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A German who likes history, Children and WW2 technology but not war


Vietnam 1969. The War rages on, The US troops slowly pull out. Three Vietnamese brothers, seperated since 1960, get united through a lost child in need. A child named Petunia Paleo.

Chapters (11)
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Comment posted by LukeTheMercenary deleted Jul 30th, 2017

Petunia Paleo is no oc but a background filly

Looks interesting so far.
Paleo seems nice (Though I will say I get really irritated when people just stick a -saurus on the end of any old word and think it sounds plausible. Saurus is Greek for lizard. Call it Hipposaurus, or Equusaurus or Ungulosaurus. Or name it after where it was discovered or who discovered it. So I suppose she could one day discover a dinosaur and name it the Petuniasaurus)
Still, I look forward to exploring the good and evil on both sides.
The stories of what deserters did to those who ran afoul of them are horrifying!


So I suppose she could one day discover a dinosaur and name it the Petuniasaurus

Genius! Glad to your you like it. and I'll do what I can to potray both sides good and bad

I need to get my facts straight.....i think I need to start watching MLP again....

Comment posted by LukeTheMercenary deleted Jul 30th, 2017

One way or another, I'm interested. I'm curious to see where this goes.

8333782 Glad to hear it. The africa story wil be uploaded tomorrow and the homefront story is also published if you're interested

“Welcome to the jungle.”
we got fun and games!!!

Comment posted by Tank Commander deleted Jul 30th, 2017

Couple of my great grandfathers served in Vietnam

Which Part of the forces if you don't mind me asking.

One was regular army and the other was special forces

I See. By the Way, Do you know if
S.o.g operatives had a different Uniform compared to Army and Marines?

Almost different uniforms, defiantly different patches. Sog operatives wore mostly cameo than just green like marines and regular armed forces

Thanks, looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. In the old game Battlefield VIetnam, the ARVN wears brown cameo uniforms, so I took that for Hoang's uniform.

Unless he is in desert, or in marshes. I wouldn't use brown cameo,easily spotted by enemy forces or an enemy sniper in the jungles of Vietnam

Yes, how do the ARVN uniform on the picture for you, looks brown camo for me. and the SOG uniform, same color as the Army and Marines

My great grandfather who was in the regular army, he had to go out take corpses off the battlefields in trucks. Didn't matter who it was

Not a plesant tasks. But tell me, how do the ARVN uniform on the picture for you, looks brown camo for me. and the SOG uniform, same color as the Army and Marines

Well whatever the ARVN had in mind probably worked when it came to camouflaging their soldiers they know the environment, so i won't judge anymore

Okay. The Marines ingame wear casual camouflaged military fatigues and a tank top, which reveals how exceptionally muscular they are, compared to soldiers of other factions, thus are shown as being the most muscular of the factions. As you could reads, I took that too for the story.

Its never an easy job, but someone has to do it.Considering the place they were in. Like with SOG they wore black and green or a dark green. But i do find it odd that its brown camo for the ARVN,it could separate them from the NVA

Yeah. I barely found anything about their uniforms, so I took the uniforms they wear in the game.

I did see that in the second chapter alot of marines were muscular. Wait have you heard of Larry throne,the soldier of three armies?

I belive I heard that once but do not know much about it.

Well he served in the Swedish army as a captain in ww2, then the German army but was recruited by the Waffen SS and finally the U.S Army special forces in the Vietnam war died in a helicopter crash in 1956 October 18th, Couldn't find his remains until 99 then identified in 2003 and buried in Arlington national cemetery

I haven't read this yet but the idea seems incredibly interesting. It is very obscure and will definitely throw the (un)fortunate pony off balance to their normal life...

Nice to see another ARVN story here :). I'm writing a story revolving around the ARVN as well, partly because I want to keep the memory alive. Uniforms are a little off though. yes, the ARVN was equipped with American gear, meaning that they have OG-107 green uniforms and for special forces (Rangers, Airborne, Special forces) ERDL (Early woodland camo.) with Marines and Navy Seals (Yes, they had Navy Seals) wearing the Tigerstripe camo you see SOG wear on some of the BF Vietnam maps. Same as the Americans, with the only differences being pocket style, and sizes (they were ridiculously short). I suggest this site and this site for stories and pictures of uniforms. Also keep in mind of context. it's 1969, the Tet offensive was a year ago, ARVN enlistment would've skyrocketed since they were shown as capable of pulling off victories and defenses against communist forces, the same was said for them in 1972 post Easter Offensive.

Thank you, i took most Information From Battlefield Vietnam, also the Uniform, looked always brown to me.

Your welcome, just might wanna look them up first. Only exception to the tan uniforms like those shown in BF Vietnam were with the National Police Field force, militarized police forces(Closest equivalent is the Gendarmerie). Closesest thing I could match to what was worn in BF Vietnam is this;


This was worn by special forces, recon units, and CIDG (Village Militias trained by the U.S.)

Yeah, i coudn't find anything Else when i wrote this

I really hope you do the russian roulette scene, keep up the good work

Thanks, i will. I have a Russian Roulette Scene planed for a later chapter

Glad to hear it, it was a Good Game for its Time

No Welcome to Earth no Hello just

"Welcome to the Jungle!"

Yes. I took some inspiration from COD black ops

“Vietnam. I read of it once back home. I’m no fan of it, but judging by your uniforms, you are soldiers, right?”

Sind die jetzt in Vietnamm oder nicht? Woher weiß das kleine Ding was Vietnam ist? Aaaah Black Ops mindfuckery

Nun, mein headcanon ist das menschen nur ein myth sind aber ihre welt und kultur ist im schul untericht beinhaltet. And ja, es ist Vietnam.

In meinem Gesehen existieren Erde und Mensch im selben Universum wie die ponies werden aber als Mythos bezeichnet

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