he sniffled. The mare approached him with a tissue. "Oh Spike, don't worry I'm sure-"

She was cut off as Spike gently pushed her away and walked around the room. "It's okay Twilight I'm gonna discover who I am if it's the last thing I do." As soon as he said that the doors to the library slammed open, startling the young dragon.

"Good morning darling." greeted Rarity as she walked into the room. "I was wondering if you and Spike would like to join me for breakfast?" Her eyes then met with Triders and she huffed. "You are not invited however." she said pointing at the man.

The Kanisar scoffed, before he replied. "Like you can stop me."

The two glared at each other, until Twilight decided to step in. "We would love to Rarity, in fact I am quite famished."

"Well count me out." All eyes were on the drake as he said that. "I have to get an early start."

The others looked between each other, before Rarity asked. "An early start for what exactly?"

Spike nodded. "Yes. I'm going on a quest of self discovery, to learn what it means to be a dragon." he said in determination. "And the only way I can do that is by joining the dragon migration."

"WHAT?" the mares shouted at Spikes proclamation, while Trider looked at him with intrigue. Rarity stepped over to the drake as he went over to a wardrobe pulling out a backpack and some spare clothes. "Spike, sweetie whatever are you talking about, you can't go with those dragons. They are big, mean and ferocious."

Spike looked at her as he went into the kitchen to grab some snacks for the trip. "And that is exactly why I have to go. To learn what it means to be a dragon."

Rarity wanted to argue further, but was cut off by Trider. "Just let him go Rarity, it's for the better."

The mare gave the man such a glare it gave Fluttershys stare a run for its money. "What are you saying? Do you want for Spike to get hurt, while he is with those dragons?" She slowly made her way to him as she spoke. "Don't you care for one of your best friends?"

It was Triders turn to glare at the mare. "Listen here bitch, I don't want Spike getting hurt as much as you do. But this is something he has to do. You made him doubt about who he is and if this journey helps him to discover that then let him." He got so close to her face their noses nearly touched. "Once he sees what dragons are like and how they live, then he will make his decision and we have no right to stop him."

They glared at each other, until Rarity looked over to Twilight and begged her. "Twilight please tell him not to go. It's too dangerous for somepony like him to go on such a dangerous trip."

Twilight looked between the fashionista and Spike. She levitated a couple of water bottles out of the kitchen and handed them over to Spike. He looked at her and smiled. "Really?"

Twilight closed her eyes as she hugged her assistant. "I couldn't help you find the answers to the questions you are looking for and if this journey, no a quest, helps you find out who you are, then who are we to stop you." She said looking at Rarity.

The white mare rubbed her arm and sighed in defeat. "I guess you're right Twilight." Trider just looked at her and gave her the 'are you serious' look while she wasn't watching.

Twilight turned to Spike again. "Well I guess this is goodbye. We can't wait to hear all about how your quest went when you get back."

Spike smiled as he began to head towards the door. "Thanks everypony and I know that I will get the answers to my questions." When he said that he began to walk off, filled with determination.

The mares stood in front of the door watching as their dragon friend strode off towards his destiny.

"Goodbye Spikey Wikey." Rarity shouted as Spike headed towards the edge of Ponyville.

When he was out of ear reach she looked towards Twilight and whispered. "We are following him right?"

"Absolutely." the mare replied.

Trider just looked at the two and sighed. "You guys are hopeless."

A few days later

Spike arrived at the edge of a giant crater and gazes upon all the dragons that reside there. He starts to doubt about doing this, until he spots a group of younger, yet still older than him dragons. "Teen dragons. They are more up to my speed." he said as he descended down the slope.

Unbeknownst to him another figure appears at the edge where he stood not a moment ago. "Are you sure the dragons won't see through our diguse Rarity." asked Twilight.

"Don't worry darling, they would have to be clairvoyant to see through this masterpiece." Happy with the answer the two mares decide to join the drake at the bottom.

Spike slowly approached the group of dragons and began to notice they were brawling with one another. As he got closer the teens failed to notice him. Clearing his throat, he got their attention and spoke. "Hi there my name is Spike." The dragons looked at him confused, before one of them spoke up.

"You sure you're name is Spike and not shrimp." The dragons began to laugh at Spike. True despite them being only teenagers they still stood about a head and a half taller than him.

