• Published 2nd Nov 2016
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The Tale Of A Lost Wolf - Solaris Night

While preforming a new spell, Twilight accidentally summons a being, unlike anypony has ever seen, to Equestria. Can she and the rest of the girls befriend him and teach him the values of friendship?

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Interlude: I Will Get Stronger!!!

Author's Note:

*Puts on sunglasses and black leather jacket*
*Takes a tape out of his pocket and puts it in the player*
*Press play*
*Slowly walks*
I know many of you anxiously awaited for me to continue my story. And I'm happy to tell you that I'm done with my school and ready to entertain you all.
A small note though. This chapter is just a little something to get my writing groove back.
Love you all and until next time.

*Disclaimer: This chapter takes place after Wolfpack of Idiots and before Lab of Horrors; Ascend the White Wolf*

"It is a wonderful day today." Luna said as she gazed into the sky above. "Don't you agree?"

The guard stumbled when he was addressed by the Princess. "Y-yes your H-Highness." he stuttered. "The weather team said that the wheater will continue as such for the whole week.

"Really? How nice of them." Right at that moment something flew at her and she leaned her body back to dodge. "Tell me, when does the lunch hour start?" she said nonchalantly, after the object flew past her.

"A-at 13.00." the guard responded, shaken by the ordeal that was happening in front of him.

"Ah, wonderful. I am getting a little peckish." she said with a smile. Suddenly a shadow loomed over her and when she looked up she saw Trider flying above her.

"Dodge this!" he shouted and fired a barrage of Ki blasts at the mare. Luna however didn't even blink, as she elegantly skipped across the arena, successfully evading the attack. Once the rain of blasts stopped she casted her gaze towards the sky again, only to see it was devoid of her alien buddy.

"You're mine!" she heard him say from behind and in the corner of her eyes she saw how he was approaching her with a sphere in his hand. "Wailing Nova Sphere!"

In a split second before before the attack connected, Luna quickly turned around and grabbed Trider's wrist. With a powerful yank, she pushed the sphere away from her and sent it flying into a wall, which was blown away upon impact. Trider however didn't let up. He quickly charged Ki into his other hand, encompassing it.

"Spirit Claw!" He swung his arm at her midsection, but she just stopped it with her other hand. The two were now in a clash of strength, but no matter how much Trider pushed, Luna didn't budge an inch.

"Ready to give up?" she teased and watched his struggle.

"Not yet." he growled. "Roar Cannon!" he shouted, as energy charged in his open maw. Right before he could shoot however, Luna pushed him away making him miss.

"You know, it would be a lot better if you did not shout your attacks like that." she said with a smirk.

"Maybe, but I never asked for your opinion." Trider countered.

"Fair point." she shrugged. "How about you call it quits?" she asked, as she watched how out of breath Trider was.

"Not a chance!" he grumbled and charged at her. He punched and kicked with all of his might, but the Princess easily dodged his assault. As his attack continued she began to notice that he was becoming slower and his strikes got sloppy. She sighed, before she defelected his punch and she brought her palm onto his stomach. She sent a pulse of magic through her arm and shot it directly into him. The blast sent Trider flying across the ground and he skidded to a halt.

The mare turned around and she began to walk away. "Let us finish for today and head for the mess hall. It will be lunch time soon." she said.

Trider however didn't listen to her. With shaky arms he pushed himself up and stumbled toward her. "No." he whispered in a tired tone. "We can't end it yet." He suddenly unleashed a powerful scream and ran towards her yet again.

This time however, before he could even reach her, she disappeared from his sight and before he could even comprehend what had happened, he was being pushed into the ground, his right arm held behind his back.

"Stop this foalish behaviour at once!" Luna shouted as she pinned him down. Trider winced at her tone. He knew better than anyone that Luna rarely got angry, but when she did it was best to listen to what she had to say. He stopped his struggle which told her he was listening to her.

"Good." she said and released his arm. "We shall now leave and fill our stomachs. And afterwards I want you to come to my quarters, as we have something I want to talk to you about." When she finished she got up and left.

