• Published 2nd Nov 2016
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The Tale Of A Lost Wolf - Solaris Night

While preforming a new spell, Twilight accidentally summons a being, unlike anypony has ever seen, to Equestria. Can she and the rest of the girls befriend him and teach him the values of friendship?

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Chapter 15: The Crystal Empire Part 2: Unstoppable Rampage; Reach the Crystal Heart!

"Dynamism." The voice reached the mares ears, but it sounded distant and distorted. "Dynamism!" This time it was louder and clearer, as her eyes began to stir. "Dynamism!!!" She recognized the voice, but she couldn't place, her mind completely fuzzy. "Wake up Dynamism!"

Slowly her eyes began to open, as sunlight assaulted her eyes. She grimaced as her eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness. It took a couple of seconds before she was able to see properly and once her vision was fully restored she saw Rose and Rainbow Dash leaning over her. "What happend?" she asked as she rubbed her head, a small lump forming on the side of it.

"You tell us." retorted the pegasus. "I was going around telling everyone about the Crystal Heart and once I was finished I guided Rose here so she could help you with your stalls. But when we arrived we found you lying on the floor, out cold, and Trider nowhere to be seen."

At the mention of the Kanisars name Dynamisms eyes widened, as the memories of what transpired when Dash left, flooded her mind. "Trider, he..." the dragon-mare said with a quickened breath, as she looked around. "Sweet Celestia! He went outside to fight King Sombra!"

The other two mares eyes bulged at what their friend told them. "WHAT?" Rainbow yelled as she began to hover in mid-air. "He went to fight an evil king by himself?"

Rose, while also shocked, kept most of her composure as she looked at Dynamism. "You were supposed to make sure he would stay out of trouble. How could you let this happen?" The half-ponys ears dropped as she looked at her superior.

"I tried to stop him, but he..." she trailed off, contemplating if she should tell them about Trider did to her.

"He what?" questioned Rose, her gaze cold serious. "Don't you dare withhold information, private. Tell me what happened. That is an order!"

Dynamism thought over, if she should tell them or not, but in the end she caved in. "I tried to stop him, even threatening to use brute force. I thought he would back down , so I dropped my guard. But when I did..." she choked as she recollected what he did to her, tears begining to well in her eyes. "H-he knocked me out."

Rose and Rainbow looked at their friend as she struggled to hold back her tears. They each kept quiet as they processed what she told them. They both knew Trider. They knew he was impulsive and sometimes careless, but never before had he actually hurt a close friend just to satisfy his urge to fight.

Rose helped Dynamism get up while she looked at Dash. "Rainbow." she said with a emotionless voice. "Go find Trider and bring him back here. If he tries to resist, tell him that I will personally demand from Celestia that he be placed in Canterlot dungeons, and if that doesn't work, then you have my permission to use any means necessary, to bring him back." The pegasus mare nodded, but before she could take off, Rose stopped her. "But be careful, you'll also have to worry about Sombra, as well."

"Got it." With a salute, the rainbow maned mare flapped her wings and got ready to soar towards the barrier. However before she even got five feet from the ground, sounds of screams reached their ears.

"What's going on?" asked Dynamism ass they all looked towards where the screams were coming from.

Roses ears flicked as the screams grew louder. "I have a bad feeling about this." she said in a grim tone. Suddenly ponies began to run out of nearby alleys, each one clearly teriffied of something. Rose stopped one of them. "What is going on?" she asked the stallion who was breathing rapidly.

"A monster!" he exclaimed, as his eyes darted between the mare and the direction he just came from. "A monster is rampaging through the city!"

Just as he said that, a beam of energy shot right through the chest of one of the citizens, who was running for his life, leaving a large charred hole in him. The mares stared in shock at what they just witnessed, while the stallion again began to run away. Their shock didn't last long and each got ready to face this 'monster', with Dynamism forming her gauntlets, Rose drwning her sword and Rainbow getting in a fighting stance. The guard mares both looked at pegasus seeing her getting ready to fight as well.

"You should get out of here, Miss Dash. We will handle this ourselves." Rose instructed the mare, but she just huffed.

"No way." she exclaimed. "I've faced off against Nightmare Moon and Discord. I think I can handle this." The other didn't want to argue with her at the moment , so they dropped the subject.

The last of the ponies have fled the scene, leaving behind the trio and an eerie silence. They were vigilant, ready to face anything that might come out of the alleyways. What they saw however broke their concentration. In the shadows they saw a familiar figure of the Kanisar and Rainbow called out to him.

"Trider! You came back." she shouted as she landed. She took a few steps forward, wanting to give him a stern talking to. "What were you thinking? Knocking out Dynamism and..." Her advancement was halted by both guard mares as sweat began to pour from their foreheads. "Hey, what's the deal?" she asked, not liking being stopped.

"Something is terribly wrong!" was all Rose said as her grip on her sword hardened. Rainbow wanted to ask her what she meant, but words got stuck in her throat, as Trider emerged from the shadows.

His clothes were completely torn, his shirt barely clinging to his torso. He was covered in blood, while his arms were completely red from it. He held his head low, obstructing his face from their view. But what really shocked the mares was what he held in his right hand. Dragging by the hem of her shirt, the Kanisar held a limp body of a mare, who showed no sign of movement.

"Trider? W-what a-a-are you...?" Dash stammered as she looked at her friend in horror.

"Huh? You know me?" he said in a non-chalant tone as he dropped the mare. "How do you know me?"

"What do you mean, how do I know you? We are friends aren't we?"