Spike began to loose his confidence as the group continued to insult him. The mares who were watching the scene play out wanted to go forth and help him, but decided against it. Suddenly one of the dragons pushed the others away so he could get to Spike. "C'mon guys give him a break. If we don't stop he might fly away." He got behind Spike and turned him around so the others could see his back. "That is if he had wings to begin with." The dragons began to laugh again.

Spike almost began to cry, when a figure stepped forward. "Real tough picking on the small guy. You guys are sooo scary." the figure said in a mocking tone. All of a sudden all attention was focused on the newcomer and what they saw made the dragons confused, while Spike and the two mares only gaped in shock.

"And who in Tartarus do you think you are?" asked the dragon who was teasing Spike about his wings.

The figure stepped forward to reveal the Kanisar, grinning at the dragon. "Just a friend of Spikes."

The dragons got ready to fight this stranger, while Spike loked at his friend fear in his voice. "Trider what are you doing here? If you don't get out soon these guys will kill you."

The dragon glared at the man and spoke. "Yeah, what he said. But I am curious of what are you and how you got here? Would you mind telling us before we burn you where you stand."

Trider smiled and shrugged. "I just walked in here, it was quite easy actually. No one even glanced at me. As for who am I and why I'm here." He pointed a thumb at his chest and continued. "My name's Trider, I'm a Kanisar and I came here to see if you guys are everything you are they say about you. And I won't take no for an answer, I didn't come all the way from Ponyville just to be told to fuck off."

The teenage dragon looked into his eyes and glared. "You said you're from Ponyville and judging by that Spike is as well, right?" Trider nodded. "A pony town. So you are friends with the namby pamby ponies." He laughed and his friends joined. "I bet you guys are just as soft as those losers are."

Trider walked up to the dragon and gave him a deathly glare. "I might be friends with the ponies, but I can assure you, I am far more fiercer than any pony or even a dragon out there."

Something in the way he spoke and how he looked at him made the dragon shiver. "Then lets see how tough you are wolf-boy." He turned around and looked around. He spotted a giant boulder the size of a small house. He pointed at it and grinned. "If you can destroy that rock in just one attack I'll consider you an honorary dragon."

The Kanisar looked at his target and smirked. "You're lizard breath." He started to approach the boulder, when Spike grabbed at his shoulder.

"Dude, I don't know why you are doing this, but there is no way you can do what he just told you to do." Spike said in a worried tone.

Trider just looked at him and gave him a small smile. "Spike buddy, you don't know the half of what I can do." Saying that he continued towards the rock until he was only several feet away. Once he thought he was close enough he raised his right hand and closed his eyes. He focused his Ki into the centre of his hand until a small orb, no bigger than his palm, appeared. It was swirling in blue color and every so often would ripple. The dragons and the mares watched in awe as the orb formed, seeing how beautiful and powerful it looked. Then Trider focused even more energy into it making it grow even more. When it was double the size of his fist, the Kanisar swung his arm forward, launching the orb at the boulder.

"WAILING NOVA SPHERE!" he screamed as the orb left his hand. As it was flying it made the sound, firecrackers made when they flew into the sky. When it connected, a blinding light enveloped nearby area and then a loud explosion sounded off.

Once everyones ears stopped ringing and their eyes readjusted to the light. Their jaws dropped at what they saw or rather what they didn't. Where once stood the rock now there was only a crater. Trider turned around to the crowd and bowed. The dragons immediatelly started to cheer and holler. The dragon from before approached the man and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. You completely obliterated that rock." he said in a loud tone.

Trider shoved his claws off of him and grinned at the drake. "Does that mean I'm one of you guys now?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

The dragon laughed as he put an arm across his shoulders and led him to the others. "You better believe it, you are one of us now." As they continued to walk the drake offered his hand to Trider. "The names Garble by the way, you said your name was Trider, right?" He nodded and gave his companion a look over.

Garble had red scales covering his body, while his underbelly was light yellow color. Orange spikes extended all the way from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He wore a simple grey T-shirt and brown shorts.

Once they reached all the other, the dragons picked up the Kanisar and began to chant his name. Trider laughed along with the rest. "I really like these guys." he thought.

