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I...am a Brony. I...am proud. I...am a writer. And I...well I try to be as friendly as possible to all those I meet really. So yeah, I have a Skype and a DeviantArt. Skype: ragedanny88


Daniel is just like any other human, except no average human has an anciet rune under their house, get teleported to another world, has his whole damn house come with him or has the ability to use magic not used in centuries and need to fight an enemy he just learns about. He is a 17 year old athletic nerdy guy how has always wanted a brighter, exciting and new world. He has thought of many ways to cope with any situation, is fair just, and is honorable. But that all may go out the window when he is in a world full on ponies, magic, danger and maybe love?

Cover made by Frees

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First :pinkiehappy: besides the spelling mistakes and wrong words here and there this was quite interesting. Also the letter didn't feel like celestia wrote it.

Ya sorry this is like my first time righting. I'll try harder. Thanks for the heads up.:twilightsmile:

well...absolutely ruddy brilliant:pinkiehappy:
as far as i'm aware it's a new-ish idea, can't wait for more

thanks. almost done with the second chapter.:pinkiehappy:

will he be an alicorn who can wield dual swords made to represent two current alicorns? or will he be human with magical powers in hand and a set of wings with a strength of an earth pony...i am both confused on what is to come next and amused with a hint of curiosity...but to sum it up into icons i give you mustache spike :moustache: and a 4th wall breaker :pinkiehappy:

Just give me more! I need my fix!

that. was. AWESOME!:pinkiehappy:
and that music you linked definetly worked, i had shivers sent down my spine at the end:twilightsmile:

*searches for next chapter* WHERE IS IT? :raritycry: Must continue reading.

I'm keeping the romance tag though. I have something... planned::trixieshiftleft:
Comedy, is also coming in a few later chapters.

was that a 'I dont know anything'-No or a 'Oh my sister, that are very bad news'-No?

I have no idea- no. With shift eyes.

Yes, spelling mistakes aside the story is good andd interesting. Proper grammar and other fancy stuff when writing 'Luna and I had a bet', stuff like that should help.

Too much mary sue enabling there. Wings, auras and now a horn and sword? Way to much enabling...

HELLO! my name is chavi and
I lost a bet and now I have to advertise someone so here you go
its pretty damn good too

you repeated the paragraph starting with “Well that wasn’t a challenge at all, how disappointing.” and ending at around them disappeared and was replaced by a new one.

thanks for the head's up

God damn interdimensional beings always using up all my minuites...

You have quite a few typos. Fine in minute doses but can make a story unreadable at some point. Be sure to pre-read before posting or get a proof-reader to help out.

Sorry was in a rush. my computer kept giving me 502 bad gate and i wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Didn't proof read the story yeah. But I do need some ideas on what Mythic wears while in living with the ponies.

422973 ...... Alright sure yeah. Whatever you say boss.

422979 ....... Allright what kind of drug are you on? ....... Also, where can i get some?

422984 Popseed... Pinkie as some.

422990 Good to know. Pass on a message will you? The alley behind Mc.Donalds, 5 P.M. Come alone.

422998 Got you... the rave flaps at dawn.

423006 And the owl crows at midnight.

...... Im starting to think im overdosing on ponies.

423013 Maybe.. you sure you don't have some popseed already?

423022 Nope. Pretty sure its just Pinkie Pie and Derpy.

"everyone look upon me, I posses the blue flag."

"Its more beautiful than I ever imagined"

"I have seen the top of the mountain and you will worship me as if I was a god!"


"I regret nothing, I lived as few men dared to dream!"

RVB S3 EP1 :rainbowlaugh:

First! And I see some serious foreshadowing here... And what was that Pinkie?
Nothing! Just me being Pinkie Pie!
Okaaaay. Well, I gotta get some food for Pinkie Pie, so cya! Oh, just before I go, great chapter!

429852 Thank you kind cube of my enemy


Where is my VODKA!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Also: First i guess.

He replaced all the Vodka with Tequila so Mythic can see the splendor that is the Tequila Monster! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

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