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It's a snowy winter day in Ponyville, and everypony is home...except one mailmare, struggling to finish her rounds before she can get home to her family.

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--cover image: "Have a very Pony X-mas" by AxemGR Check out his deviantart, y'all!

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I've got diabetes!
Why did you have to kill me?!

That's exactly what I want to read when I look at the tag Slice of life. The story is cute and well-written, and I love story with a motherly Derpy.

Nice work.

Such a sweet tale. It's nice to read something that doesn't have complicated plots and cliffhangers every now and then especially something themed for the holidays. Great job!

Now on YouTube, a fan reading by TheExhaustedBrony!
hopefully, this is the link:

Short, sweet and well written. Excellent job.:twilightsmile:

Very good short story!
Through rain, sleet and snow, Derpy always manages to deliver to my heart. (And Dinky always manages to deliver D'aaws)

Cute Doo family one-shot!

Author Interviewer

I have lived this story. Bless you, sir.

I think a lot of us have.

Just outside the shower curtin

It's "curtain" but still, very sweet story. Short but very sweet. :pinkiesmile:


It's "curtain"

Heh, oops. Funny it took so long for someone to notice.

Short but very sweet


I actually liked this! It was great!

Now to get the sickly sweet taste out of my mouth.

No problem. I always try to leave a comment, because I know I live for them.

Another fave.

Paragraph 4

...as he saddlebags were not large enough to carry the volume of mail.

'her' perhaps?

Second to last para

...that was a near perfect match to Sparker’s fur.


Sorry, I have crippling OCD.


Another fave.


Corrections made, thank you!
(y'know, this thing has been up for almost three years now, and nobody noticed those typos....)

Aaaawwww! :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:
This is one of the reasons why Derpfics are my favourite, they're so close to the chest and really quite relatable.
W.A.F.F Overload!


This is one of the reasons why Derpfics are my favourite, they're so close to the chest and really quite relatable.
W.A.F.F Overload!

She's the most adorable pony.

A really nice christmas story, Dinky can be really happy to have a family like this!


Dinky's got the best Mom in all of Equestria, and that's a fact.

You’re welcome. I don’t know what you are thinking but Doctor whooves makes a good father for her. At least for me.

It's super secret who the father is in my headcanon.

Actually, no it's not. It's Perry Pierce.

I see. Dictor and Derpy, that couple was just the most common I have seen, thus becoming my head canon for Dinky.

That is the generally common pairing, although I'm not entirely sure in those stories how often Dr. Whooves is actually Dinky's biological father. Most of the shipfics I've read with that pairing don't mention Dinky, or suggest that she was born prior to Derpy's interest in Dr. Whooves.

Yeah, but still, I think he makes a good father to her.

Okay, the PM might be better for this but Dinky’s stories are in order I made them

  1. Welcome to the new order, crossover of Wolfenstein the new order
  2. The End has Begun, crossover of Tom clancy’s endwar
  3. and my latest oneBlood in the sand. a crossover of sniper elite 3, with a few parts of Return to castle Wolfenstein.

Ruby’s story is called Stalingrad Hell on Earth, based on the 1992 stalingrad movie, with elements from Call of Duty world at war and Red Orchestra 2.

Tootsie’s story isFor Honor, Glory and The Empire, based on the movie letters from iwo jima, the game rising storm and again, Call of Duty world at war

and Petunia, Welcome to Vietnam, (un)fortunate pony, a mix of Rising storm 2, mafia 3 and Call of Duty black ops

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