This story is a sequel to Polarity: A Tale of Two Sisters

All-American Girl prequel/Christmas Special 2013. Set after the events of Polarity.

It is Hearths Warming Eve, but there's no joy, not in Silversteel's heart, especially not after the end of his relationship with Derpy. But on this special occasion, he will see a mare that is more beauteous than he has ever known and becomes compelled to meet her...a mare he doesn't know is a sad, lonely soul with so much before her and nothing in her own heart.

From that meeting will come a love that may be tested and intertwine their hearts as one - if they get through their "interesting" lives!

Guest art in chapters IV and XIII by totallynotabrony!

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 99 )

Well, at least we know WHY Rarity gave DJ her birth name.....
Also, someone's as big a bitch as Ditzy....


I'm so fuckin' hyped!

Kinda conflicted, though, because I want more AAG, but right now I really want more of this.

This does wonders for my perception of AAG Rarity, who I could never reconcile with canon Rarity, on account of her being so bitter and small-minded. But I guess she wasn't always that way. I mean, I always knew that objectively, but it resonates more now that I've been shown it.

This whole thing with Silver and Derpy isn't going to end well (obviously). Am I a horrible person for being excited about that? I love romantic tragedies.

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter.

Dang, I didn't know this already went up. Least I can do is send some folks your way.

I must say, Damn good work. The only thing is that this could be split into two chapters.

Stick around and find out! (and yes, people, that is a weird but valid statement)


This whole story was originally supposed to be a complete one-shot, it's already longer than all of Polarity at this point.


It hadn't received federal approval when these first chapters were written. Something about 'it's illegal to use actual real life ponies to test fictional burning clothing", so we had to run computer simulations instead, and those took a LONG time to render.

Well, it's easy to see Tiger Lily's just a little bit nuts...

I wonder if this story's not only going to introduce an aunt on DJ's biological father's side, but also explain why this is the first we've heard of her til now. And hoping it's just a falling out over her trying to run his love life, and not because of...death.

....Wow, first comment. That's a first for me!

The firsts have been doubled! :pinkiehappy:

Huh, DJ has an aunt and an uncle on her biological father's side. Interesting... we don't know much about Silversteel as of yet, and I'm looking forward to finding out more.

And why does Tiger Lily ominously remind me of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction?


Christ, these characters are all so mature...they're all like "wow, this hurts, but that's life, so we might as well be friends and wish each other the best." If I was in any one of their shoes, I would've committed at least one murder by now.

In that same vein, I like Tiger Lily. I mean, she's a horrible fucking person and a complete sociopath, but I like that type of character. Don't get mad at me, Shinzakura, but I'm starting to like this more than AAG...then again maybe it's just been too long since I read AAG.

Anyway, well done, sir. I await the next chapter.


Goddamn. Just...damn. I know Rarity isn't necessarily the most powerful mage, but of all the wrong ways to fuck with the wrong mare...I feel sorry for these dudes. They're fucking done.

It's a testament to your skill as an author that I'm so invested in this story, because I normally stay away from Rarity shipping stories. I don't like seeing muh waifu shipped with some dude/chick. But Silver? He's a good guy. I can't wait for the next part. I would kill to be one of your prereaders.


Well, back in AAG, Nightmare Moon pretty much is a horrible fucking person and complete sociopath.

And so is Minty at any time DJ/Sandalwood is mentioned in her presence.

I'd say you're good.:trollestia:

Shinzakura,I just want to say I'm digging the story far...

But man, you weren't kidding about Polarity in that blog post. Even some of the hints in this are a bit much. Even if I personally find a bit of darkness in fics intriguing I kinda get why some might be turned off from some of the subject matter..

Still, I'm glad that your version of Rarity is getting a day in the limelight without the shadow of DJ/Sandalwood hanging over her for once. Eagerly awaiting the fabulous plotkicking the end of this chapter hints at!

Okay, I was wrong. Tiger Lily isn't like Alex from Fatal Attraction. At least Alex had the guts to do the dirty work herself. Tiger Lily just comes off as a coward, paying off others to take care of her business.

a new barn, complimenting the old one --> complementing

So the Terminator didn't know which Sarah Connor he was looking for?

no human world = no ability to Google the correct one.

So I'm guessing Tiger Lily is, or is related to, a part of the Pansy family, and thus is also a Thoroughbred. Unfortunately, she apparently got all the genes that make someone BATSHIT INSANE.

Oh boy, yet ANOTHER evil pony faction. I hope this one gets wiped out before the events of the main story...already too many sinister plots going on there.

Well, at least we know who ends up putting the hit on Derpy........

3624952 missed the part about the "gryphons and dragons and diamond dogs oh my", so it's not a pony group, per se. Plus, they're not particularly evil. Massively batshit stupid, yes. But not evil.


