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The Tale Of A Lost Wolf - Solaris Night

While preforming a new spell, Twilight accidentally summons a being, unlike anypony has ever seen, to Equestria. Can she and the rest of the girls befriend him and teach him the values of friendship?

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Chapter 12: After Battle; Past That Haunts

"GET BEHIND ME!" the voice yelled before a series of loud bangs echoed through the alley. The child watched in shock and horror, as the body of the older male fell to the floor, bloddy and lifeless. Tears began to well in the corners of his eyes, as time seemed to slow down. He reached for his cheek, where he felt a stinging sensation and when he brought his hand back in front of him, he saw he was bleeding. Before he could react the other person, a female, grabbed him and began to run while carrying the child. A dark aura enveloped her body and her speed increased. As they were running through numerous alleyways gun shots followed them.

The woman staggered as pain seared through her back and blood began seep from her mouth. However she ignored her wounds and just continued to run as far away from those people as possible, but her injuries were beginning to slow her down. With the last of her remaining strength she leaped onto a nearby building, out of sight of their pursuers.

"Don't let them get away!" commanded one of the guards below.

The woman turned to the child and smiled. "Sweetie listen to me." she said to the kid to get his attention. "You have to get as far away from here as possible."

"What about you?" he asked tears streaming down his cheeks.

The woman gave a weak smile, but it was broken when she began to cough and blood stained her dress. "Sorry sweetie, but mommy won't be able to come along." she said with barely any strength left.

The kid grabbed her hand and squeezed it, not wanting to let go. "No! I won't leave you! We'll get out of here safe and meet up with dad. I'm sure he is just pretending so he could lose those bad men." he said as his face was now completely engulfed with tears.

The woman put her other hand over the child's and squeezed as well. "I'm sorry sweetie." she said as she began to cry as well. "I'm sorry me and daddy won't be able to see you grow up into a handsome young man. Just know that we will be watching you from the Great Beyond." The last of her strength was leaving her and she knew her time came. "You have to run and survive sweetie. You are the future of our kind." Closing her eyes, she smiled softly and leaned in to kiss her child on the forehead. "No matter what, we'll always love you." With those final words, her body became limp and her breathing ceased.

The kid stood there frozen. His tears have turned into waterfalls and his body began to shiver. "Why?" he asked no one. "WHY?" His surroundings slowly began to shift. All the buildings and even the one he stood on were engulfed by darkness and even all the stars in the sky began to disappear, until all that was left was the kid and his deceased mother. Suddenly screams and cries of anguish filled the void, as more and more figures began to appear. He looked around and saw that each one was being attacked by men in armor and were mercilessly executed. Blood began to stain the nonexistent floor as more and more were killed.

"Why?" He began to shakle in fear. "Why did they do that?" His fear slowly turned to anger. "What have we done to them?" His anger rising until it was pure rage. "They'll pay!" A dark aura enveloped the kid's body as he clenched his hands into fists. "None will be forgiven!" The aura began to shift, gaining a form of a wolf as it loomed over the boy. "Kill!" The kids eyes were bloddy red, as his form began to shift becoming more of a beast than man.

"I'LL KILL THEM ALL!!!" he screamed with a voice that could only belong to a demon, as the aura howled.

"Wake up!"

The kid looked around trying to see who spoke to him. "Who's there?"

"Wake up!!" the voice repeated.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" the boy screamed as he grabbed his head.


With a jerk Trider rose up from his bed, sweat pouring down his forehead. He wiped the sweat away with his hand and looked at it. "A dream?" he thought. His hand then subconsciously reached for his cheek and rubbed the scar. "It felt so real though."

Groggily he got out of his bed and put his clothes on. He went downstairs and towards the kitchen. Once he entered he was greeted with a sight he didn't expect. Twilight stood in front of the stove, with a frilly pink apron. It seemed like she was trying to cook, but was failing at it.

"Morning Twi." he said startling her.

"Trider!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing up so early? I thought you'd be sleeping until noon."

"Eh, couldn't really sleep" he lied. "Spike still with Rarity in Canterlot?"

"Yep, so you'll have the pleasure to enjoy a meal made by yours truly." she said as she tried to flip the pancake, but it ended stuck to the ceiling. Both of them looked at it and a grin began to stretch across Trider's face. "Not a single word." she said emphasizing every word.

"I can see why Spike is the cook. Your cooking is almost as bad as your dancing." The remark earned him a pancake to the face. Twilight smirked, satisfied with her accuracy. Trider slowly raised his hand and peeled off the pancake. He looked at it, then sniffed it and finally he ate it in a single bite.

