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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


Sad Ivory is a pale little unicorn with a tragic past that doesn't bother her nearly as much as she feels it should, a happy family, and an unusual interest in dead things and the magic of death. When she draws the attention of Princess Luna, and is made to choose her path, what future will she pick?


Originally written and published on my dA account in March 2013 (!), now posted here in a lightly edited and somewhat modernized version.

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There is great medical application in necromancy, broken bones for a start, and sure-fire resuscitation at the end. Soul jars take all the risk out of emergency surgery.

The truth of the matter was that Sad Ivory did not feel grief. Naturally she missed her mother and father, her older sister and her baby brother, her aunts and uncles and cousins, but there was no sorrow inside her. Just a strange, cold and hollow feeling where her tears dried out before they were shed. At times, she wondered if she too had died, and everypony – herself included – had somehow failed to notice.

That's one of the ways grief can feel, little pony. (The author probably knows this.)

"Tell me, o filly, can these dry bones live again?"

If she prophesies to them, then they will! But she has to change her name to Ezekiel first.

Also... what on earth possessed her parents to name her Sad Ivory? I swear, some pony parents clearly hate their foals.



Her name was really Ivory, but everypony called her Sad Ivory. It was not a very auspicious name, but it fitted her well, for she was a pale and wan little thing, with long thin legs and a lean body that never seemed to fill out, no matter how much she ate. Not that she ever ate much, which worried her foster parents to no end.

Her name isn’t sad ivory

soon as I saw the description I thought of Ezekial

Yes indeed. Ironically, Ivory deals with her grief through her studies of death.

You thought right!

Huh heavy book of Ezequiel references, nice.

11522393 Is, like, Ezequiel, like, the 14th Angel in, like, Evangelion? :derpytongue2:

One night, as her foster parents were putting her to bed, Sad Ivory asked them if they could heal dead ponies. They smiled sadly at her and told that they couldn't. Nopony could do that, not even the Princesses in Canterlot.

Sad Ivory: "Challenge accepted!"

She went to the Trottingham's city library, to read medical texts and encyclopedias of magic that the clinic lacked.

Bet they didn't have a copy of the Necronomicon though...

She might have been a strange and quiet little filly, with a morbid fascination with death, but she was still a pony, and she loved candy. Her parents let her stay up until past midnight, telling ghost stories and drinking pumpkin punch, and when she went to bed, tired and her belly full of candy, Sad Ivory did not think of the dead at all.

Hopefully she stays a pony. Memories like these may help her.

"Dost thou wish them to?" Luna asked, answering the question with another. Sad Ivory nodded mutely, and the princess' eyes flashed. "Then command them to come together and rise, in my name and in thy own name."

I would expect her to be the first trying to discourage Ivory, considering her own past...

Thou knowest in thy heart that there are no other paths left for thee, Ivory. And thus, thou must choose.

Are you sure?
Maybe become a doctor using necromancy to supplement traditional healing spells.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But really, Luna:
Was is truly necessary to force Ivory to make such a choice on the whim?
And was Luna weeping or smiling over her choice?

I like how her cutie mark is open to interpretation as to which path she picked. Personally I think she went for the "why not both," option.

Lovely stuff, an evocative blend of world building and RPG character backstory. And I mean that in a very good sense. This is a fantastic character portrait of Sad Ivory, leading to far greater things as yet undetermined.

Also, “necroprancer” is an outstanding horse pun. One who dances with the dead rather than (or in addition to) merely speaking to them. Thank you for this.

Her name is ivory, the sad just got slapped on for some reason. Or that's how it felt while I read this.
Nice read btw.

Interesting. You probed and painted deep trauma with a light touch.

Probably, but Evangelion used names from ancient sources. Ezekiel was the name of an Old Testament prophet who had a vision much like Ivory's.

11617841 Uhm, I know that. I paraphrased the command from the angel of God to Ezekiel in my other comment.

The Angel names in Evangelion were mostly taken from the Hebrew Bible, but a few came from outlying texts.

Sahaquiel, for instance, is specifically mentioned only the 3rd book of Enoch, one of the Apocrypha. It's also where the word 'metatron' comes into common use, as one of its other names is "The Revelation of Metatron". It appears to have originated in the 5th century AD, and is not considered canonical to either Judaic or Christian religions.

Sorry, I didn't read your whole comment history. (I'd have guessed Metatron was a Transformer. :pinkiehappy:)

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