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Obviously my opinion is more important than yours ;D

Welcome to me i suppose?

Well I dont really know why your here but Hello. I read pretty much every story I see on this website and I also play CSGO ~LE~ and PUBG. Currently attending college for Information System Technologies, if you wish to throw down in some games then all you need to do is slide into my DM's or add me on steam as Supreme King Lord Father


My all time favorite fimfiction

favorite story i have ever read on this site, is Red Thrush Private School. Unfortunately it is no longer here as the author left the site a long time ago and deleted everything. But on a bright side i found the story on GDOCS which leaves on a weird point but at the same time you can continue in your own mind and make your own ending in your head.
Give it a read, kinda short, but its the plot that matters :rainbowwild:

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Thank you for faving Of Heaven and Earth.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the follow. Hope you continue to enjoy my work.:twilightsmile:

Bruh keep up the solid work, quite a few chapters into it and so far am absolutely loving this story i.imgur.com/CUzBmxg.jpg?1

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

Hey man, thanks for the watch!

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