"All right Trider way to go." The sound of Spikes cheers made the dragons stop their celebration, as they put Trider on the ground and looked at the young drake.

Garble got close to him and scoffed. "Don't think you are part of us, just cause he is your friend doesn't mean we don't have trials specifically for you."

Spike gulped and looked at his friend with pleading eyes. The man just shrugged. "Sorry Spike, but that is something you have to do by yourself."

The drake looked downtrodden as Garble led him away to begin his tests. "You heard him, he ain't gonna help you out of this, shrimp."

As they were leaving the others followed and eventually only trider and the disguiesed mares remained alone. They approached the man and Twilight gave him an earful. "How could you do something like that to him? He trusted you to help him out?"

"That's right, you abandoned the poor Spikey wikey to those mean dragons." Rarity piped in.

"You guys pamper him too much, sometimes he has to stand on his own damn two feet and do what he thinks is right." he paused as he took a deep breath. "If we always help him out he won't ever be able to do things on his own and he will rely on us to save him out of his mess."

Twilight sighed and looked at the man. "Maybe you're right, but can't you show him at least some love or are you that cold hearted?"

"I am giving him love." He paused as he gave her a soft look. "It's called tough love."

The mares just rolled their eyes at his statement and they began to follow their dragon friend. "Why are you even here if you don't care what happens to Spike anyway?"

"Didn't you hear me when I spoke with Garble?" He asked the mare and she shook her head. "I'm here cuz, just like Spike, I'm curious what dragons usually act like. And I've gotta say, I ain't dissapointed."

"How can you get along with these brutes? They are uncivilized, only think with their fists..." Rarity paused. "You know what never mind."

"Ouch, that almost hurt." Trider said in sarcasm. He then proceeded to scratch his head as he continued. "I guess these dragons act a lot like my people did back home, so it feels kind of natural to be around these guys."

The mares looked at him and decided to remain quiet, as to not stimulate any more of his memories of his home.

"This is the best party I ever had." said Spike as he laid down into the pile of gems. He has successfull completed one of his trials and was now accepted by the other dragons. They celebrated this momentous occasion by gorging themselves on gems.

"Yeah, maybe by pony standards, but this wasn't anything amazing." Garble said as he threw a gem in his mouth. Suddenly an idea crossed his mind. He got up and turned to the other dragons. "I know, we should have a dragon raid. I think I saw a phoenix nest not too far away from here."

He didn't get much of a response as most of the dragons were, lying down too full to participate in the activity. However two other dragons, a large brown one with blue horns and a skinny purple one with blonde spikes that somehow went over his eyes, jumped to the occasion and joined Garble. The red dragon then looked at Spike and Trider and asked them as well. "You guys wanna come too?"

Trider lifted his head from the ground, where he was lying, and looked at the small group. "Nah, I just wanna rest here for a bit more. That blast I used back then took too much out of me." he said, lowering his head back down.

"Guess that means you're coming with us Spike." He looked at the young drake and began to flap his wings.

Spike looked around himself and tried to come up with an excuse. "I would love to guys, but I uh..." he trailed off. "But I can't fly so I guess you'll be going without me."

Garble rolled his eyes as he ordered the larger dragon to pick up Spike and carry him to their destination. As they were leaving Twilight and Rarity tried to follow, but realised they wouldn't be able to catch to them very soon. Twilight casted her gaze at the resting man. "Aren't you going to follow them?" she asked.

Trider didn't even put in the effort to raise his head like he did with Garble and replied. "Nope."

"Let's just leave him Twilight, he certainly won't help us." Rarity said to the mare. Twilight sighed, before they once again began to chase down the dragons.

As they were leaving Trider opened one of his eyes and looked at the running mares. He sighed as he lifted himself off the ground and dusted himself off. "Better go check they don't get themselves killed." he thought as he walked behind the two.

The dragons were hiding in bush, near a tree where the phoenixes made their nest. "Alright we need someone to distract the parents, while the rest of us snatch the eggs." said Garble. Everyone then looked at Spike as he began to sweat.

They pushed him out of the bush into the open. Spike didn't know what to do so he tried to talk to the birds, but it had no effect. Annoyed at his attempts, Garble tossed Spike a stone. "Use this idiot."