"What are you doing? That one was the one that got stuck to the ceiling." Twilight said surprised at his action. The Kanisar didn't reply as his face turned slightly pale. He reached for a glass and pour some water into it. Gulping it quickly, he set the glass down and took a deep breath.

"Could use less salt. And less burning." he said in mock tone. Twilight's ears drooped after hearing him say that.

"I see." she said softly. "Well we can still go out to a diner to have breakfast I guess." she said as she levitated a plate full of pancakes. But before she could dispose of them Trider grabbed the meal and gave her a solemn look.

"You made all of these for me?" he asked, to which Twilight nodded. He took another look at the pancakes before he walked over to the table, sat down and began to eat them, cringing with every bite he took.

"Trider, stop that. You don't have to force yourself." she said as she tried to get food away from him, but he stood his ground.

"I'm not forcing myself Twi." he said as he gave her a happy smile. "Back in the days on my planet there were times when we had to go days without food, so we ate anything that was edible and we didn't complain. Compared to that this is like a gourmet dish." he said as he took another bite. "Plus, you went through all that trouble to make them for my sake. It would be incredibly rude of me to just diss your efforts like that." Swallowing he stood up and walked over to the mare. He raised his hand and placed it on her head. "I'll like whatever you make, if you put effort into it, cause I'll know you did it for me."

Twilight looked at her friend in admiration. Her cheeks began to turn red, as her chest began to throb. She couldn't explain it, but it was a pleasant feeling. "Thanks." she whispered as she smiled to herself.

"You're welcome." Trider replied as he sat back down returning to his dish. He grabbed a bottle of syrup and poured half of it's content onto the pancakes. "But seriously, use less salt next time."

"Oh, hahaha. I'd like to see you try." she challenged him.

A look of horror suddenly fell over the Kanisars face as he became even paler. "Trust me, besides meat I can't cook for shit." he said to her. "I learned that the hard way." he thought. "Since the food truck incident I was forbbiden to stand behind a stove. Oh, all those poor orphans."

"And then I jumped through the window and when I landed I said 'Did someone call an exterminator, cause it seems you have a bug problem?'" Trider said to the three awestruck fillies. He had told them about the battle of Canterlot for what seemed like a hundredth time, but each time he told them they only became more excited.

"That's so awesome. I can't belive you actually fought a horde of changelings and then even their queen and won." Scootaloo hollered as she jumped in the air flapping her small wings. "You're almost as cool as Rainbow Dash."

"Excuse me, almost?" Trider asked with a raised brow.

The girls and the Kanisar laughed and just as he was about to continue his story they were interrupted by Applejack. "Here ya are sugarcube, ah've been lookin for ya."

"Hey AJ I've just been telling the girls about my heroic battle with the changelings."

"Again? Haven't ya girls heard it plenty of times?" she asked as she got closer.

"No way, it's too cool of a story to hear just once or twice." Scootaloo rebuted.

The mare giggled. "Well ya'll have to hear the rest of it next time. Right now me Trider have work tah do." The fillies whined in disappointment when she told them that.

"Don't worry girls, maybe I'll finish it when we go together on a crusade." Trider said with a smile. The CMC's expressions quickly changed to that of glee as they heugged the Kanisar to the ground.

"Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou." they rapidly said in unison, before they got off of him and ran towards their clubhouse. Trider watched, from the ground, as their figures disappeared over the horizon.

"Ya sure are great with kids." Applejack said as she stood over the downed man. "Ya'd make a great parent."

"Yeah, maybe I would." Trider said in a melancholic tone, but the mare didn't catch it. Instead she offered him her hand and she pulled him up. However she lifted him up so fast that their bodies clashed and they stood face to face, just inches from each other. They looked into each others eyes and the mare's face began to burn. Beofre she could do anything Trider stepped away. "Thanks AJ." he said.

"Y-yer welcome." the mare stammered, a massive blush on her face.

"We better get going, otherwise we won't finish today." Trider said as he began to head towards the farm. "You coming?"

Applejack shook her head as she followed him. "Ah'm a comin."

The sun has began to set as the duo bucked the last of the apple trees. During that time Trider discarded his sleeveless shirt and was working topless, exposing his well toned body. And that wasn't helping the mare to focus on her own work.