The Kanisar began to chuckle, as it slowly grew into a full blown laughter. "Me? Friends with a human?" His laughter immediatelly died and his voice turned ice cold. "You dare to say something like that to me?"

The mares looked at him in confusion. "What are you talking about? I'm not... What did you call me again? A human, yeah, I'm not a human! It's me Rainbow Dash." the mare tried to reason with him, but it seemed he wasn't paying any attention to her.

"That is the stupidest name I've ever heard." he said with a smile. "I've never met anyone by that name before."

Stunned she looked at him, unable to comprehend what happened to Trider, to make him forget about her. Before she could respond, they heard the sound of running hooves. As they looked toward the source of the sound they saw the rest of the girls approaching. Once they were close enough Rose looked at them and asked. "What are you doing here?"

"We heard there was a monster rampagin in the city, so we came here to give yah a hand." explained Applejack. She then looked around and saw the pony that was struck down by a blast and Trider who stood next to a mare. "By the looks of it, yah got it covered."

"Don't be so sure." said Dynamism, confusing the mares. Their confusion was broken when they heard the Kanisar laugh.

"This is too good." he said in between breaths. "Not only do some of you actually want to fight me, but now there are others running into the fray, just to get slaughtered." His laughter stopped and he grinned. "You're either very brave or very stupid."

"What is he going on about?" asked Rarity.

"We're not sure. All that we know is that Trider went to fight Sombra and when he returned he was like this." Rose explained. "He doesn't seem to remember us, he keeps talking about these creatures called humans, thinking we're them, and we have reason to believe he is the monster the ponies were talking about."

The mares looked at her in shock, Pinkie however smiled. "Oh don't be silly. I'm sure Trider is just pretending." she said as she looked at the Kanisar. "Isn't that right Tri?" He didn't answer her as he looked at the mare at his feet. She began to move slightly, catching everyones attention. "See? She is fine, he must have saved her from the real monster." The others were skeptical, but thought she might be right.

"You think that I'm just playing around?" the Kanisar said as he looked between the mare and Pinkie. "Let me show you how serious I am." Saying that he raised his foot, and before anyone could say anything he brought it down on the mares head. With a loud crunch, her skull was shattered, blood and remnants of brain matter scattered over the ground.

The mares couldn't believe what they just witnessed. They looked at Trider with terror, incapable of comprehending what he just did. Fluttershys face was completely pale and she seemed like she would faint any second. Rarity on the other hand wasn't holding up much better, as she puked the contents of her stomach onto the ground. Pinkies smile faltered, as tears began to cascade down her cheeks and her mane now completely straight. The others were able to keep most of their composure, but were none the less shocked.

"Trider..." Applejack said as tears welled in her eyes. "Why? Why would you do omething like that?"

"Because she deserved it." was his simple reply.

They looked at him with even more shock. "Because she deserved it? What in the name of Celestia did she or anypony else for that matter ever do to you?"

"What did she do?" Trider said, his tone laced with anger. "What did she do?" he repeated, louder. "You dare to fucking ask what she and the rest of you did?" he shouted, now clearly enraged. "You humans are so self-centered. You dare to ask what you did to deserve my wrath, when you know full well what you did to my race? To my family!" He began to shake, as dark aura began form around his body. "Unforgivable. None of you will leave here alive."

He raised his head and for the first time showing his face. What the group saw made their blood run cold. His eyes were bloody red, as purple smoke flowed out of them. But what really terrified them was the look he was giving. It wasn't the look they knew Trider had, when he was angry or when he fought. No, his eyes were now completely devoid of any emotion beside rage and bloodlust. He was like a wild animal.

"I see." Rose said as she realised what had happened. "He's being controlled."

The others looked at her in surprise. "Are you sure?" asked Dynamism.

"Positive. Ever since he arrived I could sense some form of dark magic on him, but wasn't certain what it was." she looked Trider directly in the eyes. "That purple smoke in his eyes is the proof of that."

"So Trider is doing this against his will?" Fluttershy piped up. "Thank goodness." She sighed in relief.

"Unfortunately not." The mares looked at Rose in confusion. "Sombra isn't completely controlling him. He's using Triders memories and anger as a guide to do his bidding."

"What are you saying?" asked perplexed Rarity.

"Basically, Trider is still himself, the only difference is that he sees us as somepony from his memory, somepony he feels great anger towards. So much anger, that he wouldn't hesitate to kill them on the spot."

The statement stunned the mares and they couldn't believe what they heard. "So you mean, he won't hesitate to kill us? Even if we are his friends?" asked Pinkie, her coat now darker than it usually is.

"As he is right now, he probably wouldn't even blink." Rose said in a somber tone.

"Enough talk!" Trider suddenly shouted catching everyones attention. "You've had your last talk, now it's time for all of you to die!" Without warning Trider blasted several Ki blasts at the group making them scatter in different directions.

"We need to warn Cadance and Shining Armor!" said Rose as she got back into her fighting stance, while the others picked themselves up. "Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity you head back to the castle and make sure to tell everypony to remain indoors. Applejack, Rainbow you two will assist me and Dynamism."

"Got it!" everyone said unanimously as they separated.

Trider however wasn't happy with that plan. "You think you can run away?" he said. In a flash he disappeared and reappeared in front of the retreating mares. Before they could react he struck Rarity and Pinkie away from Flutttershy, while she stood there stunned. Before she could even react he grabbed her by her throat and lifted her off the ground. The mare thrashed, trying to escape his iron grip, but it was futile, her weak form unable to compete against him.

