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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


As Princess Cadance and Shining Armor leave to spend their wedding night, Twilight Sparkle and her friends get to kick back and relax after a successful wedding. And just as she's getting comfortable, the conversation veers onto the subject of... sex. And before she knows it, Twilight faces the terrifying prospect of having to tell her friends about her first time. A special, magical, enchanted moment.

Some unicorn spells should have never been devised...

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Looks good! Will read later.

I do like how you made it so that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are still virgins, I can understand why most fans would assume Rarity to be the most likely to lose her virgnity since she is the only one in the show to express intrest in marriage, as for Pinkie Pie I don't why lately so many fans like write her as a slut, yes she's really crazy and that probably attracts many ponies but even so I think she would at least be reserved in her more personally activites. :eeyup:

I'll admit that the BraeburnxApplejack ship wasn't really something I liked, cousin or family shipping just seems wrong to me. :twilightoops:

And I am kind of surprised that Fluttershy's first time was with someone like Rainbow Dash, I would think that se would have more likely gone to Rarity before trusting Rainbow. :trixieshiftright:

Lesson from this story: it is, in fact, possible to meld "adorable" and "raunchy."

Well done, and utterly believable. I expect to find bits of this in my headcanon for years to come.

Is it really necessary to say that you will read it later?

Great work! Emotional...you hit everything from serious to devious here!

Silver out!

Wait, don't tell me. This one in particular will leave us traumatized?


It's pretty easy for it to go both ways. She's happy-go-lucky, carefree, and loves being happy and making others happy. Sex is a pretty big happy maker.

I personally liked the story. I think it's funny, though, how RD seems to have some liking to mares in the stories. Well, I don't mind! Good work my friend!

Edit: I have no problem with this fic, or with members of the LGBT community. I have no idea what gave you all that vibe. I liked the story and I have friends and family who are members of that community. I thought the story was well written, interesting and a refreshing fic to read. No hate here. I upvoted the story.

I was wondering how on earth this would have the dark tag. I have to say, the revelation that made it such was really well done. Twilight's story is definitely my favorite part of this fic.

2nd chap., plz. :D

I liked it. It felt real... In a marshmellow pony way.:twilightsmile:

This would work equally if it was given a second chapter or if it was left how it is. Just make it up in your mind.

1512447 "Orgy" is just a fancy word for "Sex Party!":pinkiehappy:

Damn it! I want to know who twilight is interested in.

>Applejack with Braeburn

:ajbemused::ajbemused: Ehhhh,I have to admit I'm not a fan of this ship so...

>Lesbian Fluttershy

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: hahaha,and surprising it was with Rainbow.

It was Interesting and I couldn't help to giggle when you used real dates (1998).

I don't picture Pinkie Pie as a slut at all, but at the same time she's absolutely the most forward of any of the mane 6, completely open to new experiences, and comfortable with what she wants. Yeah I see her having an active sex life once she's old enough to want that. That doesn't make her a slut. I don't see her giving herself up to any pony because she's so desperate to get laid she would do anything and demean herself. I just see her as a pony who knows what she wants and pursues it, relentlessly yet sensitively. Pinkie would cut through a lot of the BS hang ups European/American culture erects around sexual contact, but she wouldn't let any pony take advantage of her.

I'm with this guy. I wanna know what happens next! :raritystarry:

Something over 1500 words in feature? It must really be good. Will check it out later. :twilightblush:


Fluttershy has known RD a lot longer than she's known Rarity.

somehow, the ending makes this song fit to the story.

Wait so Twi basically raped somebody?

As a diehard FlutterDash shipper, I can offer the opinion she had known Dash a lot longer. Who's to say she even knew Rarity at the time?

"It was the next summer after Ah came back from Manehattan an' got my cutie mark," Applejack reminisced.

I hope to Celestia your head canon has ponies earning their cutiemarks in their teens.

1512579 Agreed.

1513630 That's what I liked about this story too. From all the oneshot fics that treat sex like some magical-make-everything-better-rod. This is a refreshing change to have some of the taboo and darker sexualities explored along with their reasoning and consequences.