Trider picked himself up again and dusted off. "What did I do?" he wondered and walked towards the exit. "And why did I think she was hot when she pinned me down?"


Luna was doing some paperwork when she heard a faint whirring noise, that grew louder. She took off her glasses and put away the papers, before there was a flash of light and the Kanisar teleported into the room.

"Y'know, if people knew about this, they'd get the wrong idea, which would lead to me probably being punished wither via death or worse." he said, as he approached her.

"What could be worse than death?" Luna asked.

"Castration." Trider quickly answered.

The mare shivered at the thought. "You can rest assured. I told my sister about this as well as some of my guards, so you have nothing to worry about." she assured him. "And besides, Celestia told that that punishment has been abolished over 800 years ago."

Trider shot her a semi worried look. "Wait, you guys actually cut off men's dicks long time ago?"

"Trider." Luna interjected. "I did not call you here so we could discuss morally questionable punishments of the past."

"Right, sorry." Trider apologised as he sat down next to the Princess. "So what did you want to talk about?"

Luna nodded and corssed her arms. "What was with you today?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am talking about how you tried to push yourself way beyond your limits." she explained and shot him and angry look. "Mind telling me why you did that?"

Trider's eyes closed and he sighed loudly. "I'm sorry Lulu." he apologized. "I'm just feeling frustrated."

"Why is that?" she asked, genuinely curious.

"Because," he said and stood up. "I've been training under you for a month now and I have barely improved."

"Ah, I see." she said with a nod. "You do not see any progress in your skills and that fact makes you angry at yourself, right?"

"Bingo." he sighed. "I don't know what to do Lulu. To me it seems that the gap between us is only increasing, instead of decreasing."

"That is not true." she argued. "Your combat skills have improved a lot and your ability to strategise have been honed greatly. You certainly are becoming better."

"But I'm not getting stronger." he said in a loud tone. "It's true that those things are important, but what good are they when you don't have the strength to put them to good use?" He began to pace around the room as he continued. "I want to be able to defeat my foes without having to rely on my Feral Unleashing. That is the goal that I set for myself. But even now I'm not even close the level that I had with it."

Luna listened to his angry rant, before she decided to stop him. She stood up and placed a hand onto his shoulder. Trider looked at her and she gave him a sympathetic look. "I understand. But can you tell me, why do you want to become stronger? So you will never have to taste the shame of defeat? So that none will ever oppose you?"

"No!" Trider shouted. "It's so that I never lose anyone again." His gaze became sad and he turned away from the mare. "On that night when I lost my parents, I swore that I would never lose anyone I hold dear to me ever again. And in order to do that I had to become stronger."

"So you want strength to protect those close to you?" Luna repeated. Trider nodded and that made the Princess smile. "I see." she said in a gentle tone. "Then you should use that determination when we train. I am sure that if you think about your friends and how much you want to protect them, eventually you will attain your true strength."

Trider turned around and smiled. "Thanks Lulu. You really are a great teacher."

"You are correct. And as your teacher I want you to stop being so hardheaded and know when enough is enough. Am I clear."

"Crystal." he responded with a sheepish smile. The two fist bumped, before Trider teleported back to the Academy.


The strike knocked the ari out of Trider's lungs, but he managed to stay on his feet as he skidded across the ground. "If anything your endurance surely improved by a great margin." Luna said as she watched the Kanisar prepare for anotehr attack.

Trider panted heavily and sweat dripped down his forehead. "If you say so." he said in a ragged breath. He took a large breath of air and then released it.

With a single leap he jumped over the mare and attacked her from behind. The Princess however followed his movement and quickly countered him. The two were locked in combat and it was obvious that the battle was in Luna's favour.

Trider was slowly being pushed back and once the mare saw an opening she exploited it. She kicked her leg up, kicking him in the jaw and sending him to the ground. The Kanisar remained lying on the ground, panting.

"This is it for today." Luna said and began to walk away.

"Wait." Trider beckoned, slowly getting up. "Once more."

"Trider, what did we say about you pushing yourself too far?" she scolded.

"Just one more and then I promise we'll stop." he pleaded. Luna glared at him, but eventually she gave up.

