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In the cold twilight hours, as the sun kisses the sky one final time, Rainbow Dash finds herself slumped on a cloud asking one of life's most important questions.

Art by: Sage of Winds

Featured on: Equestria Daily

Chapters (2)
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What if Lynked is hit with insomnia?
She tries to be philosophical.
As always, I'd love to hear what you guys think. It's pretty late where I am, and I wrote this all in one sitting. How'd I do?

that was deep, bro

I can relate to Rainbow Dash in this story. I'm currently out of sorts myself...

I can relate to Rainbow Dash in this story. I'm currently out of sorts myself...

This is a great rainbow-dash character study! She always portrays herself as the self-sure daredevil, which makes a fanfic about her true emotions all the more interesting, great job!

This is beautiful, Fabulously in insightful and so well written. I can relate to dash but goodness, I've never wanted to lay upon a cloud as much as I do now.

Hmm a pondering RD. The imagery is great. Makes me think what is the best, life-long friends or pursuing your dreams and passions from your childhood. And someone has to flip their upside down thumb! 10/10 :twilightsmile:

That was really great. Relatable, well written character piece.

I saw the author of this story and automatically thought, "This is not a Moonlight Sonata update. :pinkiecrazy: :twilightangry2:" But, I will read this.

Moments like these come in abundance, unfortunately during class, most definitely. Then again, it is refreshing to ease conflicting thoughts. Beautiful story; sometimes you just have to settle down and reflect on what makes you truly happy.

:rainbowderp: You wrote this in one sitting?! Wow I am blown away, this was very deep and I think you have done a tremendous job at explaining one of life's philosophies with Rainbow Dash. Incredible work Lynked, keep it up!

Yet another piece that should be Equestria Daily'd.

443055 I've actually sent it in, but I doubt it'll get on the blog.

442541 442327 441427 Wow, um, thanks! :twilightsmile: I'm flattered, hehe

I have to face this realization too, friends or dreams....but what if......our friends were our dreams

Ah, the ravings of a philosphical insomniac... I do love those. Wish all it took was a late night for me to get philosophical too... nope, I only get like that when touched on a deep emotional level, and even my most profound stuff typical ends up gloomy. Depression is the source of my poetry, unfortunately.

I think you really nailed it with the paragraph after "Life was just big one what if". One of my thoughts on life is that if you're happy with who and where you are, regret nothing, because you can't know what would have been. You can't answer the what if's that would accompany those regrets. You added another wonderful statement, simple and harmonious with that idea. Letting those appropriate what-ifs advise your decisions.

Great story, great message. :heart:

This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing this piece of art with us. :rainbowkiss:

Wow Rainbow Dash is a lot deeper than she lets on.
Congratulations on been featured on EqD by the way :rainbowdetermined2:

448082 448249 448082 Thank you :twilightblush: I'm, well, ecstatic to say the least!

Very Impressive bit of writing. I have to say you write with a style that takes nothing for granted. Your descriptions flow with the same pace that the story itself does, and that is quite hard to do. Even though I write in a completely different style, I must say that yours is simply amazing. Once again, great job and keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

448478 you put my thoughts down brilliantly, I, though, would add, that he is amazing at the philosophical stuff.

Very nice story. For one night, it's extremely deep.

Also, when will you be continuing Cantervania? I'm starting to miss my semi-weekly dose of Twilight kicking flank. :scootangel:

448848 Well I have some of it done. I've just been taking a break for a while - I'm having a bit of blockage on it. Don't worry, shouldn't be too much longer now. I hope :facehoof:

Also, thanks for the input!

The writing's a bit overwrought, but the description of the sunset is beautiful, and Dash's struggle comes across nicely enough. :rainbowhuh:

448892 Yes, and the pre-reader would agree. He said it was the most purple thing he'd read in a while :twilightblush:
I'm glad you like the story, though (I assume you did at least) :twilightsmile:

Totally thought this was BronyNeumo's story when I saw it.

448925 Yes, I've been getting that quite a bit. Strange, too, I searched for What If before I named this thing and didn't find the fic :facehoof: Now that I've found it, I feel like an idiot.

448885 You, Sir, are very welcome.

I can live with a wait if the result contains enough awesomesauce. :rainbowwild:


Bloody brilliant! I loved the perfectly worded to and fro of Rainbow's sleep-deprived conscience! Your descriptive powers are vast and seeming applied effortlessly!

I could almost smell the matted, oily stink of your unwashed Dash. Ugk! Thanks for that. I love the smell of sweaty, rancid pony in the morning!

Not! Blech! :pinkiesick:

Thanks for a great story! :pinkiehappy:

443994HAH! And you thought it wouldn't make it to Equestria Daily!


