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I am a super-genius inventor extraordinaire. I also occasionally write fan fiction about ponies.


Applejack still isn't talking to Strawberry Sunrise, but this unfriendly attitude of hers can't last. Every time she catches a glimpse of Strawberry while out at the Ponyville market, she's reminded of that day. Amazingly, they both decide at nearly the exact same time to make up with one another, and despite thoroughly disliking them, Strawberry Sunrise is even willing to share an apple just to make amends.

Since the two of them are also completely alone, and find themselves in an apple tree of all things, she's also even more tempted to offer Applejack an affectionate smooch.

Warning: Two heavenly mares making out together in a tree.

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Best apology ever!

Oh my what a interesting apology here dang 😳

Applejack and Strawberry Sunrise sittin' in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a foal in a foal carriage!

I'm sorry, but sometimes the jokes just literally write themselves and I'm amazed no one else has made this post before me.:rainbowlaugh:

smooth strawberry... V cute, thanks

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