"C'mon, scream. That is if you can." Trider said with a sadistic glee as he squeezed harder and harder. Fluttershy began to choke, as her oxygen was slowly being cut off. She soon lost her strength to fight back and she slowly slipped into darkness. "If you won't scream then I'll enjoy hearing the sound of your neck snapping."

"LET GO OF HER!" With a yell Rainbow tackled the Kanisar to the ground, which also made him release Fluttershy in the process. Coughing the mare was picked up by Pinkie and Rarity, as they carried her off towards the castle.

Seeing that Trider kicked Rainbow off of himself and glared at the group. "Oh no, you don't!" he growled as he shot a blast of Ki towards the mares. Before it could reach them however, Rose ran in front of the ball of energy and blocked it with her sword. The blast was redirected towards a nearby building and it left a huge hole in the wall. The guard mare looked behind her and yelled towards the mares.

"Run as fast as you can, we'll hold him off."

The statement made the Kanisar laugh as he approached her. "You think you can take me on? You'll be lucky if you even land a single blow onto me." he proclaimed in a boastful tone. Applejack, Rainbow and Dynamism joined up with Rose as they planned their next move.

"So, how exactly do we deal with him?" asked Rainbow as she rubbed the sore spot she got when Trider pushed her off of him.

"For starters we'll need to distract him." Rose said as she looked at Dynamism. "Can you do it?"

"You can count on me." the mare assured as she flew towards the Kanisar, firing fireballs at him and making sure to stay out of his reach.

Satisfied the guard mare looked at Applejack and Rainbow Dash. "Alright, there are two ways to release someone from mind control." she said as she lifted a finger. "One is to defeat the one who is doing the dirty work, meaning Sombra."

The mares gulped at the thought of possibly facing off against him. "And the other?" asked the pegasus.

"Using magic to release the mind of the victim from their grasp." Hearing that their faces brightened.

"Alright, so all we have to do is buy enough time to do your magic thing and we win. Easy peasy."

"Incorrect." Rose shutdown Dash. "In order for the spell to take effect I would need to be in physical contact with him."

"So we just restarin im." Applejack interjected. "It'll be just like one of mah rodeos."

"Wrong again. I don't know any spells that would be helpful in freeing Triders mind." Rose once again rebuted. "But maybe Cadance or Shining Armor know any."

"But Cadance is really tired right now and Twilights brothers magic has been cut off by Sombra." Rainbow argued. Realising she was right, Rose began to think over anypony ele that would be up to the job.

"Then the only one who is left is Twilight." she concluded. "But we'll worry about that later. Right now we need to help Dynamism and stop Trider. And here is how we'll do it." She began to whisper her plan to the mares.

Meanwhile Dynamism continued to fly over Trider and bombarding him with fireballs. She didn't put tht much power into them as she feared she would hurt him too much. The Kanisar however didn't feel the same way as each blast he fired at her was filled with killing intent.

"Will you stop flying you coward?" he shouted, completely aggravated. "You are just delaying the inevitable."

Dynamism dodged yet another blast as she returned fire. She knew he was right as all this dodging was taking a toll on her. "Guys mind giving me a hand here?" she said as she looked at her friends. Almost as hearing her call, Rainbow flew into the sky and switched places with her. As the dragon-mare descended onto the ground she was met halfway with Rose. She got close enough and told Dynamism the plan and she just nodded in affirmation.

Rose got into her position while Dynamism joined up with Applejack. Once they were all where they should be she waved toward Rainbow, signaling her that they're ready. Giving a thumbs up she flew off into the distance, leaving the battlefield.

"Where the fuck are you running off to?" Trider screamed towards her. His attention was averted towards the sound of a sword being drawn and he looked towards Rose.

The mare raised her sword in front of her as she glared at him. "Nevermind her, I am your opponent now."

With a grin Trider created his Spirit Claws and addressed the mare. "Finally someone who has some guts." Without a further word he charged the mare as his Ki clashed with her blade. They struggled to overpower eachother, but before it was decided the mare pushed herself off of him and lunged forward with her blade. Trider sidestepped her attack and swung his leg at her. The mare just barely avoided it, but was unable to dodge or block when the Kanisar fired a bolt of Ki directly in her stomach.

The blast knocked her backwards and she landed on the ground. There was a hole in her shirt where the blast hit her and her fur was singed, but otherwise it wasn't that bad. Quickly she got up and avoided a downward strike from Trider. Before he could recover, Rose swung her sword and slashed over his legs. He howled in pain as blood ran down his legs. The cuts weren't that deep, but it did cause enough pain to slow down the Kanisar. Disregarding the pain he once again focused onto the mare, ready to attack her.

However while his attention was on the mare in front of him, he failed to notice Dynamism who jumped over him and brought her gauntleted hands directly down onto his shoulders. With a loud snap, his collar bone was broken by her attack and he cried out in pain again. But he didn't go down so fast. Before the mare could react he turned around and opened his mouth. "Roar Cannon." A blast of pure Ki shot out of his mouth and hit Dynamism directly. The mare cried out in agony as she was sent flying into a nearby building, crashing right through the wall.

Trider, barely keeping himself standing slumped from the pain. But he didn't have time to rest as he looked at Rose whose sword now glowed in bright red color. "Sakura Sword Style. Slicing Typhoon." With a swing of her sword a tornado suddenly engulfed Trider, that lifted him off the ground and he was ascending several small cuts started to appear all over his body. Once he was high enough the tornado subsided.

