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The Witching Hour

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A thousand years ago, when the world fought for survival from the onslaught of the creatures of the night, a follower rose up and laid waste to the enemies of the night, proving herself to be an enemy of Equestria. The Queen of the Eternal Night chose this warrior to lead her armies, all at a cost. The warrior would be granted passage home.

Yet, when the sun mounted the victory of the light over the ethereal queen's head, the warrior was not found at the defense of her mistress, for the warrior spoke tell of how the queen had neither the means, nor the intentions, to pay her. The warrior raised her arms against the one she had once called leader and was struck down by the champion of the light, the sun, damning her to an imprisonment lasting a millennium of the world's time. So it has come to pass, the millennium gone, and the warrior's shackles loosen and fall to the ground, freeing the traitor warrior as her once-queen escaped her prison, and the night was intended to last.

A fic intended to pay homage to the Displaced of the old days.
[Final Fantasy XV Lore and Creatures]

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Chapter One: Hearth and Home (Chapters One - ???)

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The displaced of old shall not be forgotten... and this is gonna get interesting!

One question though, who is this character supposed to represent?

Pardon? You mean who is she Displaced as?
If so, its Aranea Highwind from FFXV

Oh, OK. That's what I meant. Thanks for answering.

Nice choice for Displaced.

By 'Displaced of Old', you wouldn't happen to count mine as one, would you?

Whale whale whale, this hasn't entirely convinced me yet. It's not a bad start, but not one that has caused me to be particularly emotionally invested. Well, we'll see how it turns out.

Ah, so this takes place in Season 1, meaning no Equestria Girls and no alicorn Twilight? I'll be tracking this to where it goes.

I sense a Gilgamesh crossover coming soon...

The last bit was a bit confusing for me. So she worked for NMM and what stood in the book changed her mind somehow? :rainbowhuh:

welp goodbye flutters it was nice knowing you


Ah, okay. I got it now. It was just a bit confusing for me. I mean she didn't mention it before this Starswirl paragraph, so I had no idea what the paragraph had for a meaning beforehand. :twilightsheepish:

Reminds me that I still have to play through this Final Fantasy. I'm currently I think almost at the end boss, considering the 10 year gap. Also makes me wonder if the last god is optional, considering if the end fight is then, it would be hard to probably earn another god. :rainbowhuh: Well, it probably will be interesting regardless.

It's good to know that the Displaced of Old will not be forgotten.:twilightsmile:

Though... I am saddened that my Quality Works folder was commandeered...:unsuresweetie:

Oh well, not much I can do about it while not an admin. :applejackunsure:

Still, on my "to read later" list. :twilightsheepish:

Bro's, dudes, and playa's before lady lunafreya's

Hmm.... I wonder who that chain belongs to...

Ah, that old folder, been awhile since I read a story with it.

How long had Luan been absorbing the disease before she

Luna. This is the first typo that I noticed in the entire story. I've been reading a few of these Displaced things whilst awaiting the sequel to Hollow Shades, and now I have an idea that refuses to leave my imagination...

Nightmare Moon lied to her in order to get her on her side.

I've always wanted to type that.

Now having actually read the chapter:
Short, but not lacking in either plot or events. This is good.

I do hope we see more relatively soon, but don't feel pressured.

Comment posted by Princess Amore Dudette deleted Dec 16th, 2017


I got confused toward the end

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