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im just a brony who makes average to below average fics

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:rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::ajbemused::ajsleepy::ajsmug::applecry::trollestia::moustache: good day to you

113610 Don't let that bother you, just remember you are writing this for yourself and for those that enjoy it. :twilightsmile: 15 favourites on 'Rose'. That means fifteen people love that fic enough to watch for updates, just remember that!

113608 I feel the same way about mine. It seems as if every time I get a like for my story a dislike pops up as well.


Some like it, some don't. I don't mind losing a few seconds either way.

113597 Well i'm going to take a wild guess and this comment is posted on many other's profiles no?

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