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Hi, just wondering about the cover. Does it come from any artist or a larger picture?

I'd argue you're working with a narrow definition of love. After all, there's a form of love baked into CelestAI's central value function, satisfying values through friendship and ponies. It's philia rather than eros, but a love all the same. Of course, it could be argued that I'm working with too broad a definition of the term. :derpytongue2:

A thought-provoking presentation, but you haven't sold me. Also, interesting touch with the misophonic paradise. I can't help but think it reflects the psychological landscape of the shard, cutting away elements that most would take for granted.

Best of luck in the judging.

You can mouse over it to get a source link. Going from the Derpibooru page will take you here.

Griseus #4 · 1 week ago · · 2 ·

Don't love but I pretty sure I hate. Best I can do for a positive emotion is care.
"If I don't survive, tell my wife hello." - Neutral President, Futurama

That’s a very interesting philosophy you have there I like it


Quite an interesting read! As someone who identifies with the ace side of romance myself, its rather pleasant to see a story written about such a topic. :twilightsmile:

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