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I...am a Brony. I...am proud. I...am a writer. And I...well I try to be as friendly as possible to all those I meet really. So yeah, I have a Skype and a DeviantArt. Skype: ragedanny88


In the near future when virtually reality technology is perfected, it is used in a number of ways. The most popular and enjoyable use is for playing games. One game though stands on top of the rest, Harmonic Heroes. This action packed online game swept the world off it's feet with it's design, graphics and story telling. Though, despite it's fame in some circles, a few have never heard about it. One such person is a young man named Axle. This young man joins the game about a year after it is release to the public. Once he begins, he sees this game is more than just that. It is a world in and of itself. But he is still a 'Fresh Hay', as some say. With a special power, he may be able to pull some tricks off.
(Currently looking for better cover art.)

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I'll be looking forward for more chapters to come ;)

Great work so far! I'll be looking forward for more!

Hm this looks rather interesting, keep up the good work.

I think you do need some better cover art. This one looks like logo of a antivirus software.

1426359 I can see what you mean, though I do like it for now. I am looking for an artist though.

Dude, now I'm sad this isn't a real game.

... Well then.

Well... lots of action then.

Having a feeling I may want to open this world up for others. But way later in the timeline. Also thought of a new ending to the whole thing...Dear God I'm Good.

...i realy want a game like this to exist now......

I like the concept, keep it up!

Re-read this chapter. There is a mistake in the beginning. You repeated the first few paragraphs.


If you wanted, I could pre-read the chapters before you post them. To make sure there aren't any mistakes.

Getting that TTA/SAO vibe...

Great so far cannot wait for more!

... Great the game gave him a phobia of gelatinous substances... What kind of game is this that it go es players phobias?

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