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Alrighty! · 6:28am Apr 1st, 2013

So first of all, happy Easter/April foolsday :P

anyway, I have kicked my butt into gear (yeah I think I effed up that saying...) and am starting on a new fic! It will be a fic basaed on my OC's. hopefully i will be able to inculde at least one of the mane six somewhere though, but I might not.

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468822 no worries ^^ I actually fell in love with this fic when the first chapter came out, only yesterday did I realise that I hadn't given it a like and watch! I really love it, it's so heartbreaking :fluttercry:

Thank ya kindly for tracking Changes! If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to rate and comment.

Toronto Ontario Canada :rainbowkiss:


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Anyone have any suggestions/requests for a 1 hour challenge or a normal fic? :P

Stories! :D

Hey everyone! i am in the process of writing my second fic! It's called: The End of Harmony. I know really bad title but i couldn't think of anything at the time! once it has been posted please give me your thoughts and any pointers for the next chapters :P
~ Snowdream