"Fine." she said and beckoned him with her hand. "Whenever you're ready."

Trider got into a stance and began to ponder. "Maybe I should try a feint from behind and then an aerial assault? No, she'll see it coming. How about a Ki blast attack into a full on assault? No, I already tried that." The more he thought about it the more frustrated he became.

"Agh, this isn't working!" he mentally screamed. Then he remembered what Luna had told him. He began to think about everyone that was waiting for him in Ponyville. He began to remember all the times they were in danger and he had to help them, as well as the times he was powerless or had to rely on his Feral Unleashing.

"I need strength." he thought as his aura began to build up around him. It slowly started to turn dark, but he noticed it. "No!" he shook his head and the aura reverted back. "Not that kind of strength. I want something else, something that will be..."

"Better." He once again began to build his Ki and each time it began to turn dark he stopped it.

Meanwhile Luna observed him and noticed he had a hard time with controlling it. "Maybe we should stop." she thought as she took a step forward. Suddenly she felt a surge of energy and when she looked back at him, she saw his aura flare up.

"I want to become stronger."

Static of energy surged across his body as his aura became more and more intense.

"I have to become stronger!"

His hair began to stand on their ends and began to alternate between black and white, while his eyes started to trun blue.


With a mighty shout his Ki exploded in a powerful shockwave, which blinded the Princess. Once her eyes readjusted she looked at the Kanisar and she couldn't believe what she saw.

Trider stood in a small crater that was created by the explosion of energy, his hair now pure white and standing up. A bright white aura was flaring around him, like a fire. But what really struck the mare were his now bright blue eyes that were staring directly at her.

Before she had time to react Trider dug his feet into the ground and he lunged at her. Still shocked from what happened, Luna didn't have any time to react and he punched her in the gut. The force of the hit sent her flying thorugh the air.

Before she had time to comprehend what had happened Trider was already above her. "Piston Cannon Trispear."
he shouted and delivered a blow to the back. The strike plunged the mare into the ground, but she quickly got up and was ready for his attacks.

Now flying above her, Trider shot blast after blast of Ki at the mare. Luna noticed that this time she had a harder time avoiding the attack than before. When the barrage subsided she noticed he was flying straight at her. The two clashed and exchanged blow after blow.

"He is much faster, as well as stronger." Luna thought, as she blocked one of his kicks. "What in Tartarus is this power?"

The two continued their battle, until they both punched each other in the jaw. They both stumbled backwards, before jumping away from each other. They both stared at each other, before Trider smirked.

He charged energy into the palm of his hand and in it slowly began to form a ball of Ki. However it continued to grow, until it was the size of a beachball. Luna stared at in awe at the size of it and the potential power it contained.

"Howling Nova Sphere!" Trider yelled, before firing it at the mare. Luna however didn't dodge it, instead she chose to test it's might head on. She extended her arms and prepared herself.

When the orb hit her she stopped it. However she had a hard time struggling against it's power, as it slowly began to push her backwards. Luna put forth more strength and in on mighty shove she sent it flying into the air. Once it was several hundred it exploded painting the sky in blue, purple and red colors.

They both stared at it for a few seconds, before they looked at each other. Luna saw that Trider could barely breathe, his eyes were droopy and sweat poured down his body. He then smiled and spoke.

"I did it." he uttered, before his aura disappeared, his appearance turned to normal and he then collapsed. Luna smiled as well, before she turned around and spoke to the guard that was watching them.

"Could you take him to the infirmary?" she asked. The question brought him out of his stupor and he saluted.

"Y-yes mam." he said, before running toward him. He stopped after a few steps to look at the Princess. "What about you?" he asked in concern.

"Do not worry. Despite what you have seen, I am perfectly fine." she assured him. Satisfied with her respons, the guard went over to Trider and began to drag him to the doctor.

Luna smiled as she watched him leave. Once she was certain that none was around she lifted her shirt to expose her stomach. A small bruise began to form and she winced when she pressed her hand on it.

"Well done Trider." she mused to herself. "I told you you could do it."

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