Oh wow, Tiger Lily went from diabolical sociopath to full out wacknoodle pretty fuckin' fast. I'm loving this character more and more with each chapter. Beat a guy's fiancee half to death and then shop for baby furniture while wearing her engagement ring and plotting the assassination of his current girlfriend? That's my kind of gal.

I missed this comment earlier, so apologies. But regardless, if you wish to become one of the inner circle of AAG Pre-readers, you must do the following;
- Complete the Demon Trials of Ra's al Gul
- Defeat Ug-Thak; Lord of Skags
- Sacrifice a Shrubbery to the Knights who say Ni
- Explain the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion in a way that makes sense
- Correctly say if it was Han or Greedo who shot first in the original cut of Star Wars
- and divine the location of the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership

Consequently, you could just do the easy thing and PM Shin to see if there's an opening.

Believe it or not, in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, this actually happened where a T-800 couldn't figure out its target as there were two guys with the same name in the same area, so it just decided to murder both of them.

Okay, now that I've knocked a couple more stories off my "read later" list, time to read this!

I have to say, Im really liking this so far! As with AAG, you manage to create an atmosphere of family that feels very real and full of ups and downs. Guess I need to add Polarity to the dreaded "read later" list. I swear that thing never seems to get any smaller.

Also, dick move Goldie. :ajbemused: I can understand why she did it, but still. Dick. Move.

While Chaff's movement has good intentions on the's a surface that seems to have several heaps of delusion piled on top. Plus I don't think much of their 'eyes and ears everywhere' boast if they couldn't be bothered to figure out that Silver's not even married at all(or maybe they DID and just see it as another deception by the 'Sun Tyrant.' ...Or they're just feeding Lily/Revanche's own delusions to get her on their side).

Also...recalling the events of DJ's arrival on Earth...getting a baaad feeling that Derpy and her family's deaths weren't some robbery gone wrong...

Aww... I feel bad for Twilight. So close, and yet so far...

Here's hoping she gets a good end in the main fic, one way or the other.

So was Revanche the one ultimately responsible for creating the storm that sent Sandalwood to the human world?

Goddamn, can't take all the tragic foreshadowing here. :fluttercry:

*Sigh* If only all of history's problems could have been solved by having a sun goddess show up and magically neuter all the worst monsters before they really became a problem.

Unfortunately this'll just be more 'proof' of the Solar Tyrant for her detractors.

Oh lord, it sounds like my family's Thanksgiving dinners. There's a reason my maternal grandparents very rarely come to visit my parents... :facehoof:

Sadly enough, I think that the best Rev can hope for is pretty much what we're dealing with in AAG........

Was Tiger Lily/Revanche the one behind what happened that day?
Not telling. :trollestia:

Crap. I can practically hear Saxton Hale yelling "COLLATERAL DAMAGE!!!!"


Spoilers: turns out Equestria is in fact nothing more than a subcontinent attached to the bottom of Australia.

I'm assuming Jaguapultapec is approximately where Mexico is on our world? And that Zhonguo is like China, especially given the pandas?

And seriously, everyone in this entire series keeps ending up serious shit. Insane donkeys, windigoes threatening the entire world... good lord. And it only gets crazier from here on out, when the humans get involved. :twilightoops:

Holy shit!! She really does think Goldie died!! I just that she was just confused but.........

Well, someone out there in television land is going to want to make someone answer for this. The someone who answers for this is grey and has strabismus. The someone who makes her isn't quite dead, I think.

And here we go.....the secret origin of Daisy Jo Martinez.......

A rather enjoyable tale.

One of the few complaints I'd level at the original story would be the difference between AAG!Rarity and Canon!Rarity. I think you've really nailed Canon!Rarity here, which is nice to see.

Aw. Baby DJ!
It's too bad things turned out the way they did... :pinkiesad2:

Also, at the beginning of this chapter: "A place where pure hooves can shine.” Was this the beginning of the Pure Hoof movement? If so, one terrorist organization got traded for another, but at least the first one wasn't racist (speciesist?).

Damn, that is a bittersweet ending when you know what comes next.

Still, I enjoyed this "little" aside. It was really nice to see more of Silver and a softer side of Rarity she has more or less lost in the main fic.

But something I really enjoyed was the subtle way you showed just how backwards Equestria was in many ways before first contact. I did a double take on stuff like the duel and Celestia's punishment getting accepted so readily, but they really fit the society you described while still making it plausible for the very same stuff to be all but gone only twentyish years later.

At least I hope stuff like honor duels to the death have disappeared... or I think I just might side a bit stronger with DJ on why she never wanted to go back there.

Damn if that wasn't a great story. I sure hope that you go pro someday.

It was also a statement that of how the Gala decided everybody's further love life: Fluttershy presented Big Mac into society, Rainbow closed her open relationship with Soarin', Appplejack and Pinkie both had their first dates with their future husbands, Rarity enraptured her future husband (even if she didn't know so at the time), Twilight had no real date and Derpy's letter got lost just as Silver got over her.

