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Waste of space.


Waking up after a particularly wild party, Pinkie Pie soon finds her whole world has gone a little bit weird, and it's all thanks to three little words.

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:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:I don't get it. What happened exactly??

We just got hit by a fucking SMB2 ending I think... a.k.a It was all nothing but a dream.

But then where the sad parts?

I think sometimes your sentences and phrase usage is a bit weird :raritywink: I don't really get it either but it's an all right story. Could be better, though average in my opinion :twilightsmile:


Right, I was hoping that (for once) my storytelling would be strong enough for people to understand my meaning without having to directly state it, but I guess I kinda failed on that. Oopsie :facehoof:

However, I would like to keep some semblance of mystery for the people who read the comments before they read a story, so I won't post an explanation here. But, if anyone would like one, I'd be happy to PM them it :twilightsheepish:

Oh, and quillsaga, thanks for the comment on my wording. I guess I did overdo my attempts at Pinkie-ness a little. :pinkiegasp:

294365 I'd be happy to receive that pm :twilightsheepish: and then I'll read it again :twilightsmile:

interesting sounds like The Hangover

Yes... I finally understand. It's brilliant, great job! :twilightsheepish:
And now that you mention the wording is because of the Pinkieness perspective - it feels right.

I cut u did thar.
Was pretty good.
'Vhat a tvist!':twistnerd:

I think it would be wise to PM me about what I missed here.

Wow, that wasn't what I expected.

It was still nice.

I understood what was going on, for the most part.
I thought it was cute, but not really "sad".
Overall, I liked it. Good job! :pinkiesmile:

Wonderful! Nice punchline at the end. :pinkiehappy:

Not really sad, but a bit disturbing until the end. That was a relief!

...and of course salt is like strong liquor to ponies!

Pinkie will just have to stay away from it. It gives her very disturbing nightmares.

That was quite an interesting read. It took me a while to figure out what was going on with all the ponies, but as soon as the words "love and tolerance" came out, I understood. Man, the show would be terrible if the ponies were like that, huh?
Anyway, great job, I must say you write Pinkie very well. All her little rhymes and nonsense :pinkiehappy:

At first, I thought Ponyville was attacked by changelings.

Then, it was all a dream.

Question. What were the three words, exactly?

It was all just a dream ( the doctors weird explanation voice)

Sincerely the Doctor

What the hell did i just read?


for the mgs fans out there.

I would like a PM sent. While I have an idea of what you're trying to say, I would just to get your view on it.

Damn you and your "itwasalladream"!

Pretty much the same for me too. Felt like "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers"

You wrote Pinkie's internal monologues like a boss.

Sitting back and taking everything as it comes isn't healthy, but nor is coming up swinging to anything you take offence to. One must pick one's battles.

Whoo, that was freaky. Goodness Pinkie, that was quite a nightmare. Also makes me really look at the whole love and tolerance slogan we throw at each other. It's not quite so simple, is it? That was a good read. I'm glad I gave it a look.

Love and Tolerate

Awesome story btw.


Love and Tolerance

pinky was delirious and dreamed it all up...:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I've gotta say. The 'it was all a dream' ending is pretty darn cliche.
In rare cases it can be pulled off well, but they're the exception rather than the rule for a reason.

The story is otherwise decent. You show a good amount of technical skill, but you might want work on your plots a little more.

Without that type of ending, there really would be no way to wrap up this surreal story that quickly, least I think so.

And it really does show that the world would be extremely out of character if everyone did practice love and tolerance to the letter.

tl;dr strife exists to make life interesting and flow better.

I'd appreciate a PM to see how off my understanding of it was.

Very well written though. :moustache:

I see what you were saying there. I think.
In any case, nice story.
My thoughts when
heheh, "plots"

wait a sec ...... (I´m propably taking this story way to philosophicaly ... but if I´m somehoiw right, I would be proud of myself)
does this story want us (in by story symbolized by all the citicens of ponyville) to not simply love and tolerate the crap out of everyone who doesn´t like the show (in the story symbolized by pinky pie) becouse of they then will turn away even more becouse of they not only think we are somehow not mentally at 100% but also think we are absolutelly creepy and think the need to cut of every link to people who like the show to protect them from potential damage, but instead show them politely and not in a "YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ITS AWESOME!" -like way.

even if i´m wrong, this story scared somehow not just a bit but atleast average amount out of me, don´t ask me how i put the part above together, I would have to ask the depths of my mind about it, wich is a way to strange place to go without a good reason ....anyways, have a nice day/night/whatever and brohoof /)
a think i noticed about myself: it seems i don´t like to split what i write into nice readable parts, at least not in that many parts like others do.

I think I got it... But still! Dat ending was a fine example of an actually good 'it was just a dream' ending.
Well written, me gusta.

-- TwilitLightning

That was the creepiest non-grimdark fimfic I've ever read. And I loved it. Well done on getting Pinkie's voice right.

I'm glad I read this.

After seeing what such a world would be like, you kinda aprechiate the dysfunctional state of affairs we have now a little bit more.
Thanks for the perspective buddy! :pinkiehappy:


When ponies give you love and tolerance, don't just accept it, GET MAD! Make them take their love BACK!:pinkiecrazy:


"Make the princesses rue the day they thought they could give Pinkie Pie love and tolerance! Do you know who I am? I'm the pony who's gonna burn your house down, with love and tolerance!"

Overall a very good story, the 'It's only a dream' ending was a bit of a cop-out, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. You did a really good job of showing us Pinkie's thoughts and keeping them silly and random but still making her come across as intelligent and responsible. At least as responsible as Pinkie gets. Good job.

Yeah... I'd like that PM too, I am super confuse.:rainbowhuh:

This was such a mindfuck you can't even believe! I was so confused that my head almost started hurting at the idea of what could be causing all of this. But other than that this was a weird but nicely written story. I have to rest a bit now and get my head back together.

I thought it was a great reflection not on non-bronies but specifically our community. :derpyderp2:
We will disagree with each other but that does not mean that we are hypocrites because our motto is Love and Tolerance. We will not all agree on Who is best pony but arguing about it does not make us enemies. If we were like the ponies in her dream then we are not what makes us special. Every brony, no matter what their beliefs, has a right to be loved and tolerated but that doesn't mean that we can't express our views against it. I honestly do not know if that's what he intended but that is what I got out of it. :pinkiehappy:
PS Umm.. if it's ok... umm... Fluttershy is best pony... eep! :yay:

The best part of this is that I can actually imagine this as a full episode. IT has a moral, so it could go. It would probably frighten children, but still, awesome story.


Some people just don't seem to understand looking beyond what is specifically written.

Don't worry about it too much, it was pretty obvious.

So much alliteration! I love and tolerate the heck out of this story.

I don't undestand it...... How come the 'It was all a dream' is considered cliche here? I think I read only 2 or 3 other stories that had an ending like that, and I read a lot on this site. Am I looking for all the wrong fics?

Anyway, awesome story.

I think one part of this explains it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN5avIvylDw

That is a perfect Pinkie-eye-view, kudos.

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