Enjoy the fame, my friend!

Pretty good, but it's not my style.
Reminds me of angsty teenagers.

That was actually pretty well thought out. A good slow paced story which many could relate to and ponder about. I, too, find some relation to this story myself. What if what I was currently doing not worth the while? What if my true calling was somewhere else? What if my friends did not truly care for me? Some good questions that arose from this sweet story that I could always ponder on. Your descriptive writing and style are quite amazing and the theme fits quite well. I hope you would continue writing amazing stories like this.

I liked it :D I was expecting something that was going to make me depressed but I was pleasantly surprised it didn't

448941 Especially since it's on EQD too. ("To Fix You" Story 2)

Very philosophical, but very good at the same time (and amazingly well-written). If you write such stories because of insomnia, I would wish you many sleep-deprived nights. But that would be very egoistical of me, not to mention harmful to your body. :pinkiesad2:
Thanks for sharing such a gem. :twilightsmile:

A bit wordy, to be sure, and I'm not sure how apt a sleep-deprived Rainbow Dash would be both at noticing the beauty of the world and describing it so (character voice), but those things didn't detract too much from the overall point, which you got to almost immediately. The simple message is particularly poignant for me since, in addition to having wrestled with the endless "what if?"s for many years now and continuing to struggle with it to this day, I'm working on a story that is also about a character trying to deal with the uncertainty of life. Keeping that in mind, I wonder if RD's struggle could have been drawn out a bit more. Where's RD asking what would happen if she and the rest of the mane six had a falling out and by then she also wouldn't be able to join the Wonderbolts for whatever reason? What if they had a falling out and the 'Bolts rejected her; what would she do then?

Still, I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Don't hate me for this :trixieshiftright: I figured it needed these, and I don't care if I was right or not.

Wish I could write something as successful as this :(
Good story

Can't see a single reason why I should hate You for this. :derpyderp2: Wish I could be good at writing...or drawing...or anything related to art.
Anyway, good story. I hope for some more good stuff from You.

I pull up FIMfiction to find that I have an update to this story... and it's an author's note.

Browser! One "Varying Degrees of Want" PLZ!
Thank you browser.

To be honest though, It was nice to see this story again. I know I risk sounding sappy when I say this, but I've said similar things before, so screw being awkward.
I loved this story. Really. It meant a lot to me when I read it, not because it was pony, but because of the contemplative message it carried. I know what it is to feel indecisive and not know what to do... and this was a bright spot in a hard day. I grant that I'm weird by some standards... probably the fact that I prefer friendshipping or hetero in my ships, and that can be an issue for some. I may be a hopeless romantic at times and at others a cold jerk, and I usually think myself and my efforts are worth nothing and doomed to fail, no matter how intelligent or creative I get told I am.
I am the first to claim that I don't know everything, but there are a few things I am adamant upon. One is that stories are meant to convey messages to their readers. Those writers that acknowledge this fact gain control over the message their story sends out, and those that don't will write stories in which the messages are reflections of their subconscious.
I know not which author you are, but regardless, the message of this story will not be forgotten.

"A mental image of a feather quill materialized in the ferocious chaos of her mind... ...in the painful maelstrom of her mind." You describe, very similarly, the storm in Rainbow's head twice in one sentence.

I had more to say but then I read 468529's comment. So basically, what he said.

She had me worried for a second there near the end. I was like 'why despress yourself with all these hypotheticals? You don't need to choose between your friends and heroes...' and when she got to "Life was just one big what if" I was like dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Rainbow_Dash.png 'You better not be getting suicidal now Dash.'

Good story, I liked it. As others have already said, very philosophical.

Liked. Faved. Commented! I rarely comment. In this case, I just had to, because I can relate to Dash's thoughts and feelings here.
Very well done, but the end could have needed another paragraph or two about that weight leaving her shoulders. Maybe another hint at touching the moon? Also, lovely description of the sunset and clouds at the beginning! :twilightsmile:

nice story. enjoyed.

588673 For the sake of my sanity, please get out of my head...

But i have to agree with everything Thespurgin said, each and every story that is written by an author, and I personally hold you to this standard now that you've put out this piece of art, Lynked, has to have a message in it, whether underlying or abundantly clear (I assume this is what authors refer to as a theme). Otherwise, it turns into nothing more than an interesting story that ultimately holds little substance and holds poorly to the winds of time. But this work right here, this is worth something. And as much as I don't deserve to exude such a Great and Powerful Trixie grandeur of arrogance (may not be the word I'm looking for, I'm still working on my wordsmithing), I must say that this was very much worth my time to read.

I thank you for your contemplations. :)

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