Everything perfect...except that the reference to the origin of the Purehooves makes no sense whatsoever: How can a racial integration, alicorn-bashing group mutate into a racial-supremacist, alicorn-worship group? That's like the IRA turning into British tories, the ETA turning into Spain's Salvation Army, the KKK turning against the Neo-Nazi, the US Rifle Association suddenly getting behind gun control, or the US Congress finally doing what their Founders wanted them to do and reorganizing the US military into a self-defence force: just not gonna happen.

And now I need to make a choice: start with Polarity, or finally get my arse in gear and start reading Days of Wasp and Spider.

Actually, it does make sense: groups have their ideals distorted and plundered all the time. The majority of the time, however, it tends to be benign - but that doesn't make it a universal.

A good example of this is the Japanese "new religious group" Aleph, which started out as a yoga club called Aum Shinsen no Kai before morphing into the terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo - before getting dealt with after the 1995 Tokyo subway attacks. They've since "morphed" into Aleph, and while are still considered a terrorist group, likely do not have the same capabilities they had prior.

Oh, and the NRA getting behind gun control? The original purpose of the NRA was to pass the (currently still in effect) laws prohibiting the sales of fully automatic weapons in the US. While their opinion on guns has changed (and I agree with their stance though not entirely their methodology), the historical fact remains.


Actually, it does make sense: groups have their ideals distorted and plundered all the time.

If we want to force it, it can be made to make sense, but it still quite a stretch:
(1) Make the entire core forget that they were previously fighting alongside non-ponies
(1) Just Spinnaker flying alone to Manehattan, playing weathervane and later inciter during the War of the Elements
(2) Rather than risk inviting dissent from the old crowd, she rebuilds from completely new stock.
(3) She slowly sells the new idea to isolated individuals from the old crowd, getting them in for the power rather than the ideals.

BTW, does it make sense in English to insult somebody by calling them a weathervane?

the NRA

Yeah; that's the name I couldn't quite remember! Thanks.

The original purpose of the NRA was to pass the (currently still in effect) laws prohibiting the sales of fully automatic weapons in the US.

Then what's up with:
Groups like the (¿) Missouri Militia (?) still preparing for a British recolonization, but with modern RPG's, five-feet-long sniper rifles and, yes, machine guns?
What's up with Youtube videos of rednecks using chrome-plated Gatling guns to chop down trees?
Legally-bought Tommy guns being as much of a gangsters' cliché as tweed jackets?
That wacko of the armoured bulldozer equipping a bunch of high-powered rifles?
School shootings and bank assaults with fully automatic assault weapons?
Me finding over the internet manuals on how to convert semi-auto pistols into machine pistols?
Heck: just two or three days ago, I saw a funny video of a guy teaching his girlfriend to shoot an AK-47, setting it on full auto as a prank, and the slip of a girl almost flying away!

If you actually have such laws, either your law enforcement is worse than ours, or your punishments are slaps on the wrist (as opposed to up to 30 years for possession or traffic charges (Mexico's Federal Law & Rulebook on Explosives and Firearms, Articles 83 and 84), which is then automatically doubled if you are a cop or a soldier).

And you seriously need to go pro as a writer, man.

Actually, not a stretch at all. Keep in mind that thirty-five years have passed between the Weather Underground morphing into the Purehooves, and that's a long time for opinions and such to change. Example of that: Fred Phelps, former civil-rights attorney and now notorious anti-gay extremist.

And as for groups like the Missouri Militia?
They likely have the guns under grandfather laws or specific licenses, which are still allowed.

And you missed the part where I was doing a Kickstarter last year to raise funds for my novel (which is finished; the funds were for printing). I'll be doing it again this coming year.


Keep in mind that thirty-five years have passed between the Weather Underground morphing into the Purehooves

Let's agree to disagree: I admit it's possible to convert the old guard but say it's a stretch; you say it is not a stretch.

And you missed the part where I was doing a Kickstarter last year to raise funds for my novel (which is finished; the funds were for printing).

I could have missed it.
I may have tried to convince you that self-publishing is a bad idea (I'm pretty sure I said so to at least two guys this past year).

If I didn't try to convince you then, I'll do so now: self publishing is a bad idea, simply because you don't have the distribution channels that publishing houses already have. Knocking doors on bookstores will be a gruelling, thankless job, especially as many will think that if your writing was good enough to sell, you would have been able to sell it to a publisher.


They likely have the guns under grandfather laws or specific licenses

Just checked that: The Firearms Owners Protection Act rmakes assault weapons registered before May 19, 1986 legal to own and trade.

That's just rotten. Mexico's gun control legislation does contain some exceptions for collectors, but under the provision of the weapon being "irreversibly deactivated" (ranging from welding in the firing pin to plugging the cannon and welding solid all moving parts).

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