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This story is a sequel to Celestia is a Spider and That's pretty much It

One day, Celestia had woken up as a spider. A rather curious event, but one the Princess had approached with a surprisingly calm attitude. She'd decided to take no further action than that of informing her subjects of the fact that she'd changed, and to simply continue her life.

In a rather unfortunate turn of events, the Changeling Queen herself, seeing as she was not considered to be one of Equestria's citizens, had not been informed of the occurrence. This led to a rather awkward situation when she met Celestia for the first time after the transformation. Celestia found that encounter to be quite entertaining. Chrysalis didn't.

Audio reading by Lotus Moon.
Russian translation by MLPMihail.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 78 )

Celestia finished covering the entirety of the changeling's body in her web. "Did you know, Chrysalis, that spiders usually eat bugs?"


Chrysalis's survival instincts overtook her rational mind and waked her from her state of shock. "Wait!" she screamed, "I was actually here to become your friend!" she lied.

This always works with ponies.

Chrysalis: ":twilightangry2: Where the fuck is Alondro with that bloody can of RAID the one time when I NEED IT!? :facehoof:"

Yutah123 #4 · Nov 3rd, 2018 · · 1 ·

"Mostly guards, and some members of the castle's staff. I bet Celestia did the whole trying to eat you thing to you too, right?"

Wow, Celestia want lying when she said she can't control her instincts.

"How do you even play chess withou-"

"I'll start! Knight in C three."

Eidetic memory, much?

He's off doing his insane, maniacal laugh.

IceHawk #5 · Nov 3rd, 2018 · · 1 ·

* slow clap *

I'm looking forward to more Spider Celestia shenanigans!

Loved this one-shot even more than its predecessor. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually think when it comes to Celestia she sees though the lie but is just so positive about the power of friendship she goes with the off chance the baddie will decide to become friends for real after fakeing it.

I feel like Chrysalis can use this time to make friends with her other webmates i know its ooc but i think it would be kinda funny.

So primal flight instincts, arachnophobia, or both?

Glad to see a sequel, can't wait to see what happens next.

Probably instinct

Yes, I'm going to go with yes.

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 7th, 2018

This is somehow better than the first one

This... should have been a second chapter to the first one, not a separate story.

In other news Cadance discovers that Flurryheart is actually an ablatros and comes to canterlot to inform everyone

:rainbowlaugh: :ajbemused:
Since when has that stopped anyone? Most of the people on this site don't care and if you really wanted it that way you would've messaged the author instead of posting out in the open for everyone to see. You have the right to post your opinion and people have the right to argue against or support said opinion openly as well.

This critique is vague, subjective and nonconstructive and has the audacity to imply whether a fic or not deserves being featured. Even though featuring is purely a function of like/dislike ratios and time-frame and not a metric for the overall quality of the fic in itself. Vignettes and one-shots are a perfectly valid form of writing and sometimes a story don't need to outstay its welcome by dragging on and on ad nauseum.

I am sorry but if you wish to improve as a critic you will need to be able to take it in turn, whether it is wanted or not. Lest you come across as some kind of churlish oaf rather than someone sincerely trying to help a budding author to improve.

I have not read either of these.

But they get a favorite and an upvote just from the titles.

Someday I will get around to them, but for now, know you have made me nearly spit coke on my screen :p

16 people (and much more later on) disagree with you.

>.> 9 out of 10, should have made changeling soup....but still
i'm picturing celestia in this as more of the cutsy arachne type half pony she was depicted as in the picture on the first story rather then as ana ctual full spider, but even then to a bughorse like chrysi id imagine that was horifying

Oh please say you'll do more of these. They are hilarious.

At long last, Celestia has proper revenge upon the evil cherngelerng!

I mean, yeah she's prolly gonna eat a bunch of ponies too... but Chrysalis will die horribly, so yay!



Any time something makes featured that isn't some sort of monolith of a story, someone comes in and gets bitchy about it. Jealous-sounding, even. "How DARE you get into the featured box when I didn't/something else I liked didn't!" Don't choke on your salt.

These people never even bother to take the time to realize how the featured box works, and often put too much importance in it - as if making the featured box is a reward or something for 'good writing'. When it's not. You didn't have to post anything here, and now you've opened yourself up to people realizing what a wad you are. Good job, that reputation's going to follow you about this community. Take it from someone with some experience in that.

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 4th, 2018

sometimes I really wish if people were required to take simple tutorial before being allowed to browse the internets.... in this case "The art of trolling" and "How to not get trolled section"

btw for a light 1000 or so words story this is great.
Write more... lots more...

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018

You seem to have misunderstood me. I didn't argue one way or the other about your main statement, I just thought it was funny you would post with the closing part of your statement when I'm fairly certain you knew people would respond. It was also meant to taken as a bit of an ironic joke if you sit back and look at it considering it was also the first response to your comment.

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018

Seriously? You just go out insulting the users of the sight? Whatever happened to "friendship is magic"? Did we all forget why we came on here in the first place?

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Gravity012 deleted Nov 5th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 7th, 2018

I don't know, I like the change from the near constant norm of being half clop almost all the time. I don't mind the occasional bit of clop myself, it can just get tiring after a while.

Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 7th, 2018

Then pay someone to custom tailor it to your fetishes and kinks. Or, better yet, hire multiple authors and ask them to finish it by a specific deadline within reason. There you go, you just filled the front page.

Pretty sure you're going to ignore that puppet dude, but regardless I find these stories kinda funny and amusing considering the rare subject matter.

It's our time to waste, just like you posting that is your time to waste. I wasn't going to upvote this but your comment convinced me.

unless that book is about instinct controle she might want to put it down and work on keeping her instincts under contole. or she may end up with several less guards and staff members. and best bug.

Hmmmmmm, was this Crlestia's plan all along or just a happy accident?:trixieshiftright: :rainbowderp:

Probably just total dumb luck. :trollestia:

That is the most downvoted comment that I have ever seen. On this site, that is.

Comment posted by NebulaNyx deleted Nov 6th, 2018
Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 6th, 2018
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