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What the hay is happening? A strange illness has befallen the residents of Ponyville, a fatal one, but it doesn't stay that way for long. The victims soon change into monsters who crave the flesh of other ponies, all the while reassuring their prey that it is all for the best. Soon, Twilight Sparkle is the only one left who is unaffected, and she barricades herself in her home. It seems, however, that even in death, her friends have a knack for singing at the most inopportune times. It's not as if they're asking for much is it? I mean, nopony is going to eat her eyes.

(Marked dark and teen for some gore, nothing over the top though.)

Play this because JoCo is awesome, and it's kinda what this fic is based off of.

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And this is why updates on Maximum Ride have been so slow, kind of.



Oh my.. I haven't laughed this hard sense... I don't know when. Funny story bro!:yay:

This song should be canon.

I read the description through thinking it was going to be just another boring zombie fic but I recognised the last line! Good sir this is beautiful! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

I read this once and found it slightly disturbing, and funny at the same time. Then I read it with the original song And I loved it! So glad that they were still in character even though they got their brains eaten. Must be their Primal instinct or something. Anyways, great job!

Dude, you're a freaking genius. I knew I heared the song somewhere before untill I read the note below. Awesome!

Needs to be more of these parodies floating around. :pinkiecrazy:

Didn't know there would be this many JoCo fans here

I just had to listen to JoCo while reading this:derpytongue2:

JoCo FTW!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

472902 yeah, that's kinda the point of the story :moustache:

well twi maybe instead of using the force field you could've just incinerated them or levitated them over a cliff we know you can

473101 but that would defeat the purpose of the fic, and we can't have that! :pinkiecrazy:
also, since when have they taken the easy way out in this show?

473205the ursa minor one:twilightsheepish: uf youconsider leveating a giant bear and useing music and milk all at onc esiimple that is:twilightblush:

473224 This is ponies, your logic is not welcome here! :pinkiesmile:

473343 what is logic:pinkiecrazy: im jsut rambling

I. . .I love you. Thanks for this and I'll be off I have to clean all this"Icwutudidthar" off the walls, floors and my pants.
Sincerely, the guy who made the youtube comment.

477263 glad you could join us! :scootangel:

if you think about it, the 4 ponies that would be alive for longest in a zombie apocalypse are luna, twi, dashie, and big mac. pinkie doesn't count.:pinkiecrazy:

477482 Ponies4Dead? With random encounters with Pinkie from time to time?

477482 I think celestia and aj would be just fine as well, and maybe spike, I doubt their teeth would be able to pierce his scales

478120 celestia would die in some giant heroic act, spike would die trying to protect twi, and aj when the horde got to acres, and was over ran.

478000 pinkie: fetch me some good ol' fashioned cupcakes and i'll move that truck for you!

479051 Brilliant!

Love this community.

Woaaahh this was AWESOME! Silly and fun, yet scary and chilling at the same time. :pinkiehappy:

Hello writer,

When I read this, was kinda expecting something a little more... Serious so I wa bracing myself for some sleepless nights...

Then I read the line to the song, then the biggest Facehoof in history was applied, then I noticed it was pinkie talking and I was like, well she can bend reality when she's alive... So why not when she's dead?

Then the other ponies joined in...now I'm like... what

I get to the point where the song seems familiar, so I call my 12 yr. old brother what song it is and he's like it's the L4D2 song eat your brains, the second most biggest Facehoof was applied.

Anyways, while it was hilarious and... Disturbing

It does have a chance to be more fleshed out(No pun intended) and actually could provide a more serious storyline, or if so chose a Shawn of the dead style story(Comedy in the Begining and it gets progressively serious)

629734 Well just so you know, this wasn't supposed to be serious... At all.

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