Right at that moment another force hit him directly in his chest. All he was able to see was a multicolored blur, before he was sent flying towards the ground. But before he could hit said ground Applejack swung the street lamp, that Dynamism cut from the ground, with all of her earth pony strength and hit Triders side with tremendous force. A loud crack resonated across the city as the Kanisar flew through a building and landed on the other side.

The mares huffed as they regrouped. "Don't ya think we may have overdid it a little bit?" Applejack asked in concern for Triders well being.

"No way. Trider won't be brought down that easily when he goes all out. Don't you remember when we first met him. We collapsed a house on top of him and he was still able to walk all the way to the hospital before he fainted." Rainbow retorted.

"At least we took care of him. Now we just need to restrain him and take him to Twilight, who I hope already found the Heart." Rose said with a ragged breath.

"I'm fine by the way." said Dynamism who stumbled out of the house she crashed into.

"Sorry." they all said with sheepish smiles. Their idle talk was interrupted however, when they heard sounds of footsteps approaching. They looked in terror as they saw Trider walk through the hole of a building.

The sight of him was sickening. All over his body were numerous cuts that he was bleeding from, bruises began to form as well and his right arm was bent at an unnatural angle. He smiled showing them his teeth and they saw he was missing one.

"Nice try, but you take me down so easily." As he said that the mark on his forehead began to glow and his arms and body began to twitch. With loud snaps and cracks his arms and shoulders were snapped back into their places and his bleeding has ceased. The mares watched in horror seeing the scene unfold before their eyes.

Rose however soon realised what had happened. "By Celestias beard, he's been cursed." she gasped.

The other mares looked at her in shock. "Cursed? What do ya mean, cursed?" asked Applejack.

"Sombra placed a curse upon him, that makes Triders body be capable of functioning even when it is pushed beyond its limits." the guard mare explained.

"Wait, so he is insanely strong and can heal himself?" Rainbow said in a terrified voice. "How are we supposed to beat someone like that?"

Rose shook her head as they started to backtrack away from the Kanisar. "It doesn't heal him, the curse forcefully snaps bones back into their place and stops the blood flow around the wounds that are bleeding."

"So all that damage we did to him is still there, it's just that the curse is dulling the pain and making his body keep going despite already being dmaged beyond being able to move?" questioned Dynamism.

"Exactly." Rose said with a grim tone.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I must repay you for the beating you just gave me." Trider said as he slowly advanced onto them.

"What do we do now?" asked Applejack.

"We run!" said Rose as she turned around and dashed off. But before she could get far Trider was already beside her. With one mighty swing of his arm he sent the mare flying into a nearby wall. Her impact was so strong she was embedded into it. Her head slumped as she lost conscience. The other mares watched in fear as they saw how quickly he defeated Rose.

He turned towards the others and smiled sadistically. "Who's next?" Step by step he approached them, while the mares stood in place, frozen from fear. Just as he got a few feet away from them a sharp pain seared through his back. The mares looked at him with shock and confusion, not sure what had happened to him. But as he fell forward due to the pain and the blow he received, they saw a large red glowing blade sticking out of his back. Their eyes then fell onto the guard mare who was barely standing and the four other blades that circled arounf her.

"Sakura Sword Style. Blossoming Ring." With a flick of her hand she sent out the remaining blades which embedded themselves into Triders feet and hands. With a painful roar the Kanisar was pinned to the ground. "And stay there." The other mares looked at her with admiration and happines seeing they had succeded.

But their celebration didn't last. "You think this is enough to hold me?" Trider exclaimed. His body began to pulsate and grow in size. With a loud roar he ripped his hands and feet right through the blades and quickly stood up. Before she could realise what had happened Rose was slammed right back into the wall and was held there by Trider. She coughed up some blood as the last of conscience began to fade. Tirder reached behind with his arm and pulled out the blade that was stuck in his back and brought it in front of himself. "Here I think this is yours." he said as he raised it, ready to impale the mare.

Suddenly a large fireball hit him directly in the back, burning away the last remains of his shirt. Turning around he saw Dynamism standing defiantly a few feet away. "Get away from her!" she shouted as she fired another fireball. She no longer held back, she knew that if she did they would all end up dead.

Trider dodged her fire and quickly began to close the distance. "Now or never!" she thought as she inhaled as much air as she could. Once her lungs were filled to the brim she unleashed everything she had. The fire completely engulfed Trider and yet she continued to blow. Suddenly a hand reached out of the flames and grabbed her by her mouth. With enormous force her maw was shut and all the remaining flame burned the inside of her mouth and throat.

Her eyes widened as she saw the glint in the Kanisars eyes. His entire body was fine with the exception of his right arm that was holding her. "Nice firework." he said with a chuckle. "Now it's my turn." With that said he began to squeeze his arm, slowly crushing her skull. She tried to scream, but she was unable as he was still covering her mouth. Cracks began to be heard as the bone matter began to give way to Triders grip. The pain finally took toll on Dynamism as she fainted.

Trider continued to apply pressure until he caught movement in the corner of his eye. In just the nick of time he dodged Rainbow who tried to kick him. In the process he dropped the dragon-mare, which earned a sigh of relief from the mare. She circled around and flew higher into the air, out of his reach. "How do I beat him? Everything I do is futile, as he'll just continue to go until he dies." she pondered. "No matter, all I have to do is keep him distracted long enough for AJ to take Dyna and Rose and run..." Her thoughts were cut short when something grabbed her hoof. With a powerful yank she was sent careening to the ground. With a loud thud she hit the ground. Before she could figure out what had happened Trider fell onto her, driving his knee directly into her gut. All air escaped her lungs, as she barely held onto her conscience.

