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Pinkie Pie has a tummy ache. Fortunately, there's some pony who will take care of her. Not her mother, but close enough.

(Takes place sometime before Mrs. Cake's pregnancy.)


Just a short story about Pinkie Pie having stomach ache. Don't expect anything great. Special thanks to Inumaniac for being my proofreader for this one.

Audio version here Courtesy of Star Strike.

Read the polish translation here, courtesy of Dolar84.

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I really hope Mr. and Mrs. Cake get an episode for them in Season 3.

I've just realized that most of my fanfics involve people sleeping, going to bed or waking up. I guess I'm sleepy. :ajsleepy:

Again, thanks to Inumaniac for proofreading this fanfic.

I loved it. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.:twilightsmile:

:3 warm and fuzzy feels:heart:

There really needs to be like a "Parents Day" episode in Season 3 so we can finally put to rest all the questions about the Mane 6 and Scootaloo' parents right?:yay:

D'awwww :pinkiesmile: Excellent, my man.

Warm fuzzies.

Well done. :pinkiehappy:

This made me happy. I love fics about little moments like this.

That was very sweet.

Mr Cake: Alright Pinkie, see you soon!
Pinkie: Okay, bye mom! Bye dad! ...did I just- I'm so so so sorry, I mean, it just came out I didn't were it that slip of it were came-
Mrs. Cake: Shh, Pinkie, Pinkie, it's okay. Come here and give us a hug. There's a good filly.

D'awwwwww that was a good story

1085460 Agreed. Except maybe more flushed out than that one power rangers episode where the parents dress like their kids.

A heart-warming tale of illness, love and healing.
You get a fav, a thumbs up, and a watch.

Awww how sweet, my mom used to give me a bunch of water and stuff and sit by me until I was asleep... I LOVE THIS FIC, ITS SO CUTE! :yay:

Well, All I CAn Say Is ; (Don't Do Drugs Kids and Don't Party Too Hard, Because Drugs Could Be Hidden In The Food)>:pinkiesick:

Twas lovely.:raritystarry:

This fic reminded me of how much I love my mom, and how much I need to appreciate her . . . :pinkiesad2:

Pinkie sounds a little younger than she really is (at least to me), but aside from that this is really cute. Nice job.

Awesome. You took a :pinkiesick: and made it into a :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: and that is aweosome. It was so cute. I loved it.

Dawwww, I teared up a little. :pinkiesad2:

this is so cute it needs the seal of approval from the ultimate authority of cute

so sweet,
and side note, I still wonder if there isn't some relation between the pies and the cakes

edit oh yeah, and also reminded me of this fic,
pinkie gets a cold

edit x2: strange, suddenly the story has been put behind a password... sorry about that folks :twilightblush:

Such a sweet story. I always loved the idea that Pinkie is like a daughter to the Cakes. :twilightsmile:

Lovely I really like this :D

keep up the awesome work :raritystarry:

De good feelings...they are making me tear up :pinkiesad2:

Really nice and cute story, there's not enough Pinkie/The cakes (in a family way) stories!

The end filled me with a large dosage of D'awww, the perfect way to end the day, so thank you!

"Ohoho Pinkie, you eat all those apples corncakes, you're gonna get a wicked bad tummyache!

That should be an episode in season 3!

It always fascinated me how my mom would be right by my side when I was sick like that. I'm the kind of guy who could never be that way. In fact, I got a little nauseous just reading this LOL. But poor Pinkie :pinkiesick:

This gave me a good feel because I had the same think happen to me once, it was one of the very few times when I felt ill that I was actaully sick.
Great story :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Wow, I really love this story! Good job!

I just got my daily dose of pure ADORABLE!:heart:

You get 5 yays: :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

D'aww... :pinkiehappy:

All of my d'awww. This was absolutely heartwarming.

Reminds me of good bad times staying home sick...:fluttershbad: :pinkiesick: :twilightoops: :facehoof:

According to Faust, the mane 6's parents were never designed when she was still working on the show. Celestia and Luna's parents were supposed to make an appearance, but she never got around to it.

"Scootasode" in season 3 has been confirmed in an Everfree Radio interview with her voice actor. I hope Faust's original concept for the episode is kept. It would probably put an end to all the Scootabuse and give her the best development out of all the characters.

Anyway, back on topic: A good read that gave me my daily dose of warm fuzzies.

This reminded me of Friendship is whitchcraft and the orphan song Pinkie sings. Love it

Aww, what a sweet story!:unsuresweetie:
Have ALL the warm fuzzies!

Also a like and star.

Warm story, this made me quite happy inside. Wy to keep the story in line, and capturing the character where she hasn't been before. Congratulations, you have another favorite :pinkiehappy:

1085460 No I wouldn't want any questions answered like that particularly Scoots, they wouldn't make her an orphan, its a kids show after all, and I have a really hard time seeing her as anything else, plus imagine all the great fanfics that would just not work anymore.

1087584 What you did there... I see it.:rainbowlaugh:

Memories always drift through my mind, and this one renewed 1 or 2 in that exact situation where I was Pinkie and my mom was Cup Cake. :pinkiesad2: This fanfic was touching and gave me that sweet, fuzzy feeling you have when you remember someone you love.:heart: Thank you for writing this.

Wonderful slice-of-life story.

Wow this is... REALLY good and it's also been featured! You're starting to make a name for yourself my friend.

You: "Don't expect anything great."
[Gets featured]
Me: This must be awesome!

:fluttercry::heart: SO MANY FEELS!

wunderbar. it managed to siphon a single tear from my ear for its sweet nature. :pinkiesad2:

This is the most adorable thing I have read all week. You have created a masterful work that does this fandom proud. Well done sir, well done!

Aw, now that was nice. A fine Slice of Life! I always like to critique a story when I've read it--but I honestly don't have much to say! Well written and enjoyable stories are like that.

I do have a few things though--give it another read through, out loud. There's a few missing words or typos here and there, you'll hear them and can correct them. As well, double check that you should actually be using semi-colons. They are rarely necessary--trust me when I say dashes would suit you better, I'd think. Especially in a few places where I think you need one instead of an ellipsis. Dash equals interruption (like suddenly being sick), ellipsis equals trailing off. And a little bit of repetition with Mrs. Cake and her 'deary' pet name. Nothing too serious, your every day common mistakes and possible nitpicks.

Very nice pace, and decent characterization (taking into account Pinkie being sick and all). Thank you for a little taste of quaint reality before I hit the sack.

One last question though--where the devil did you come up with a name like 'McPlantigrade' and why does that work so well? Hahaha!

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