"Gosh darn it. Why did he have to take his shirt off? Not that ah'm complainin." she thought to herself. She stole a look at his rippling muscles as he picked up buckets full of apples. Heat rose in her face as her cheeks turned a deep shade of red. "Ah wonder how much he must've trained to get this ripped?" A thought ran through her head as she imagined him embracing her with his half nude body, so she could feel his body heat and hear his pulse. As her imagination ran wild her face became even hotter, as did another part of her body. She shook her head so she would stop daydreaming about the Kanisar. "Why am ah feelin this way?"

She didn't have an answer for that. Ever since he kissed her she has been feeling like this. Every time they would work together she would watch as he would strain his body and would fantasize about ridiculous scenarios. And anytime he would compliment her or help her even with the most minuscule tasks her heart would begin to beat out of control.

"Applejack? You ok there?" She was brought out of her thoughts when her friend called out to her.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Ah'm fine just daydreamin a little bit. No need to worry." she blurted out. Trider just nodded as he went to buck another tree. The mare continued to stand there fidgeting in her spot. She wanted to talk to him about anything, she was getting kind of annoyed by the silent atmosphere.

"So, uh, do ya plan tah do any of yer trainin today?" she asked.

Trider round-house kicked a tree so much that all the fruit instantly fell into their respective buckets. "I'm not really in the mood today. Had kind of a bad dream and tomorrow I have to help Pinkie with a few deliveries, escort Flutters through the Everfree to Zecora's and finally help Dash practice her newest technique."

Applejack looked at him with a smile. Although Trider was generally kind of a jerk, he could be really nice when he wanted to be. On top of that he was extremly reliable, he would always keep a promise that he made, no matter what. He was also honest, so much so he would say anything that was on his mind, even if it would end up with him in the hospital. However there were things he lied about and it made the mare worried about him, as it always centered on a a single topic.

"That bad dream, was it about yer home?" she asked bluntly.

Trider stopped what he was doing and looked at the mare with a cold glare. "What do you mean?"

The mare didn't falter under his gaze. On contrary her will only stregthened. "Trider ah'm the Element of Honesty. Ah can tell when someone is being dishonest. And ever since you arrived, every time you would talk about yer home planet yer lyin. Ah can see that ya have some bad memories about it and yer tryin to hide them, but it's painful to see you hurt like that." She walked closer to the Kanisar as she looked him in the eyes. "Ah know it's not my place to pry, but know that if you ever feel like talkin bout it, ah'll be here to listen to ya." She embraced him as she squeezed herself close to his chest. "Ya don't have to carry yer burdens by yerself, ya have friends that will gladly help ya out. Remember that."

Trider stood there stunned. He has been hanging out with Applejack so many times, that he knew she wouldn't do this kind of thing, unless she really cared for him. Smiling he embraced the mare as well, eliciting a yelp out of her. "Thanks AJ, I'll remember that."

Although the heat in her cheeks returned, the mare didn't want to let go as she soaked in his scent. "Ah wish this could last forever." she thought.

It was already late in the evening as Trider made his way back home. The thought of Applejack and what she said to him, lingered in his mind as he smiled. "She really is a great friend." As he got closer to his home, he noticed something strange. He sniffed the air around the library and noticed three new yet familiar scents. "Is Twi having guests over?"

Slowly he opened the door and peeked inside the abode. What he saw made his eyes widen. There in the middle of the room beside Twilight sat three mares that Trider knew very well.

"Look who finally decided to show up!" excalimed Dynamism.

"Welcome back Trider." greeted Rose.

"Tis a pleasure." finally said Princess Luna.

With a dumfounded look Trider stood in the doorway as he waved his hand. "Heeeey. What are you guys doing here?" he asked uncertain.

Rose stood up from her seat as she presented Trider with a letter. "This will explain everything."

The Kanisar took the letter and opened it, reading it's content.

Dear Trider!

The time has come for me to finally bestow upon you your rightful punishment. I took into account that you saved not only my life, but also lives of my ponies. So I decided that while you won't be locked up or be forced to do community work, you however shall be looked over by a couple of Royal Guards, so we can avoid any future repeats of the Diamond Dog incident.


Princess Celestia

When he was done reading he looked at the two guard mares with an unamused glare. "So you're my babysitters again?"

"Correct." Dynamism replied with a commanding tone. "From now on we shall follow you everwhere you go, look over every action you take. We will be like your shadow."

"So you'll even follow me to the bathroom?"

Trider's remark made the mare stagger as she tried to compose herself. "O-of course not. Don't be ridiculous."