Trider leaned over her and smirked. "In case you didn't know I'm much stronger in this form, so you should have flown higher if you didn't want me to catch you." Rainbow didn't pay attention to his boasting as she flapped her wings into him and cut him across his face. With a yelp Trider got off of her and she took the chance to escape. But all she could do was roll onto her stomach and crawl a couple of feet, before the Kanisar returned and slammed his foot into her back.

"These things are annoying." he said as he grabbed her wings and began to pull. Rainbow cried out in pain and she realised what he was planning on doing. She used her magic to turn her feathers sharp and cut his hands, but he didn't even flinch and continued to pull.

His actions were stopped however when Applejack swung the lamppost directly into his face and made him stagger backwards. Rainbow looked at her saviour. "AJ, what are you doing? Get away from here." she whimpered out.

"And leave ya here? Ya may be the Element of Loyalty, but that don't mean ya're the only one who is a loyal friend. I ain't leavin your side." Applejack argued as she raised the lamp again. "Now shut up and let me take care of im."

Again she swung her lamp and hit Trider in his side, making him back off even more. "Snap out of it Trider. Don't let Sombra take advantage of you like that." she yelled as she swung again.

This time however the Kanisar stopped her attack with one hand and grabbed hold of the lamp. Applejack tried to pry it from his grip, but he was to strong for her. With a single yank he pulled the lamp out of her grasp and threw it to the sideways. "I don't know what you're talking about, but nobody controls me."

"Then stop lettin Sombra play ya. Remember who we are." she said as she swung her fist at him. Once again he stopped her attack with a single hand. Before she could pull her hand back he quickly grasped it and squeezed. The mare yelled in agony as her bones began to break under the pressure. She tried to pry his hand open by slamming it with her other fist, but he just grabbed it and broke her other ahnd as well.

As he was holding her in his grasp he began to slowly pull her arms apart, with the intention to rip them from her body. The mare writhed trying to escape, but it was futile. As one of her shoulders dislocated she hissed in pain and looked at Trider, tears in her eyes. "Please Trider, remember who we are, who you are." she begged.

Trider just looked at her with an unamused look as he continued to pull. Suddenly something in his mind screamed and he stopped. He looked at the mare in his arms and the screams grew louder by the second. Flashes of memory ran through his mind, as the human woman he held in his arms slowly began to shift into that of more equine stature. Her skin slowly turned to an orange coat and her emerald green eyes dug deep into his soul. "A-applejack?" he stammered. The mare looked at him with hope.

"Yes Trider. It's me. Remember." she begged him onward. Suddenly the mark on his forehead glowed and he dropped the mare as he grabbed his head.

"Go. Kill them. Kill the humans in the castle." the voice in his head heeded. Triders vision shifted again and he once again saw the human girl, where he once saw Applejack.

He snorted as he started to head towards the castle. "I'll deal with you later. I have bigger fish to fry than you." was all he said as he left the mare lying on the ground. She tried to reach out to him, but her arms were numb, so all she could do was cry and call out to the Kanisar.

"Trider. Please remember." she cried towards her friend.

Meanwhile on the outside of the barrier, Sombra awaited for it to fall, while watching his pawn through the mark that he placed onto him. "Amazing. He was able to resist my brainwashing. His mind is stronger than I gave him credit." he thought as he watched Triders rampage towars the castle. "That mare nearly broke my spell. He must really care for her." he mused to himself. "If he succeeds in his mission, maybe I'll give her to him as a gift. I'm sure he'll be very thankful."

"The last of the ponies have been cleared from the plaza." said Rarity as she approached the royal couple. "All we have to worry about now, is that the others were capable of taking down Trider."

As soon as their group arrived to the castle, Rarity began to evacuate everypony, while Pinkie carried unconscious Futtershy into the castle. Right now the animal lover was resting in one of the castles bedrooms.

"Of course they took him down." Shining stated. "I know Rose and how great of a solider she is. She won't be beaten that easily."

"She may be experienced, but she will probably try hold back, as to not injure Trider too much." the fashionista said, as she took a seat in one of the chairs in the room. "Trider on the other hand however..."

Shining balled his hands into fists while gritting his teeth. "I knew he would cause trouble. He is a threat to everypony." the stallion said as he paced around the room.

Pinkie who said nothing until this point jumped up and faced Twilights brother. "Don't speak of him like that. The only reason he's like that is because Sombra messed with his brain." she defended her friend.

Shining sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I admire your faith in him Pinkie, but from what you told me Triders mind has only been altered slightly. All of what he is doing is something he is capable of doing himself, with Sombras magic or not." The party mares ears drooped, when he told her that and she tried to argue, but couldn't come up with anything. "This is further proved by that time when he attacked and killed those Diamond Dogs in cold blood. He is a born killer, give him a good enough reason and he won't hesitate to take a life."

The mares looked at each other as they realised that what Shining said was true. Cadance looked over the two with a tired expression and then attempted to glare at her husband. "I think that's enough Shining. They have been through a lot. We can talk about this after the whole fiasco is settled." Everypony nodded in agreement as they calmed down.

"Still, I can't imagine what happened to Trider to make him so angry at these humans." Pinkie said earning nods from the others.

An eerie silence fell over them as they contemplated what was happening to their friends right now. The silence was cut short however, when they heard faint sounds of screams from the outside. They all got on their hooves, except for Cadance who was too tired. Their ears perked, they tried to figure out what was happening. Without warning the nearby wall exploded and rubble showered the group. Once the dust settled they looked at the gaping hole and who stood in it. Their eyes were open widely, threatening to pop out. There stood the Kanisar, but he looked like he just went through hell and back. His body was littered with bruises, cuts and blood stained every inch of his form.

