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“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” (The Magician's Nephew)


Everyone knows that the bad guy is always cooler than the good guy. In fact, most would agree that, should a bad guy suddenly take up the roll of hero, they would surpass that of their old arch enemy in both deed and glory achieved.

Though, of course, every rule has it's exception. Especially should someone merely get the powers without years of experience wielding them, or even knowing what their full extent even is.

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A story that actually does this concept a bit of justice and makes an honest attempt at a story? Holy shit, I'm either hopped up on the world's most mind-breaking drugs, or this is actually happening!

The picture or the story? Either way it's yes, and I plan to stick to the movie version because in the book, when it comes down to it, Pitch is a whiny brat who threw a temper tantrum not when countless galaxies of children and families were murdered but only after when HIS was.

4435530 Sweet. Love that movie, and I'll watch this fic till I can judge better.

Take this favorite and like! Keep them well!

4435530 WAIT. You've actually read the books? :pinkiegasp: You're the only other person I've seen!

They're pretty nice, truth be told, but I have no intention of finishing the series with a flaw that poisonous and irresponsible, that being it's virulent distaste for not killing murderers ((or, as the series put it, coming at an enemy with the intent to kill, i.e. having the murderer pop up, again, and is trying to murder YOU outright, again, with ANOTHER new army)).

Nice, despite another sucker into equestria tale in general fanfic's, I can't wait to see what happens next. :rainbowkiss:

A cosplayer who's neither a hero sent in to save Equestria nor a guy who became a villain because of poor pony treatment. This should be interesting...

A few things I noticed:

I could actually feel her dream the happiness of it,

You seem to be missing commas in certain areas. It might be a good idea to read back and see if you can catch any grammar errors.

Of who Lyra was was sitting on a bench talking to one with.

The sentence seems to be a little awkward here, almost like a fragment. Try connecting this sentence to the previous one--see if you can combine them in a flowing manner.

It also would be interesting to gain details of this "dream-shaping"--like what it feels like to shape a dream (emotional-wise or five senses-wise). It's a pretty intriguing process for me. Anyways... I await the next chapter, dear author. *salutes*

I appreciate the help, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by RealityDowngrade deleted May 24th, 2014

Right, this is going to be good.

I hope.

It is good! A few typos here and there, but nothing too major. Some bits are slightly confusing, but that'll hopefully be resolved in the next couple of chapters.

All in all, good start!

This looks interesting... I wonder at what point Luna will come into this? No doubt she will see the OC as a threat to her domain.

I hope Nightmare Moon will be in this story

I like what I see so far, and I loved the Rise of the Guardians movie. There are some grammar errors and missing words that tended to be a distraction to me, but I edited for a friend of mine for a while, so these things stick out to me a bit more. Maybe once it isn't half past midnight and I actually get some sleep, I'll try to be useful and point out some of the things I noticed. If not, I'm still sure this story will do well, so take a like and a fave.

Wow, I thought this trend had died. Evidently not. Downvoting not only because of principle, but also because this is pretty crappy.

Wouldn't this technically be a crossover?

Is his friend cosplaying as Gamzee?

Whoa, how'd you guess? :pinkiegasp: Mother ****in' miracles man. *honk*

Ehhh, I don't think so because it's a cosplayer thing rather than Pitch Black from the Guardians movie itself. But if you can think of some piece of confounding evidence to counter this let me know so I can be more accurate.

love it. gonna make a new fan fiction! :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: :twilightsheepish:

Your enthusiasm is appreciated, thank you.

is the next chapter going to be out soon?

So, what're the rules for this guy?

I get that he needs to feed fear and belief just to be seen. How much power does he have to affect matter? Can he make himself visible to those who've yet to hear the Oogie Boogie song?

I'm going to gauss it's the same rules as the movie.


I've only seen part of it. Well, technically all of it, but I was trying to ignore someone yelling at me through most of it.

I do remember that the Sandman will punch your damn face in though.

So, refresher?

4554344 hmm let's see, the character in the movie adores fear, wants to cover the world in fear, causes nightmares, uses black sand to create items, and wants to destroy the guardians

I think she/he was talking about the characters powers and limitations, not the way the character acted.


Right. Such as.. Can he just walk up to someone and smack them, or can he only interact with those like Lyra who accept he exists?

Well, Discord is the manifestation of chaos, as long as chaos exists so does he. Same deal. The major difference is fear changes it's not a constant, chaos is easy to control(as odd as that sounds) and is easy for him to spread and it's not evil, it's just seen as such. Again same deal. But fear is much harder to spread if you care for others like he does, but it's not evil ether, just seen as such. Fear can keep you alive if you fear the right thing.

Does this answer your question?


Err.. I was thinking more 'could he walk up to bonnie, who was unable to see him, and somehow interact with her'.

If he's powerful enough, yes. Just compare him to Discord the spirit of chaos. he's to weak now but later...


Oh, so he just needs to hang around frightened sentient beings until he's strong enough to put on a show of his own? Groovy.

I hope the character realizes that fear isn't evil, I can think of LOTS of quotes that say just that.

"those that don't fear the sword they hold, have no right to touch it."
"The fear of the dark keeps us safe of what hides within."
"If you fear nothing you become reckless"

And many more. I feel that if *forgets name* realized that, he may of become a guardian like the others.

the flight would not, one,

You want a colon (":") instead of a comma before "one".

Thanks for the help, it is always appreciated.

Pretty much, the movie I am basing power levels/sets off of didn't have a hard set of rules on the ability to interact, so I'm basically feeling it out along with the protagonist.

Thanks for helping out Mad there, that was well spoken, and yeah, I'm definitely not going to let the positives of fear be swept under the bed.


Pretty much, the movie I am basing power levels/sets off of didn't have a hard set of rules on the ability to interact, so I'm basically feeling it out along with the protagonist.

May I make a suggestion? Go with two separate needs the Fear of something and the belief of his existence. Discords chaos is a constant so all he needs if belief(and he's well known), and fear is not a constant if vary low/weak in all the world as it only shows when needed in the individual. But the only way for the ponies to believe is to fear HIM, once he has their belief. Then he can show his true colors.

He hurts us because he loves us.

Thanks for helping out Mad there, that was well spoken, and yeah, I'm definitely not going to let the positives of fear be swept under the bed.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:



I look forward to seeing what you do with the positives of fear. Fear, anger and so on get a poor rep even though they have quite a few honest benefits.

Fear and anger have made both monsters and saints. Though if you start quoting Roosevelt I will bite you. Somehow, somewhen, I will bite you.

I don't blame you, he had some good ideas, but he did a lot of bad things. For one, he instigated NATIONAL parks. The U.S. constitution does not give the federal government the power to take away land like that. State Parks on the other hand are totally legal due to the fact that powers not given to the federal government are under the jurisdiction of the state.

Use fear for good? Pffft, that's crazy.

He can always find some bad ponies or other not so nice beings in Equestria and have them fear him :pinkiecrazy:

Very nice! It will be interesting to see confrontation between those two.

There extended snouts

You either want a comma after 'there' or you want to use the homophone you actually mean, not whichever you want.

capitol of Saddle Arabia

Wrong homophone.

All were seemingly common fair

Again, wrong homophone.

it was with that thought that led me

Either you want 'with that thought I went' or 'it was that thought that led me'.

all too concerned father


That's all I saw on my first read-through. I think there was something else in the third paragraph, but I can't find it again if it's there.

You should also probably add the Princesses if they're going to be playing a role in this.

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