"If you want, I wouldn't mind." Rose said, gaining surprised looks from everyone.

Before anyone could reply to her outrageous claim, Trider pointed a finger at the lunar princess. "Ok I know why you two are here. But what about her?"

Luna stood from her seat and walked over to the Kanisar. "I have merely escorted the two here." She paused as she looked at the man deciding, if she should tell him the rest of what was on her mind. Eventually she steeled her nerves and spoke. "But I also wish to speak with you." She looked at te other mares and then back to Trider. "In private, if you would."

Trider shrugged. "Sure I don't mind." Nodding the alicorn's horn began to glow as both their bodies were enveloped in magic energy. "Be right back Twi." Trider said before he was teleported.

As his senses returned to him, the Kanisar looked around the room he was in. "What is this place?" he asked the mare.

"These are my private chambers. No one will interrupt us while we are in here." Luna explained as she sat on her bed.

A grin stretched across Trider's face. "Woah Luna, I can understand you like to move things quickly, but we could at least have a date first."

Unamused at his attempt of being witty, the lunar princess rolled her eyes. "Please refrain from making such crude jokes. We are here to have a serious conversation."

The Kanisar raised his hands in defense as he backed away from princess. "Okay, okay geez. Some people can't take a joke." His expression turning serious he looked at hte mare. "Are you still mad about the Diamond Dogs, if so you can tell that to your-"

"No that is not what I'm here to talk about." Luna cut him off. "I'm here to talk to you about your home. Your original home that is."

"Didn't I already told you everything about my planet. What more do you guys want?"

"What I want is for you to tell me the truth , Sir Lykosgrothia." the mare said with a serious expression. "About the torment you and your people had to suffer."

Suddenly Trider's eyes turned cold and his voice became equally chilly. "How do you know that?"

"As the ruler of the night, it is also my duty to protect my subjects from the terrors of the night, more specifically nightmares." the lunar princess explained.

"So what you're telling me is that you've been coming to my dreams and saw everything that transpired in them." he said gritting his teeth.


"How much did you see?"

"Enough to get an idea of what has happened to you." Luna said undeterred.

Trider took a deep breath as he glared at the mare. "Did you tell anyone about it?"

"No. Not even my sister."

"Good." Trider said. Suddenly he charged at the mare quickly closing the distance. He grabbed the hem of her top and looked her in the eyes. "Now listen closely princess. You have no right to meddle in someone else's dreams and agendas. Usually I would beat you to a pulp because of what you did, but since I'm feeling nice today I'll let you off with a warning. Do that again and I will make you pay."

Luna didn't even blink, as she grabbed his hand and made him relese her. "You would be wise not to do that again, lest you wish to end like Chrysalis." The two continued to glare at each other, until Luna closed her eyes and sighed. "But I understand. I shall no longer intrude into your dreams nor will I talk about your past with others." She looked at the Kanisar once again, this time with sad eyes. "But let me give you a warning. If you continue to harbor these feelings you will eventually be consumed by your hatred." She looked at her hands as bad memories flooded her mind. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. And hatred leads to suffering." She said in a solemn tone.

"You talk like you've experienced that first-hand." Trider said no longer angry at the mare.

"I have. And I do not wish for anyone else to experience that." Her horn began to glow as she readied the spell to send Trider back to the library. "Heed my words Lykosgrothia. If you don't let go of your hatred you'll be consumed by it and you'll end up hurting those that are closest to you."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Luna nodded and transported Trider back home. When he returned Twilight walked up to him. "What did Luna want to talk to you about?" she asked.

Trider gave a sad smile and rubbed her head. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he chuckled as he ascended the stairs. "There are some things that adults have to talk about. Things that aren't meant for kids."

Twilight's face turned red as she fumed. "What right do YOU have to call someone else a kid?"

Once in bed Trider thought back to what Applejack and Luna talked to him about. "I appreciate the thought girls." he thought. "But I deal with my troubles alone." With that he fell asleep.

Author's Note:

Finally a new chapter. I' m sorry for not making a new one in so long. I had schoolwork (like always) and also fell sick. I hope you all enjoyed the new chapter that was proof read by EMBER SPIRIT SHIELD. Thanks a lot.
With this we begin a new arc and that means a new theme song.

Also I've decided on Dynamism's theme and I couldn't think of any better than this one.

Unfortunately I can't figure out any good songs for Rose, so if you have any good ideas, you can share them.
As always tell me if you enjoyed the latest chapter.
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