"Here's Trider!" he said in a menacing tone. Too shocked to react, the ponies could only watch as he slowly stepped into the room and faced them.

"What in the name of sweet Celestia...?" Rarity gasped as she took in his sickening state of his body.

"He's cursed." stated Shining Armor as he drew his sword. "Right now the only thing that is keeping him standing and moving is the curse that has been placed on him."

Trider smiled, showing off his bloodied fangs, as he approached them. "I've been looking everywhere for you king Lucas." he sid with unnerving glee. Shining got into a stance, ready to fight the alien with everything he got. Before he could clash with him however, numerous rocks bombarded the Kanisar, making him stagger.

Rarity smirked as she levitated the rocks all around herself. "This brings back memories, doesn't it Trider." She hurled several more projectiles with her magic each hitting their target. But it didn't seem to phase him in the slightest.

"Annoying pest." Trider muttered under his breath. Suddenly he disappeared from the mares sight and before she knew it, she was hurled across the room. She slammed into the opposite wall with tremendous force and fainteed from the impact. "Stay out of my way." He then started to walk towards Shining and Cadance again.

He stopped however when Pinkie stepped in front of him, her arms outstretched. "Tri please stop this. You're hurting your friends. You would never do that. You're not like this." her voice grew in volume with every sentence as tears ran down her cheeks.

Trider grabbed her by her mane and raised her head so she was looking in his eyes. All the mare could see in them was anger, but as she continued to look she also saw pain and sadness. The Kanisar brought her face closer, until it was only a few inches in between the two. "None of you are my friends. Especially not you. I could never be friends with someone as annoying as you."

Pinkie stared in his eyes, trying to see if he was lying, but found no proof of that being the case. "No." she said in a whisper. She knew Triders mind wasn't right and all that came out of his mouth wasn't what real Trider would say, but it hurt nonetheless. Her eyes were now overflown with tears and she couldn't stop crying.

Trider looked annoyed with her, so he just dropped her on the ground as he walked past her. "Pathetic." was all he said to the mare as he continued towards the couple.

Seeing he was the only one left, who could fight Trider, Shining raised his sword and charged the Kanisar. "Die you monster!" he shouted as he swung his sword downwards. Trider however blocked it with one of his arms. The blade dug deep into the Kanisars flesh, hitting the bone. Before the stallion could withdraw his weapon, Trider gripped the blade, cutting his hand, and snapped it with a single squeeze. With a terrified expression he watched as the alien pulled out the piece of the blade that was stuck in his arm.

Shining realised he was outmatched. He had no magic and no weapon, so all he could do was make Trider follow after him, away from Cadance. "Keep up if you can you beast!" he shouted as he tossed the remnant of his weapon in Triders face. With a quick step he ran towards the other side of the room. He turned his back to see, if he was following him, but to his terror he was advancing onto his wife instead. "Crap! He was after Cadance all this time!" he thought as he stopped and quickly turned around. He put all of his strength into his legs, in hopes he would reach them before it was too late. "GET AWAY FROM HER!!!" he shouted as he reached out to grab the Kanisar.

Trider however turned halfway and fired a blast of Ki directly into the stallion. The blast knocked the Captain onto the floor, leaving him writhing in pain. "Stay out of this." he said as he faced Cadance once again. A wicked smile grew on his face as he now stood just a few feet away from the mare. "After all this time, I'll finally make you pay for what you did to my people king Lucas."

Cadance looked up at his executioner, knowing there was no way for her to fight or reach out to him. She lowered her head as she waited for the inevitable.

At the same time king Sombra stood outside of the barrier, waiting for when it would finally drop. "Yes that's it. Finish her, so I can finally reclaim what is rightfully mine." he cackled as he watched the scene unfold. Suddenly an alarm of sorts went of inside his head and he quickly realised what it was. "They opened the door?" he said with slight panic. "How did they find it?" He switched his vision back to the Kanisar as he channeled his spell. "I can't allow them to get a hold of the Heart!"

"Forget about her!" Sombra commanded inside the Kanisars head. "Go after the one who is looking ofr the Crystal Heart!" As soon as he said that Triders vision shifted and in front of him no longer stood the man he wanted to kill, but a simple human woman.

"What the...? Where did he...?" he questioned as he looked around confused. A slight pain crossed through his mind as he suddenly knew where exactly the one he was looking for was. "A decoy, huh? You're a fucking coward Lucas, but I will find you and I will kill you, if it's the last thing I do." saying that he broke through one of the walls in the room and began to head towards the throne room.

Cadance looked at where the Kanisar left, completely confused. But she shook off her confusion as she got up and slowly made her way towards her husband. Once she reached him, she sat down and placed his head onto her lap. Shining looked at her in relief. "You okay Cadance?" he asked.

The princess smiled as she stroked his mane. "I'm the one who should be asking that question." They both lightly laughed.

"What about the alien? What happened to him?" the stallion questioned.

"Just as he was about to strike me he started to look around confused and said something about a decoy, before he left through that wall over there." she said as she tilted her head towards the said wall.

Shinings face contorted as something didn't add up. "But why did Sombra make him leave? You are the one who is holding up the shield. Unless there is an even bigger threat to him. But who would..." he trailed off as he realised who the king was after. "Twilight." he gasped. He began to slowly get up, but the burns from the blast were too much and he fell onto the ground again.

