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Shortly after Maud's visit to Ponyville, she receives a letter inviting her to a meeting of sorts. At this meeting, several characters (all species welcome) will discuss their feelings and backstories and why they prefer not to speak to others. At least... That's what Twilight thinks.

(rated teen for light swearing)

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Princess Celestia and Kim Jong Un engage in peace talks because what in the hell is wrong with me.

Only the most recent in a slowly-increasing list of incredibly dumb ideas that keep popping into my head. This story was created simply because of the title that a friend of mine came up with.

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Warning: This story contains huge amounts of cursing. Please do not read if this kind of material offends you!

The hit show Rage Quit has used every shitty game in existence. The only solution is filming one in Equestria, of course. Join Michael as he rages at ponies, rages at inanimate objects, and just rages in general.

This is something I came up with while incredibly bored. This is not meant to be taken seriously in any shape, form or fashion. Also, some knowledge about Achievement Hunter in general may be needed to understand some of the jokes in this fic. I do not own any of these characters, least of all Michael himself.

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What the hay is happening? A strange illness has befallen the residents of Ponyville, a fatal one, but it doesn't stay that way for long. The victims soon change into monsters who crave the flesh of other ponies, all the while reassuring their prey that it is all for the best. Soon, Twilight Sparkle is the only one left who is unaffected, and she barricades herself in her home. It seems, however, that even in death, her friends have a knack for singing at the most inopportune times. It's not as if they're asking for much is it? I mean, nopony is going to eat her eyes.

(Marked dark and teen for some gore, nothing over the top though.)

Play this because JoCo is awesome, and it's kinda what this fic is based off of.

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Maximum Ride and the motley crew of mutant birdkids have been through a lot. From rescuing the youngest of the group from the hellhole where they were created, to a flight for their lives across the country, even going to Germany to put the CEO of Itex, a polluting mega corporation, behind bars. Surely they deserve some downtime, don't you think? Nope.

This story takes place between books 3 and 4 of the series.

(I do not own the ponies, Maximum Ride, or any members of the flock. Those are copyright of Hasbro, Inc. and James Patterson, respectively. Legal stuff, legal stuff, blah, blah. Look, if I was trying to claim ownership of these characters I wouldn't label it a crossover, now would I?)

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