Spike looked at the stone and quickly caught onto what the red dragon wanted him to do. "Birdbrain look at me." he shouted before he tossed the stone. it hit one of the bird on the head and they got enraged. They flew out of their nests, set themselves on fire and began to chase the drake. Spike ran as fast as his legs could carry him, screaming for help.

While the parents chased Spike theother dragons, left their hideout and flew up to the nest. When they reached it they were dissappointed at what they saw. Most of the eggs were already hatched.

"What do we do now?" asked one of the other dragons.

Garble grinned maliciously and answered. "We take the hatchlings then." The other two shared his grin and they reached to grab the newborns.

The babies however began to fly around avoiding their captors. Eventually the dragons chased the hatchlings all over the woods. At the time Spike was still being chased by the parents, until the phoenixes heard the cries of their children. Quickly turning around they headed back to protect their newborns. Spike stopped to catch his breath decided to head back to the others as well.

The dragons were still chasing the little birds when the parents showed up and quickly began to guide them away from the attackers. They however didn't want to give up so easily. They gave chase and were slowly catching up to the flock. Then one of the parents turned around and unleashed a powerful light that blinded the dragons and they crashed into a tree.

Meanwhile Spike got back to the spot where the nest used to be. As he looked around he spotted an egg with a fire pattern across it. "Well hello there little guy." he cooed.

Just then Garble and the other two came back as well angry their prey got away. "Damn those stupid birds. This whole raid was for nothing." Garble rumbled. When he saw what Spike had in his claws, his expression lightened up. "All right Spike you managed to get one of the eggs. Way to go dude."

Spike rubbed the back of his head with his free claw and blushed. "Aww geez. Thanks Garble."

Suddenly the red dragons expression turned malicious. "Now smash it."

The young drake had to do a double take at what he said. "E-Excuse, me what?" he stammered.

"You heard me smash the egg."

They started to chant for Spike to do what Garble told him to do. The drake began to sweat as he didn't know what to do. Slowly he began to raise his hand over his head, ready to throw the egg to the ground.

"No." he said as he quickly lowered his arm and hugged the egg.

The dragons looked at him confused. "What did you say?" asked Garble in disbelief.

Spike straightened his back and raised his voice, hoping to scare them somewhat. "I said I'mnot gonna do it."

Garble glared at the young drake making him backpeddal. "No one say no to me." The dragons began to approach Spike as he continued to back away. Suddenly the drakes back collided with a solid mass. He turned around and gazed up on the dragon that stood behind him. Expecting the dragon to attack him he closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable. But it never came.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw twilight and Rarity standing where the dragon once stood. He looked at them in disbelief. "You guys followed me?" he asked.

"We're sorry Spike, but we didn't want you to get hurt, sowe decided to help you out." Spike looked at the two and shook his head.

"it's okay, I'm glad you came along." he said.

Garble decided he had enough of this touching reunion and interjected. "Are these your pony friends, Spike?"

"Yes." Spike said in confidence and took a step forward. "And if you don't stand down, we will show you what us ponies can do."

"He's right." said Twilight, agreeing with her drake friend.

"I usually don't like to get my hooves dirty, but if you so much lay a claw on one of his precious scales, I'll show you what Tartarus looks like." Rairty said as she got into a battle stance, Twilight following.

"Oh yeah and what exactly are you going to do?" asked Garble not afraid of their threats.

Spike looked at him with determination. "Run away!" he shouted as said determination vanished. The mares looked at each other and ran after the drake. The other dragons were confused at first, but they quickly recovered and flew after them.

Twilight, Spike and Rarity were making their way through the forest, trying to get away from their pursuers. But the dragons were quickly gaining ground. Twilight tried to use a spell to teleport them away. Her horn began to glow and the purple aura enveloped them. But it didn't work as it took too much concetration to teleport them all.

As they continued to run, Spike failed to notice a stray root growing out of the ground and he tripped over it. He landed with a hard thud and the mares stopped.

"Spike." they shouted, but were too late as the dragons got too close.

"Take this you sorry excuse for a dragon." said Garble as he and his friends took in a deep breath, then released a large column of fire.

The fire quickly approached the young drake and he didn't have the time to dodge. Suddenly Rarity ran up to him and put herself between the dragon and the flame. She hugged him, hoping she would be able to protect one of her dearest friends as much as she could.

