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Celestia thought she knew her sister. She was sure that nothing could surprise her anymore. She was certain that there was nothing more that Luna could possibly be hiding from her.
One attempt to identify a changeling presence in the royal guard later, she was coming to terms with how reality had decided to prove her wrong.

Audio reading by Pony&Wolf Productions.

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This was perfect and I believed every lie that Chrysalis said.

Wanderer D

Celestia's head tilted slightly to the side. "Excuse me. WHAT?"

Where my mind went


Ha! Perfect timing! Sure her original plan may have been foiled, but what a prank! And to make it all up on the spur of the moment!

In quick succession, Celestia came up with the following plans: Kill Chrysalis; kill her and resurrect her; kill her, resurrect her and lock her in the dungeon; kill her, resurrect her, lock her in the dungeon and banish her; kill her, resurrect her, lock her in the dungeon, banish her, then visit every night after eating the hottest, spiciest Mexicoltan food made and forcing her to lick the royal privy clean.

This is how a prank is done.

I mean, it makes more sense if she was kinda-reformed, but yeah.

Not sure if it was us readers or Celestia that was pranked. :duck::applejackunsure: cuz It kind of felt like one.

Very funny, though I wish everyone hadn't given it away in the comments.

And thus did Chrysalis do more damage to Celestia's brain than in all her other efforts combined.

Good escape plan though.

Pinkie being a changeling makes at least as much sense as her being a shoggoth that thought it was a pony.

Chrysalis really is the queen of pranking


sounds nor allarms were


Nice. Loved it! You got me too.I actually believed her.

Same :trollestia: Ah poor Luna wanting to tell a funny story to another alicorn finally, and it turns out it was a scam

Run Chrysalis. Celestia is coming for you. :pinkiecrazy:

The shoggoth theory's always been my assumption. Or rather, the shoggoth married a distant ancestor, and the Pie family's been a little, strange ever since.

It was I, Chrysalis

i.ytimg.com/vi/LBXVHiHBG3s/maxresdefault.jpg (My queen is the best troll)

That Luna was Chrysalis was actually a fan theory back in 2013 or so. For example, Reviewing is Magic, episode 4

Silly Celestia. You forgot that the Mane 6 blasted NMM point-blank with the Harmony Shoop-Da-Whoop, and if NMM had been Chryssabug she'd have been exposed instantly.

Cartoon characters constantly suffer from chronic Plot Amnesia. :trollestia:

I personally subscribe to ‘granny Pie is a draconequues with no malice. Mother is also one that was so disgusted by Discord’s actions she abandoned her identity. Pinkie is the only Pie sister born with a draconequues soul.’

Crysalis, Princess of Improv.

Bug-Troll is Best Bug.

I remember that theory. Fun episode.

Trollsalis wins again.

Haha! loved it.

Holy shit... And I thought Trollestia was at the top of the game. Crysalis beat her out though.

The princess cleared her throat. "Excuse me." A glass of water flew in from the nearby bathroom, enveloped in her golden magical aura. She drank its content and then returned it to its original position. "WHAT?"

She forgot to spit it out right after drinking it.

That was a good one.

For a time fans had the theory Luna is actually Chrysalis (just like she is NMM) and tried to get her revenge over Celestia. (She is still a bit sour about the whole 1,000 years thing...)

But yeah, you got me with that one. Very good, even.


I didn't realize that Amarrians had a queen. :rainbowwild:

Empress, Queen...same thing right?

Not quite, though Queen might be Empress.

Celestia just got pranked gags

I loved this. It's just really funny. And I have to admit, I was caught a little off-guard by the ending. I featured this on episode 231 of my podcast, Pony 411.


Just outside the castle, a particularly fast moving guard could be seen accelerating in his run.

Just, simply, LOL :) :rainbowlaugh:

I was thinking that it all made far too much sense... and then it was revealed to be a counter-ruse. That was really clever!

...you got me. Have a mustache. :moustache:

This title: timestamp up to 1:20

Honestly I Think it would have been better had Chrysalis ACTUALLY been Luna all this time.

Though not quite suure how she would use dream magic. Then again who knows what a Changeling Queen is capable of.

Okay, you got me. Well played.


That Luna was Chrysalis was actually a fan theory back in 2013 or so.

One that I assumed to be the case up until her abduction of both diarchs and the Mane 6.
Or that episode was specifically created to frustrate the Brony community.

This? This is how aneurysms happen.

oye buenas noches por que no haces una version de esta historia pero con la serie completa

Is Celestia being trolled by Luna through Chrysalis here? Because I have no f***en idea what that ending meant.

ohmygosh!ohmygosh!ohmygosh!ohmygosh!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: no seriously, I found this to be funny, found the "zoidberg whoop whoop" in the comments, an put it on a freaking LOOP.....then went back an read the fic again!! all I hear is Chrysalis going "whoop whoop" in HER head until she escapes, then being verbal an running faster:pinkiehappy:


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