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After being called “not sexy”, Celestia decides to prove the opposite and therefore sets up a photoshoot for producing and publishing some saucy imagery, starring herself.

And don’t worry: With more than a thousand years of life experience, Celestia simply MUST be well versed on the matter of sexuality! …Right?


Note: This is not a clopfic, just a silly comedy. The “sex”-tag is only for the sexual themes, but nothing explicit happens.

Like with my previous story, very special thanks to DracoBlair for his thorough help with many details! Please visit his DeviantArt-page: https://www.deviantart.com/dracoblair

And equally, very special thanks to Equestria Stories for his opinion, advice and suggestions! Please visit his DeviantArt-page, too: https://www.deviantart.com/estories

Aaaaand Equestria Stories also made a promotion-comic for this stoy:
Thank you so much, EStories! :twilightsmile:

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Photo Finish gave her an iron smack on the shoulder. „Oh, don‘t vorry, mein Liebchen! Vee professionals handle zings discreetly! If your Schwester shows up I’ll just yell: ALARM!!!”

How’d you get upside down quotes?

The only thing she did, was putting her hooves over her eyes, similar to how you count while playing Hide and Seek. "There! Now I can't see my potential lover getting naked and thus there’s no embarrassment for them! Sexy enough?"

:applejackunsure: We don’t normally wear clothes.

The ending though...:rainbowlaugh:

A quiet and sunny day, a few weeks after Princess Twilight Sparkle’s ascension to the throne of Equestria.

You had me, then you lost me.

Okay from the chapter title alone I know this is gonna be bad

“...because you’re so much OLDER than Matilda!” he said, a lusty smile slowly creeping onto his face.


This entire thing was a disaster, and then this happened:

The headline read: “ Celestia TORTURED by entitled millennial! Why doesn’t Twilight help?! ”

Loved this disaster :rainbowlaugh:

,,Double commas.,, Very sneaky. Also, you can kind of do an iiUPSIDE DOWN EXCLAMATION POINT!! with just a lower case I, in case you're feeling a little Hispanic.

A hilarious train wreck throughout. I am an unabashed sucker for thermonuclear Celestia, whether the righteous fury against Syhlex or the gleeful savagery of Daybreaker. Cheers for the laughs.


but to her chagrin its author used a pen name: “X_MoonPrince_S

Luna may have everypony else fooled, but she hasn't fooled us.:rainbowlaugh:

Ok, first off, I am loving Photo Finish being about as close to a PG-13 version of Illsa, She-Wolf of the SS over here, and if that wasn't intentional, than kudos to you for the unintentional reference. Secondly, this story made me laugh harder than I have in quite some time, and I'm so glad you made it. and Thirdly, poor Luna and her becoming accustomed to lewd dreams involving her sister.

I love this celestia so much, she's precious. xD

Meanwhile Nightmare Moon is consistently voted hottest dominatrix worldwide.

I had so much fun reading this xD
It feels like an official MLP:FIM drama CD script~:trollestia:

This is very well writen!

Oh no! What happened to their neighbours?

“ DAS WAR EIN BEFEHL!!! ” the artist suddenly blasted while swinging around her only good hoof.

Of all the things to expect on Fimfiction, I was not expecting a Downfall parody.

Photo Finish stretched her trembling arm towards her. Despite her condition, the blue mare managed to slowly stand up from her wheelchair.


I got as far as "master race" and had to bow out.

Twilight stopped jumping and looked at Celestia. “Oh, I guess that is because you’re not sexy.”

*Slowly walks backwards, then hauls ass.

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