Cadance hugged him as she tried to prevent him from overexerting himself. "It's alright Shining. I'm sure she can handle Trider. She is the Element of Mafic after all. Besides in our current state we wouldn't be of much help, don't you think so?"

The stallion tried to argue, but he knew she was right so he just embraced her back. "I hope you're right." Just as he said that, Cadance began to grunt in pain as her horn began to flicker and the barrier flickered along with it. Shining sat up and it was now him that was embracing his wife. "Hurry up Twily."

"Whoooooahahaha!" Twilight shouted as she and Spike were sliding up the stairs. "I actually studied gravity spells, thinking it might be on my test! Turns out I was prepared for this! Wooo-hooo!" she exclaimed happily while Spike hang onto her like his life depended on it. Soon they saw light and when they exited the stairway Twilight canceled her spell and the two fell onto the floor. As they looked around the room their eyes fell onto the single object that was present. A lare heart made out of crystals was floating mid-air over a small decorated circle.

The two looked at each other and Spike beckoned her to get the Crystal Heart. As she slowly approached it they heard loud footsteps coming from the stairway and looked at them confused. "Who in Tartarus...?" Spike mumbled as he approached the stairs.

Suddenly a figure jumped out and landed a few feet away from the drake. The two looked at the figure and recognized the familiar form of their Kanisar friend. "Trider? What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to help the others with...?" Spikes question was cut short when he saw in what state he was.

"Trider!" Twilight exclaimed as she ran towards him. "What in the name of Celestia happened to you? Who did this to you? Was it...?" She didn't get her anwer as Trider simply jumped at her and tried to smash her into the ground. Luckily Spike was fast enough and tackled her out of his attack.

"What the fuck Trider? Why did you attack Twilight like that?" the drake shouted at the man, but Trider simply smiled.

"No more running away Lucas. Right here and now I will make you pay for everything that you and the rest of humans did to me and my kind." he said as he cracked his knuckles. Twilight looked at him in shock, but then she noticed the smokey eyes and the curse mark on his forehead.

"He doesn't remember us. Thinks we are someone else. Has the same eyes as Sombra. The curse mark on his forehead." the mare thought over all the facts until it clicked in her mind. "Sweet Celestia." she gasped. "Spike be careful Trider is being controlled by king Sombra."

The dragon looked at her shocked. "Controlled? By Sombra? How?" he questioned as he looked back at the Kanisar. And just in time as he charged directly at him and slammed his fist directly into Spikes blocking arms. The strike was powerful enough to send the drake flying over the edge of the tower.

"Spike!!!" Twilight screamed, fearing he fell down.

"I'm fine." the drake called back. "I've managed to grab hold of a ledge."

Before she could reply she saw Trider coming at her so she raised a shield. The Kanisar hit the barrier with tremendous force, that made the mare stagger backwards. He continued his assault, pushing her further and further back.

"I need to get the Crystal Heart." Twilight thought as she blocked a few more strikes. As Trider got ready to deliver another blow, the mare dropped the shield and blasted him with a powerful magical blast. The blast surprised the Kanisar and he fell backwards from the force. Seeing her chance she ran toward the Heart, but Trider quickly got up and followed her.

"Oh no you don't!" he shouted as he quickly closed the distance. Twlight was able to almost reach the artifact, but once she stepped into the circle, it began to pulsate with dark energy.

Sombra felt the disturbance and channeled a spell. The circled glew completely dark as the mare realised what was going to happen. She jumped toward the Heart and knocked it away, just in time before dark crystals trapped it along with her and Trider.

"Nowhere to run now Lucas!" the Kanisar proclaimed as he lunged at her. She sidestepped his attack and tried to teleport outside her cage. She succeeded and was now standing outside. But she immediatelly felt something pulling her back in and before she knew it she was standing in front of Trider once again. "Glad you're back." he said with a smile as he wailed on her with punches and kicks. Luckily Twilight managed to raise her shield before any of them could connect.

She looked out through a small gap between the crystals and saw that Spike managed to get back up. "Where is the Crystal Heart?" she asked as Trider continued his assault.

Spike looked around and spotted it. he picked it up nad presneted it to her. "Right here! I have it." he told her. Twilight didn't have time to acknowledge him as she put all of her might in keeping her shield strong. Spike saw she was in trouble and approached the crystals. "Don't worry Twi. I'll get you out of there."

His advancement was halted wehn Twilight spoke up. "No! There is no time for that. Sombra is already attacking the Empire and there is not enough time for you to break these crystals. Plus if you do, you'll free Trider as well." she paused as another barage of strikes hit her barrier. "You have to get the Heart to my brother and sister, before it's too late."


"Now Spike!"

"But what about-"

"Gooooooooooooooo!" she screamed and Spike nodded. He ran towards the edge of the tower as he saw the stairs were now blocked off by dark crystals. He jumped onto the outer edge of the tower and backed away from the ever growing crystals.

Cadance and Shining watched from their balcony as more and more of the Crystal Empire fell under king Sombras magic. The princess struggled to keep the barrier erected, but the last of her strength left her as her horn ceased glowing and with it the barrier fell.

Sombra smiled. "Finally." he said in a deep voice as he began his advancment into the Empire. He rose high over the buildings and looked down onto the terrified ponies. "Ahhhhh. My crystal slaves." he mused as he went deeper and deeper into the city.

Meanwhile Twilight was still struggling against Triders assault and he didn't seem to ease up. "Trider, listen to me. You have to fight him. You can't let Sombra win."

The Kanisar however just gave her an annoyed glare. "Will all of you stop saying I'm being controlled. Who is this Sombra anyway?" he said exasperated as he put even more force into his attacks. Twilights shield began to crack and soon it shattered completely leaving her completely defenseless.

