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It's a quiet afternoon in Canterlot. Celestia is taking a break from her princessly duties, drinking some tea as it is wont of her to do. And as she sometimes likes to do, when she's relaxing, she's watching the Sun. When you're one of the few who can stare directly at it without hurting your eyes, you might as well take advantage of it every once in a while.

An entry into the 2nd A Thousand Words contest, under the "Slice of Life" category.

Suggestions and prereading courtesy of Reviewfilly.

Audio reading by Lotus Moon.

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This was a good story. I too can stare directly at the sun and not go blind too.

Nor did she ever grow tired of contemplating it, as it was rather more than large enough for boredom to not be a concern. Some of her subjects joked her posterior took after it in that regard. She had yet to see any of them go blind, however.

ahaha (and yes, quite like the sun indeed)

Celestia wouldn't go blind staring directly at the Sun. Perks of the title and all. She could stare, and unlike her ponies, she could see it.

ooh that is a cool perk

She'd met another who could stare at the Sun. She'd had long talks with the former Dragon Lord, back in the day. His knowledge on the matter was far deeper than that of any other creature she'd ever met. And yet, eventually, it too had reached its end. Eventually, he too would be outlived by the Sun.

oof! who knows how many long-lived creatures Celestia herself has outlived at this point

It was an experience humbling and exhilarating at once. She was so tiny compared to the Sun. All of them were. The entirety of Equestria, with all its history, lives, and problems, it would take just a second to turn it all to ash. And yet she was the one who could do it. She wouldn't, of course. Cake tasted far too good to pass up, and anything bad tended to be over in a few generations at most.

well i can see the glimmers of Daybreaker here, haha wow Celestia is so hot

Save Discord, perhaps. Celestia had wondered often if he felt in any way like she did. After his change of heart, she'd even dared to ask. He'd laughed then, and for the only time in her life even the part of her that saw no difference between itself and the Sun had known fear.

hoowee, best not overturn that log

Besides, the Sun did not speak, and much as she enjoyed her time alone she knew she liked to hold a conversation when the chance for a good one presented itself. And all that heat would char any cake.

aww yeah, two nice things the Sun can sadly not provide

But yes, things had been going well. Her subjects were cared for, her country was safe, and she'd even dare say she felt happy.

And the Sun was still the Sun. It wouldn't change just because she stared at it a few minutes, and it wouldn't change her. But she liked doing it. She did so a bit longer, as rain poured heavy over Canterlot.

and augh, love this, which also feels like a nice insight into Celestia’s general aloofness that we see. this does truly feel like a Slice of Life of our beloved immortal Sun Goddess.

excellent work, thank you for writing!

Few things upset her as much as a mind so utterly dedicated to a single goal it flattened itself over in pursuit of it. None had hurt as much as being the cause of that.

Sunset, I presume?

I’m reminded of that one Tumblr post that notes how the Sun is the closest thing real life has to a Lovecraftian Elder God. Inhospitable, mutagenic, constantly screaming, effectively immortal by our standards, unaware of our existence, revered throughout history…

And then there’s Celestia, who only checks off two of the boxes on that list. The last line is a lovely touch to emphasize how her connection with her charge goes beyond mere sight. Thank goodness she enjoys company and cake so much.

Lovely little character portrait. Thank you for it.

you know what FoME when you're right you're right, Celestia would be improved if she were constantly screaming

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