Favourited for exploring topics that I have seldom seen dealt with this kind of maturity. Upvoted for having written it well.

Was well written but like almost every story on this site had its share of spelling errors. None the less good job it was a great read:)

Thanks! Keeping Pinkie Pie a virgin was deliberate, as I wanted to go against the "Pinkie the sex machine" idea which shows up so often in fics. AJ's story I wrote the way I did because it seemed right, and also because it pokes at a common taboo. It's quite okay for you to feel uncomfortable about it; Dash and Rarity share your opinion! Finally, Fluttershy's story worked out the way it did for two reasons: she and Rarity may be close friends, but she and Rainbow are old friends... and unlike Rarity, Dash is bisexual in this story.

I've been juggling the various ideas and themes in this story for a long time. But it was listening to "Want It, Need It" one too many times that made it all fall into place. :twilightsheepish:

I can't blame you, really! I get sick of the sex-related stories cluttering up the feature box myself, every now and then. All I can say that I hope this one has a bit more content and meaning than most.

I've written her in different stories alternatively as straight, lesbian and now bisexual. Rainbow Dash encompasses multitudes. :rainbowdetermined2:

This one in particular will leave you traumatized. If you need an example, I am the perfect paradigm; the want it need it spell works every time :ajsmug: .
Hrm, I shall look into this one here soon...I shall comment after reading!

1513591 Hey, man, this is a good fucking story! Shaddup!

(though I agree with you :scootangel:

I love this little story. Sweet, cute, adorable, romantic, sexy, and bittersweet (cavities!) all at once. Just the way I like my ponies! :heart:

And keeping Rarity and Pinkie both experienced and still a virgin was the cherry on the cupcake :pinkiehappy::raritywink:

Hah! The biggest worry I had about this story was whether it could survive the massive tone shift.

>>This space intentionally left blank.<< :scootangel:

You mean 998; the story (and the wedding) take place in year 1002 CE (Celestian Era) :twilightsmile:

No, she didn't. Stargazer did consent to what she did, even though you can argue his initial consent wasn't really well-informed. It was illegal sorcery, emotionally unhealthy and massively unethical, but not rape. Things didn't go truly wrong until she taught the spell to him, and Stargazer misused it, with bad results.


I hope to Celestia your head canon has ponies earning their cutiemarks in their teens.

Yes, more or less. Applejack was also something of a late bloomer; it apparently runs in the family. I also have ponies reach adulthood a bit earlier than humans. But yes, she and Braeburn were both awfully young and still immature.

From all the oneshot fics that treat sex like some magical-make-everything-better-rod. This is a refreshing change to have some of the taboo and darker sexualities explored along with their reasoning and consequences.

Thank you! If you think about it, none of the Mane Six's introduction to sex fits the romance-novel ideal. AJ's first time was entirely unplanned; Rainbow Dash's one involves a pushy jerk of a boyfriend; Rarity is virgin only in the most technical sense of the word; Fluttershy's sex life almost never got off the ground because of her confidence issues; and Twilight makes a horrible mess of it all.

1514633 I still say its rape but ok

For a moment there I thought that Twilight would summon herself a magical di-
Erm, whatever, :twilightblush: the actual solution with the want-it-need-it spell was better than that.

Ah hate cliffhangers. And why did ths have to end in one?!?!?!?!?! :trixieshiftleft: also how come nopony's made a twilightxtrixie fics 'round here?

Remember kids! It's not rape if you like it!

Twi didn't rape anypony at all - it sounds like she told him what the spell would do, based on her understanding of it, and let him make a reasonably informed decision that he kept making afterwards even. Stargazer was an informed and willing participant; it could have had consequences, yes, but what Twi did based on her telling was similar to getting his sober consent prior to breaking out a bottle of wine with dinner and the two of them getting it on drunk.

A little stupid, but not rape. More like stupid college student sex, and hardly the stupidest.