The fire descended upon the two, but the burning and heat never came. Rarity let go of Spike so they could see what had happened to the flame. They gasped when they saw Trider, standing in front of them, badly burnt and smoking. The Kanisar lowered his arms he used to protect his face from the fire and smiled at the mare and dragon.

"You guys would be toast without me." he gave a small laughter at his own joke.

His attention was quickly focused on the dragons as Garble spoke up. "The hell are you doing Trider? Why are you protecting these ponies? I thought you felt more at home with us than these guys?"

Trider sighed as he got into a battle stance. "You guys might act more like my people than the ponies and sure that makes me feel like I'm sort of still home." He paused as he took in a deep breath. "But even despite that I made my new home in Ponyville, with all of the ponies." A smile spread across his face as he continued. "And these guys right here are my friends." He glanced over his shoulder to look at Rarity and winked at her. "All of them."

Rarity felt a tear run down her cheek as she heard him say that. "Maybe he isn't such a barbarian after all." she thought.

Trider seeing the mare shed a tear, turned his head back forward. "And let me tell you one thing about me." A dark aura began to envelop him, as his body and hair slightly grew, his fangs elongatedd and his eyes turned red. "I always protect my friends."

The blood in the dragons's body grew cold at the sight of the Kanisar, who now looked like a possessed beast. But their dragon instincts overran their instincts to flee. They lunged at the man hoping to overpower him. Trider however dodged all three at the same time and now stood a few feet away from them. The dragons could barely see him move when he came up to the brown dragon.

The Kanisar concentrated his Ki throughout his entire right arm and delivered a powerful punch to his gut. "PISTON CANNON TRISTRIKE." he shouted as he sent the dragon flying. While flying through the air, the dragon was all of a sudden hit by an invisible attack and he fell onto the floor, creating a small dent in the dirt. When he bounced up from the ground, he was once again hit by the invisible punch and was buried into the ground. When Trider confirmed he was out for the count he turned to the other two and grinned.

"One down two to go." he said cracking his knuckles.

The purple dragon decided he would take him on. He ran to the man and slashing at his chest. Although Trider thought he successfully dodged him, he failed to notice the dragon extending his claws mid swipe. The Kanisar put a hand to where he was scratched and looked at his bloodied palm. The dragon smirked as he licked the blood off his claws.

"So you wanna fight me using claws, eh?" he asked rethorically. "Then let me show you mine!"

Ki surged through both of his hands and formed around his forearms. Soon his arms were enveloped in bright red aura, which took on a shape of three sets of claws on each hand.

"Lets which ones are sharper, your butter knives or my Wolf Spirit Claws."

The dragon didnt even have time to reply as Trider charged at him. The Kanisar swung his arms downwards, with the intention to slice the dragon in two. The drake however was just fast enough to take a step back and raised his own claws to block the assault. Triders Wolf Spirit Claws however, sliced through his with ease and creating six scratch marks along the lizards body. The dragon cried out in pain, but was quickly silenced when the man roundhouse kicked him in the gut. The drake was sent flying through the air, until he hit a nearby tree and he fell to the floor unmoving.

With two opponents down Trider turned towards Garble, who was ready to blow him away with a massive fireball he was conjuring in his maw.

"You will pay for what you did." he said, somehow without moving his mouth.

Trider quickly channeled the last of his Ki into the palm of his hand. The Sphere was quickly formed, but Garble already unleashed his attack. As it was almost halfway to the Kanisar, he released the sphere aiming it directly at the fireball.


When the Sphere and fireball connected, the flame was quickly extinguished by the orb. Triders attack didn't stop however, as it continued to fly towards the red dragon. Garble still tired by unleashing so much fire, wasn't able to dodge it and took the full force of it. With a cry he was consumed by a flash of light and an explosion.

Trider released his Feral Unleashing, no longer having any energy to maintain it. When the dust settled he saw, Garble down and out cold. He was missing a few teeth, his scales were burned and he had a massive wound on his chest. Satisfied with the result he turned towards his friends and walked over to them.

Twilight, Rarity and Spike also walked up to him to meet him halfway. When they were close enough they hugged the man. Deciding not to be a dick for once, he also embraced them. After a minute they let go of each other.

