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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


On the day after the Grand Galloping Gala, Princess Celestia receives a request for audience from her "nephew", Prince Blueblood. What on Equestria could he want from her?

- - -

Blueblood has the distinction of being just about the only character that's roundly hated and despised by the MLP:FiM fandom. This was my attempt at a bit more sympathetic treatment of him; here, he's a proud and snobbish doofus, but not a complete douche. This is a stand-alone story, at least for now, but it could also be the prologue for a series of fics describing Blueblood's career as a questing knight, and his redemption as he learns a bit of humility, compassion and the true value of nobility.

Cover art by sbshouseofpancakes, here: http://sbshouseofpancakes.deviantart.com/art/Ew-279877693

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Wanderer D

This was an amusing piece :pinkiehappy: if you do write more, I'll be happy to read it! :twilightsmile:

Nice story, im looking forward to see more!:twilightsmile:

Hmm. Funny, but I love Blueblood. Rarity can be even more bitchy and annoying, as we saw numerous times. And Blueblood cannot be so simple and two-dimensional. "Fly of the Alicorn" shows one of the possibilities, and he, for all we know, can be philantrop who gives money to orphanages, but completely insufferable personally. Good work overall.

Also, lol'd when Celly almost let Rose spent 50 billion bits.

Well, that was good. But, now, I want to read about the "Prince Blueblood Totally Glamorous Adventure!". So, If you please, continue.:pinkiesmile:

Very good.

One thing I would say is that it would be nice to have a bit more character description when it came to the minor roles.

Also, who's the artist of that fantastic piece of cover art?

I enjoyed this story, i enjoyed it very much. I do hope you continue it. :pinkiesmile:

The Glamorous Adventure of Blueblood? I'd like it more with Fabulous instead. Ah well.

If you do plan on making more, definatly would enjoy it. If not, it was an interesting one-shot.

Looking forward to moar! It could be an Adventure fic! Please?

Its a good history,like th others said you coud make a serie of this.

This was very good. I'd love to see more.

it is a pity that this is marked as 'Complete'. i would so very like to read and see just how Celestia reclaims the nobility of her wayward nephew.


Thanks, everybody! This is something I kind of want to turn into a longer series, but I'm unfortunately bad at writing extended fics. I'm easily distracted and prone to procrastination, so I tend to focus on short, more or less self-contained fics.

Nice work on extending the relationship between Blueblood and Celestia! I'd agree with everyone who has said you've left yourself some room for there to be a second chapter in this story, but as it is, its a great stand-alone :)

Thumbs up, and I would totally fave this if it were made into an epic adventure. This would be an AMAZING intro.

Go ahead and make another one shot sequel or a series based on this. Always like to see Blueblood try to be better with the emphasis on try, with much hijinks.

More blue blood, his redemption fics are slowly becoming my favourite, please write a sequel or fluttershy will cry :fluttercry:

Interesting. This is the most unique version of I have seen in a while.


Thanks! I know this practically screams for continuation, and perhaps someday I will get to writing the sequel to this.

Good. Will look forward to it.

ooh more please more! Blueblod redeemed is fast become one of my favourite fic themes and this one soundws like it would be fantastic!

Seriously man, I can't get over how many times I've re-read this, please write a sequel :pinkiehappy: your blue blood is awesome and sings for proper redemption

As you said yourself, you could make a sequel to this. I don't think there are enough stories with Blueblood in them that make him reasonable and fit in the universe, and also trying to find redemption.

I dont know how this would handle as a longer story since i cant read what isnt there, but as a one shot it isnt very good. The story gets no where and just ends with nothing accomplished. This story teaches us nothing new about the characters and the reader is left wondering what the purpose of writing it was. As an intro, it works well in getting the reader interested and could lead to a decent story, however since it has a completed tag i will rate it as a completed work and say its not very good.

That was a nice first chapter - where is the second one? :rainbowwild::derpytongue2::twilightsmile:

Came here after reading "First Times", gotta say, you're pretty talented to write two fairly different fics. Also, I like stories that explain why characters like Blueblood or Trixie are totally arrogant.
I feel slightly bad for this self-promotion, but I'm writing a romance adventure featuring Prince Blueblood and Derpy hooves. Granted, in that story he's an alicorn. In my head canon Blueblood acts the way he does because he doesn't want to deal with other nobles, so he just puts on a playboy attitude so other ponies are repulsed by him. Meanwhile in private he can actually prove quite well-meaning, kinda like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. The story is called "Tending the Flock"

There's a group called 'Give Blueblood Some Character', I think; would you be interested in trying to add this story to there? To be honest, I have no idea how groups on here actually work; I just know that they can let me find stuff I might want to read when I feel like browsing them, and I have a soft spot for non-total-asshole!Blueblood, when the author can make it work (and you did here).

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here. You should submit this story to the The good prince group.

Blueblood has the distinction of being just about the only character that's roundly hated and despised by the MLP:FiM fandom.

What about Diamond Tiara and Angel Bunny?

Gonna join the "another chapter!" chorus. This shows a prince who has been shocked out of his routine, and is open to redemption; you've completed the first act of the traditional three-act structure, which makes it a rather awkward place to put a "The End". That said, as a first act, this is pretty solid! It's always nice to see the cartoonish "because I'm a jerk, HAW HAW" petty villainy of minor antagonists grounded into something much more sympathetic.

I fear you're right, there. And I say "fear", because I still don't have a good idea how to continue this!

Princess Celestia needs to walk a delicate line here. If she goes too much into outright manipulation and he finds out...

In any case, it'd be interesting to see where this goes, assuming more is ever written.

Saw this added to the Blueblood group yesterday so I gave it a reread, and it is just as good now as it was three years ago. It would be nice someday to see how that quest for the meteorite goes.

Take us on an adventure through the eyes of our fair and noble stallion. Bleed adventure upon the rocks of victory. For how many weeks shall he travel on the road, and what misfortune will befall him? How might he respond to the end of his quest, and what if the end of his journey is snatched from under his snout? A chase begins, and he must shed that which weighs him and in the process understands what it means to be a prince.

or in non-crazy:
He might make it to the fallen star as a pompous jerk, but then something happens and he has to change his ways and understand the true meaning of not being a dick.

Maybe Rose Quartz helps or something.

Add an explosion or two for good measure.

Seriously, you could make a 100k fic out of this if you wanted to.

I like how you give Blueblood less of a douche while keeping his personality as close to canon as possible.
I would've surely loved to read more about his adventure!

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