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Hakuna-matata. It really says it all.

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Thanks for adding "Scarfaced Stallion" as favorite. :pinkiehappy:

Happy Nightmare Night! Here's a little Trick AND treat for my favorite fans. A bit of my upcoming chapter...

The Doctor changes the setting and the viewer moves forward on the time lines until all the other threads except one converge once again. As the picture resolves, Twilight recoils in horror.

“Those creatures, what are they?” she asks, bile rising to her throat.

“Ponies... Well pieces of ponies, and... other things. But what they actually are are toys. Poor tortured toys. That’s a fair representation of the entire planet.” The Doctor says sadly.

“And the... owner... of those toys is...” Twilight asks, dreading the answer.

“You KNOW who he is,” The Doctor says, changing the location of the viewer to a jagged blood red spire rising miles above the surface. “Incidentally, you DO remember that alicorns are immortal?” he says as the camera zooms in on a throne. A throne made up of the twisted and broken bodies of all of the alicorns on Equestria. Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and other alicorns she has never seen before, all crippled and bleeding and still horrifyingly alive. Their tortured screams echo endlessly throughout the darkened sky. Their sounds a counterpoint to a hideous maniacal laughter that rings above it all. The laughter emanates from the figure that sits on the throne. His claws dig into the eye sockets of the two skulls that make up the armrests. Twilight has to fight the urge to scream as she realizes that they are the skulls of the twins Harmony and Cordial. Slowly the camera pans upwards until a malevolent face, contorted with madness stares out of the viewscreen directly into Twilight’s frightened face.

“I SEE YOU TWILIGHT SPARKLE!” The voice says, hate filled laughter rings out once again. “GAZE UPON YOUR FUTURE! YOU WILL FAIL! YOU HAVE FAILED! I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR ARRIVAL! THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE ON MY THRONE JUST FOR YOU!” The figure gestures to the top of his throne, and there impaled on a series of spikes is the broken body of Twilight Sparkle. The details of the vision sear themselves into Twilight’s mind as she pushes the viewer away.

“Dear Celestia, dear Luna, he saw me! HE SAW ME! This cannot be our future! Please gods no, this CANNOT be our future!”


Thanks for the comment on 'Our Girl Scootaloo 3 of 3', who knows, you might be on to something... :raritywink:

I'm working on a new adventure story now called 'The Brightest Shine', a tale that chronicles the war against the windigos of Hearths Warming Eve, and the origins of the Crystal Empire. I should get a new chapter out every week for the next few months, so please, give it a look and let me know what you think. :scootangel:

Heads up! I have my two awesome proofreaders working on the Prologue for PART 2 OF THE UNITY PACT! I have a couple of chapters done as well!

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