"That was amazing what you just did!" Spike exclaimed jumping up and down.

"I know, I know I was there remember?" Trider chuckled.

"Trider." Rarity called out to him. "Back then you said that we were all your friends. Did you mean me as well?" she asked in hope.

"Did the wink really not convey my message?" He asked incredulously. "You are more dense than me."

The mare huffed at his statement, a look of confusion soon showing on her face. "But why? Why have you all of a sudden decided you want me for a friend? I thought we hated each other."

Trider looked at her with a serious look. "Don't get me wrong I still don't like you." The mare looked saddened by his statement. "But I can try to get along with you I guess." he sighed softening his features. A smile spread across Raritys face, satisfied with that Trider continued. "The reason why I have forgiven you is because you tried to protect Spike, willing to sacrifice yourself in the process and I can respect that."

After answering the mare he turned to Spike. "Speaking of protecting you, why couldn't you protect them instead?" The drake lowered his head and tried to say something, but couldn't come up with anything.

"Trider, don't be so hard on him, he couldn't do anything to stop those dragons, even with our help he would have had trouble." Twilight tried to argue with him.

"That is exactly why I have come to a decision." He gave Spike a stern gaze before continuing. "From this day forward, I'm going to train you to be a warrior."

The girls and the drakes jaws dropped at what he said. Before they could say anything, he spoke again. "Ever since I first met you I knew you had what it took to become a great fighter, though you lacked the training and confidence, but from what I saw today I'm certain you can become great." He crouched so he looked the dragon in the eyes. "What do you say Spike? Want me to make you strong enough to protect your friends for once?"

Spike still couldn't believe what he was hearing. Trider was offering to train him how to fight so he could one day protect somepony and not be the one in need of protecting. He gulped and answered.

"I would love to." A grin grew across his face at the thought of finally becoming a knight in shining armour he always dreamed of becoming.

Trider stood back up and took a deep breath. "Good to hear." He patted the drake on the head. "We begin tomorrow and don't expect me to go easy on you." Spike nodded eagerly. "Alright now if you'll excuse me I have a nap to take." Saying that he collapsed, darkness enveloping him.

When he woke up he could feel he was being carried by someone. Looking to his right he saw Twilight, using her magic to help her drag his body across the clearing they were traversing. He caught wiff of her shampoo and took a deep breath. "Lavender, how ironic." he thought.

The mare noticed that Trider woke up and looked at him. "Are you ok? You just collpased all of a sudden." she asked worried.

Trider tried to walk by himself, but his legs failed him. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just drained. That fight took a lot oout of me. So much so I can't even move." he said.

The mare gave a small chuckle, before she spoke. "You always take things too far, you know." They continued to follow, Spike and Rarity, who were in front of them, in silence. Eventually Twilight decided to break the quiet. "You know I also realised something else."

He glanced at her curious. "And that would be?" he asked.

"That despite what you told us your reason was for coming here, you were actually worried about Spike and us am I right?" she smirked.

Trider looked in the other direction and huffed. "I'm neither confirming, nor denying that fact."

The unicorn smiled at his stubbornness. She leaned her head towards his and she gave a small kiss on his cheek. Trider turned his head to look at the mare who was blushing.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Just a way of saying thank you I guess." the mare said sheepishly.

Trider just shrugged and focused his gaze on the couple in front of them. "Aren't you angry that I just made Spike my apprentice?" he wondered.

She shook her head and replied. "Not really. You were right, we have been pampering him way too much. I think this is a good idea." She paused as she shifted some of Triders weight. "It is also good he spends more time with a male figure, all this time he always spent his free time with just us girls."

Trider couldn't help, but smirk. "Don't worry I'll make sure he ends up exactly like me."

Twilight gently nudged him as they both began to laugh.

Author's Note:

This chapter was a pain in the ass. I hate writing by the episode, but it had to be done. For those of you who might wonder why I didn't include Rainbow, because I just couldn't involve her without removing the need for Trider to forgive Rarity.
On another note I would like to thank
Nightshade1228 for coming up with Wailing Nova Blast and Wolf Spirit Claw
Prankstered for creating Piston Cannon
and a special thank you to GrimmWolfDragon for giving me the idea for Spike becoming Triders pupil. Without him this chapter probably wouldn't exist.

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