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Solaris Night

I am born of the Light and the Darkness. I am the Good and the Evil. I am the guardian of the Sun and the solider of the Moon. I am Solaris Night.


This story is a sequel to The Tale Of A Lost Wolf

In order to achieve the power he seeks, Trider leaves his friends in Equestria and returns back to his planet. But when he arrives he is faced with a world that has changed since he left it and people that still remember his infamous past.

At the same time, his friends and allies in Equestria try to find different ways to combat the oncoming darkness that threatens to consume their world.

With the fate of two worlds on his shoulders and only a year given, Trider treads forward, gaining new friends and enemies, while also facing the sins and mistakes of his past.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 31 )

YES! FINALLY! Say, I feel like this story will give us some answers like why the King of the humans took over the planet and betrayed Trider's kind in the first place. I mean, they were getting along so well until this war happened! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Nice. Good to see you started the sequel.
I hope it's as good if not better than the last:twilightsmile:

great chapter and a great way to start off the sequel

"Woman, we don't have time to talk about my performance issues!" he shouted back at her. He handed over the keys he got from Deadlock to her. "You drive!"

This.... This right here... This made me laugh so hard.

A bland Gary Sue vehicle...c'mon guy(?). Don't play out the stereotype, defy Sturgeon's Law.

HOW DARE YOU ASSUME MY completely correct gender. :rainbowwild:
Okay... This is a first that I get a complaint about a truck that (probably) won't be mentioned again in this story.

*cough*TFS-BINGE*cough* great chapter hope to see more soon

Hell yeah this made my day since its my birthday and i checked all my stories and low to be hold there is a update to this one. But anyway amazing chapter!

Happy birthday then. Wish you all the best.

Man, those kids are such douchebags. I mean, sure Trider was known for being heartless, but he's trying his best to change.

You have to remember that they didn't know that. All they did know about him was what others told them about him and those probably weren't very nice statements.

Oh...right. But now I realize something else, that Kanisar Trider spoke to. He now knows what happened to him and about Equestria, along with his new powers. Is that gonna be a problem in the near future?

You mean Syver? Let's just say that I based him on a premise of what Trider would end up like if he didn't go to Equestria.
So yeah, big trouble.

Yo I'm liking the story so far and keep in mind this may just be me but I don't think the humans in the story have been developed very well. So far the only human who was shown in a positive light (not counting triders original group) has been shepherd every other human is ether a bad guy or scared of trider. The problem with this is that were supposed to see them as a credible threat a ligit challenge but so far all trider has to do is close the distance with one and the fights over especially if he ever gets to full power, the humans wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance , and once others of his kind learn what there capable of the humans would be toast, if people are as bad as they've been shown to be so far slavery would be the least of there worries especially when you consider that most of them have no real way of fighting back,triders people would have an open season on the humans the only resolution I see are humans leave the planet (possibly to die in space) or live as second class citizens. There's no getting around the huge disadvantage there at they pised off a race stronger, and faster that can use the same weapons and tools they don't have anything going for them if this fails there are the weakest out of the three main races shown and the moment the tables turn for them they may go exstinced. Sorry for ranting what I'm trying to say is i think humans could use a "buff" so to speak some kind of pay off to dedication and hard work a few suggestions being spiritual energy (yu yu hakishow), chi (avatar the last air bender), and the one you may be expecting chakra (you know what it's from) now i know how it sounds but I think the introduction of a powerful human who can provide a real threat to triders with his own NATURALLY gained ability would put hu
humans in a more positive light , and before people say it there is no way people would see the use of ki and not try to develop an equivalent there would be at least a small group of people learn as much as they could about it and train like hell to achieve it or there equivalent (keep in mind there are people who do that NOW) look I'm not saying they should surpass triders people or even be par with them at large I just think those willing to put in the work should be rewarded. And those were my two cents I'm sorry for the grammar mistake i tierd (😁) but seriously I am liking the story so far I just think the humans can use a little something to put them in a better view or give them something to work toward. Thanks for listening to me ramble and god bless. Ps I forgot to Minchin the iron fist technic and fist of the north star (most attacks would temporarily disable rather than blow you up) as potential technics used by these people

"Now then, what is this Trider? What have you been keeping away from me?" he wondered as the crystal radiated with a menacing aura.


great chapter hope to see more soon

Awesome chapter! Aviana finally sees Trider's heart! This is so awesome! I can't help but ship these two! But Rose shall never be forgotten in my heart!

Oh no! He has it! Goddammit! Why didn't I realize it?!

Thank you for the new chapter mate! Hope youre feeling all well and done from the wisdom teeth surgery. It was a pain from what little I can remember.

I had it last month and I am feeling well now, thanks for asking. But boy did it suck in the beginning.

great chapter i'm angry at myself for putting off reading this for so long.

So wait...Avian can't use her arms because of some disease? Holy shit...I feel bad for her. But her reasons to help people is really wonderful. She wants to do her best to be useful and is afraid that if nobody calls for her for help, then she feels all lonely with nobody around. That there is determination with her fighting a lot. Though people really do trust her a lot, do they? I can imagined how much of a breakdown she'll have later in this story.

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