Trider smiled sadistically as he grabbed her by her throat and lifted her into the air. "Time to pay for your crimes king Lucas." His grip hardened as he cut off the mares oxygen. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she was being strangled. Darkness began to fall over her conscience. With the last of her strength she grabbed him by his wrist and looked him in the eyes.

"Please..." she said in ragged breath. "Stop this."

Almost as if not hearing her he gripped even harder, making her yelp in pain. "Soon it'll be over." A sharp pain ran through his head as he grabbed it with his free hand. He shoke his head as the pain became grew in intensity. He looked at the girl in his hands and saw that there was something familiar about her, but he couldn't place it. Slowly her form began to shift, as her skin began to grow purple fur and a horn began to form on her fore head.

"T-twilight?" he said in a weak voice. Suddenly his head felt like it would explode. He released the mare fro his grasp and let her fall to the ground. Coughing Twilight looked at her friend and saw he was in immense pain.

"He's fighting Sombras control." she thought as she slowly got up. "Now is my chance." Quickly she closed the distance and put each of her hands on the side of his head and her horn onto his forehead where the mark was. She channeled her magic and her eyes grew bright.

Trider blinked a few times as his vision corrected itself. He looked around and saw he was inside some sort of sall crystal cage of sorts. He felt someone was pressing into him and whe he looked at who it was he saw Twilight gasping for air. "Twilight? What are you...? Where are...?" he questioned her confused. "What happened?"

The mare looked at him in relief as she hugged him and cried into his chest. "You're back. You're really back." she sobbed, as her tears mixed with his blood. Before he could ask any more questions she looked him in the eyes. "We need to get out of here. The barrier has fallen and Sombra is attacking the Empire." At the mention of the kings name, flashes of memories ran through Triders mind, but he shook them off.

"Say no more." He stood up and walked up to the crystals. He took a deep breath as his body returned to normal. He channeled Ki into his palm and formed a multicolored orb. "Wailing Nova Sphere!" he shouted as he struck the crystals with it and completely disintigrated them. Once that was done he and Twilight walked out of their prison and saw Spike standing on one of the smaller towers, trying to keep his balance. He saw them and smiled.

"Guys I have the Crystal Heart." he shouted earning the attention of everyone below, including Sombra. The king glared at the drake as he accelerated towards the castle. Suddenly Spike lost his footing and fell down towards the ascending king.

"Spike!" both Trider and Twilight screamed. Without another thought Trider ran towards the edge of the tower and with all his might jumped down towards Spike. As he was falling he was catching up to Spike, but then he saw Sombra approaching from below as well. Balling up his fist he channeled all of his ki through his body and soon it seemed like his entire form was engulfed in bloody red fire.

As Sombra got close to the heart his shadow form dissipated and he transformed into his physical form. But that didn't deter him from getting the Heart. Just as he was about to reach it and Spike, Trider grabbed drakes tail and tossed him back into the air. Sombras eyes widened as he was now face to face with an enraged Kanisar.

"SOMBRA!!!" he screamed as he plunged his fist directly into the kings face. The impact was so powerful that it also shattered the crystal that Sombra was riding. In less then a second the king crashed into the ground coughing up blood. As Trider got ready to be acquainted with the floor himself, he saw how Spike was caught by Princess Cadance in mid-air. With a loud crash he hit the ground and created a small crater in it, but suprisingly nothing hurt.

With a smile he watched as Sombra got up and he stared in fear as the Crystal Heart fell into its proper place. The crystal ponies then began to fill it with hope and love and soon the artifact glowed brightly. A shockwave blasted through the entire Empire that turned every crystal pony into a Crystal pony. Sombra on the other hand cried out in agony as cracks appeared all over his body. Suddenly he exploded and where once stood the tyrant king was now nothing more but a singe mark to remember him by.

Trider laughed at his victory. "Take that you shadow fucker." he said. Unbeknownst to him the mark on his forehead faded away and his body was assaulted with all of the pain his injuries produced. It was so unbearable that he fainted, but he still wore a smile nonetheless.

Couple of days later

A lone figure stood in the frigid cold as it looked towards the bright city in the distance. "I guess king Sombra really is gone." he said in a grim tone. "He would've been a valueable ally."

His attention was drawn from the city as he looked at another figure that was approaching him. "Master! Master!" the sickly green creature called out to it.

"What is it Rafel?" the figure asked in annoyance. "I am in a sour mood, so if you don't have anything good to tell me then..." he said as his horn began to glow.

Rafel gulped as he presented both of his hands and showed his master what was in them. "I found this master." Mastermind looked at what he brought himand his eyes glinted at what he saw.

"Good job Rafel, you're not as worthless as I thought you were." he praised his servant as he picked up remanant of the shadow kings horn. "She would probably make goo use of this." With that said he turned around and walked into the blizzard. "We are leaving Rafel."

"Yes master." the creature said as it used its claws to rip open a portal in mid-air. Before Mastermind stepped through he looked at the Empire once again before a wicked smile formed on his face.

"Enjoy your happiness while you can, because soon all the world will cower before me." he said in a dark tone as he stepped through the portal, Rafel following after.

Author's Note:

Now that Sombra has been defeated, what awaits our little wolf in the future? Will his friends ever forgive him? What is Mastermind planning?
The only way you can find out is if you continue to follow Trider adventures.
Next chapter we take a step back from all the action and we learn a bit more about our favorite/least favorite Kanisar.
Until next time.

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