When Stargazer turned her spell around and used it himself, that was rape, no question, and Twi is legitimately horrified to have been part of that, even indirectly from the sound of it, though there could have been a proper way to handle it. However, see prior stupid college student comment, and quintuple the :facehoof:

I do hope for another chapter though - would love to find out who Flutters is dating! :pinkiehappy:

No complaints here--I like that song a lot.
And I was not traumatized (thankfully). Taken aback a few times, yes, but full out traumatized no.

Twi´s first time is kinda sad, no it´s really sad, given that its wasn´t her Stargazer desired but the spell which made her so desireable. So basically she still didn´t had a kiss or sex with somepony who loves her for being herself/is attracted to her for being Twilight Sparkle, the adorkable bit social akward book nerdy Unicorn. And then the spell ended up with her friend being banished, the other victim ending in therapy and herself living in fear and guilt for a month/till now to enter another relationship. Yup, really really sad. :fluttercry:

Liked how Pinkie/Rarity are still virgins in your fic and was surprised by Fluttershy´s first time with RD. :derpyderp2: AJ and BB somehow made sense weirdly. :rainbowlaugh:

Will this continue?
And is that certain stallion Big Mac?

What, another one of these? :facehoof:

>Pinkie and Rarity are virgins.
Yay! :pinkiehappy:

>Applejack and Breaburn incest.
Boo! :flutterrage:

>Twilight basically changing someones sexual orientation with a spell that mind controls people and has sex with someone she didn't even love at first.
What the fuck? :twilightoops:


Remember kids! It's not rape if you like it!

Basically, this. It's at least mind rape, that's for sure.

Read it and liked it. Unfortunately the "Want-it, Need-it" coming into play was very obvious since the beginning, so the element of surprise was lacking. The stories were very much in character and I like the fact that you didn't go for the "Pinkie goes around like an STD" approach. Also RD X FS works in context, though I don't like the pairing as such.

I still think Tia was a bit harsh on the stallion that Twilight met (name omitted). Banishment for 10 years? I guess it kinda counts as a rape, though. The way you described him was that he was smart and likeable, so I really can't see him using the WINI in such a way. Mostly because I don't want to have Twi using magic to rut a gay rapist in my headcanon. Pass me the brain bleach please? I'm thinking too much again.

Edit: Also "rut in the butt" is now a part of my vocabulary. curse you and your rhymes.

I quite enjoyed the fact that twilight treated that event seriously (the crime I mean). Most writers would have the group brush it off.

i have to say, very well done. surprisingly so in fact. although, like many others, the aj and her cousin thing is not something i approve of, i can understand how it would work out. equally, your take on the situation that has been made oh so many times is refreshing. its new and unique in a sense, and i can really get behind it. spectacular piece, cant wait for more.

For a minute there, I thought Twilight's first time would have something to do with her brother or Cadence. Thank you for defying those expectations.


How heartwarming! :raritywink: Very sweet moment between the girls; me gusta. :twilightsmile:

By legal terms, effects of the spell could constitute as intoxication, which means that Stargazer's consent was invalid by means of consent under duress, and so Twilight committed rape.

A dark rating?? Um OK. XD Well this seems interesting, I'll try to read it sometime.

Great freaking story here. Honestly I could see twilight doing that, she has gone crazy a few times so her eccentric nature in this seem fessable. Great job the character stories were totally believable, that for me is hard to do. Chow Bennet out.

"It was the next summer after Ah came back from Manehattan an' got my cutie mark,"

:unsuresweetie: Don't they get their cutie marks when their like eight? And Ms.Cheerilee's class Is a perfect example of that. also, I think that you shouldn't Have made Rainbow Dash such a slut!!! I mean doin' it with shy? That's pure torture to me. And last but not least, Rainbow Dash should have been able to drink a HELL of a lot more alcohol! I mean, Sure she light weight, But come on!!! She probably spends her spare time in drinking contests. Lets be real here, You think that Dash would be able to not drink!!! She's a fucking stuck up pegasus!!!
anyway, Good story

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