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Winter is here. Winter Wishday / Wishiehoof / Wishentine / as-of-yet-undecided-name-under-which-to-unify-the-three is still a bit away, but holiday spirits are already spreading, and ponies are already relaxing. Misty and her friends take a day off together to pay Bridlewood a visit, and there, almost by chance, they happen to learn more about one of its more notable residents, and maybe help him change his habits for the better.

Written for kleia for Jinglemas 2023.

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The world is in danger, again. Magic is to blame again. It's up to a teenage girl massively out of her depth to fix everything, again. It really feels like it's starting to become a worrying pattern, although Sugarcoat is far too preoccupied with far more pressing matters to worry about that. She'll have to make a decision, and getting there will involve learning how magic works, a lot of details she could have done without, and that if you scream into the void hard enough eventually the void screams back.

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns IV, under the prompt Sugarcoat / Unorthodoxy, and the 100th Sugarcoat story on the site.

Inspired by Oversaturation, Mirror Match Inc., and Machina Cor Armageddon.

Pre-read by Petrichord.

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First discovered in the year DCIV of Her Majesty's solitary reign, the inscriptions are a set of square tablets, two nails tall, their sides measuring a leg and a quarter, of an unknown substance. They are currently located behind protective casings, to ensure no damage may come to the observers. They are bereft of markings on one side, which has led some to speculate they may have been originally affixed to a wall, or the interior or exterior of some other construction.

They tell of Fire, Heaven, and a timeless land beyond the sea, yet their true meaning still eludes all of ponykind, from its youngest citizen to its ancient ruler. For they are, perhaps, even more ancient than she.

These are their contents, as they are understood, and the story of the pony tasked with spreading that knowledge to the world.

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Experimental" category.

Prereading and cover art courtesy of Reviewfilly.

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When I was young and things were good, when I wasn't busy with either of my jobs, when it was winter and it was cold and I preferred to stay inside, sometimes I would write. Not much. Not anything long, not anything worth attention. It was a bit childish, really, but I'd write down some amateurish attempts at poetry. I'd write about friendship, and about love.

Nowadays I have more free time than I used to. Sometimes I use some of it to go scrub off moss from where I don't want it to grow. But I don't write anymore.

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Drama" category.

Prereading courtesy of Reviewfilly.

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Starlight just slightly looked up from her newspaper. "Yeah?"

Sunburst adjusted his glasses to buy some time before speaking again. "How come you only keep alcohol around when Trixie's not here?"

Starlight went back to reading. "Learned it the hard way after attending one of her shows. That mare cannot rein herself in when drinking is involved."

"Ah." Sunburst noticed the blonde tail of the local postmare passing by the window, and prepared to head out to check. "Does she get difficult?"

"Worse, Sun'." Starlight took hold of her coffee, and had a sip while staring into the distance. "She gets thriftless."

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Comedy" category.

Cover art and prereading courtesy of Reviewfilly.

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It's a quiet afternoon in Canterlot. Celestia is taking a break from her princessly duties, drinking some tea as it is wont of her to do. And as she sometimes likes to do, when she's relaxing, she's watching the Sun. When you're one of the few who can stare directly at it without hurting your eyes, you might as well take advantage of it every once in a while.

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Slice of Life" category.

Suggestions and prereading courtesy of Reviewfilly.

Audio reading by Lotus Moon.

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I wasn't worried. I wasn't worried about anything specifically, I certainly wasn't worried about this. But it's okay. Accidents happen. Things can be fixed. Just wait. No matter how wrong it feels. No matter what's happening. Everything will be okay. Stay calm. It's all under control.

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Horror" category.

Title and suggestions courtesy of Reviewfilly.

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Trixie knew for a fact she was the Greatest and Most Powerfulest student at CHS, and also the best guitar player in the whole school. Rainbow knew for a fact that she was the most awesome student at CHS, and also the best guitar player in the whole school. Both were quick to argue their lack of relationships was due to the sheer lack of partners on their level.

Everyone else at CHS knew Sunset was the best guitar player in the whole school. Somehow, though, they'd never thought the blue girl with the overinflated ego who also played guitar would end up dating the blue girl with the overinflated ego who also played guitar. It made sense in hindsight, and it turned out to work pretty well.

Until it didn't.

An entry into The Spring Fling Contest.

Prereading, suggestions, and cover art by Reviewfilly.

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The holiday had passed, the rush was over, snow was still falling but nowhere near as bad as before. Everyone else but them was busy, leaving Sunny and Izzy alone in the Brighthouse. It was a quiet morning on a lazy winter day, to sit near the window and watch the flakes fall down while sipping on a mug of hot cocoa. Until Izzy and her traditions decided it wasn't.

Written for The Blue EM2 for Jinglemas 2022.

Special thanks to my boyfriend for proofreading assistance as well as coming up with the title.

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Canterlot; 05/11/994
A unicorn is dead.

Files, transcripts, fragments, articles, pictures and letters concerning Twilight Sparkle's disappearance and subsequent death, the events immediately related to it, and the lives and actions of the ponies whom the event drastically affected.

An entry into The Twilight Files Contest.

Prereading and cover art assistance courtesy of Reviewfilly.

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