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Twilight Sparkle is pretty dang smart, but she just ain't got the right kinda brains for oval track racin', that's for sure.

A tremendously silly and ludicrously detailed story about overestimating one's abilities out on a racetrack.

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The one where Rainbow Dash does her level best to be responsible, and Twilight ignores her.

Good stuff.

I'm in the middle of writing a NASCAR story where Twilight is driving the #48 and Dash drives the #18.

This is quite hilarious, and the characters are used perfectly. Though I did not expect Twilight to bite the dust like that. :rainbowderp:

Twilight might be a smart unicorn, but she's one of the dumbest pegasi I've ever seen. (As far as earth ponies go, she's surprisingly middle-of-the-pack.) Entertaining, but I expected Twilight to have a bit more respect for the voice of experience here.

And people complain that I portray Twilight as an idiot...

What can I say? Sometimes you've just gotta torpedo ol' purplebutt's IQ in service of the funny.

Although, to be fair, I've found that it's way easier to overthink yourself into the wall at a race track than you'd think, and typically the smarter you are, the bigger you screw it up. One or two laps and you've got the Good Idea Fairy telling you all sorts of things that sound great, but that Dunning-Kruger cliff hits different when it's the literal impact of bumper to tire wall, y'know?

Everyone thinks oval racing is easy until they try it

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