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Wanderer D

Have yet to read, but love the cover!

I was not expecting this to be set in the Sombra AU. That said, I'm quite excited for a more serious and thematic adventure story from you. You've even brought back one of your best dumb jokes as an actual plot point.

Interesting. I find it very strange that Twilight isn't explicitly stating that they can deploy immediately. Assuming the prologue already happened (implied by the heart attack) then it seems like she should be able to show results, at least enough to secure additional funding.

Action story, is part of a on alternate universe I enjoy, and has Lightning Dust. This is going to be great, and I like the idea of using the alternate universe from season 5. Except we have the actual Twilight Sparkle of said universe. Though I am curious how other characters like Marble are going to fit into this. I guess that will be shown soon anyway.

Welp, that is definitely one way to start things off.

Ah, I see what you are doing. In a way, not an AU, due to it being an alternate timeline created by Starlight. Honestly, fimfiction should have an Alternate Timeline tag as well as the AU tag, because these things are what could have happened in these alternate timelines, which are canon, thus making it not technically an AU (and yes, the only reason I know this is because of Novel and his Wavelengths timeline.) I look forward to what you plan on doing with this. Though, if I may ask, how often will this be updated?

I am both entertained and worried about this Twiggles.

Talk about OP, lol. Lightning can think whatever she wants, Twilight's device is the real deal.

So Shining is definitely dead and so far we barely seen any reaction to that by Twilight. I wonder what the hell happened to make her so callous.

I wonder how Maud and Pinkie feel about Marble possibly fighting in the war

So Sunset is the Second Children. I was hoping she'd show up soon.

When it became apparent that she would actually be fighting in the ring, I half expected Lightning Dust to do something like this:

Anyway, this chapter was hilarious, and you held so much together using only dialogue

Ah yes, Sunset Shimmer. I wonder what she is doing in this universe. If it wasn't for the cover art I would say Trixie makes a trifecta, but I'm sure we already know who the third one is. Regardless, good chapter, gave me quite a chuckle actually, and I'm excited for more.

I love this story!

Well then, Sunset is quite the recruitment option for Miss Sparkle.

Great chapter and I love the remarks regarding Sunset, my favorite one being the turkey. I see she was still sent to the EQG world despite separate universes. Then again she was sent there before Twilight became Celestia' s pupil.

This is rather interesting. It's a shame it doesn't have more attention.

Huh. Some sort of shadow council that Twilight interacts with, hiding from Celestia. Interesting...

I wonder what happened to the luna/nightmare moon equivalent in this universe. Really, there's a lot of questions here.

I have a theory regarding Twilight's mysterious benefactor: It's Starlight. What better way to create equality is there than making all ponies alicorns?

Seems unlikely to be Starlight alone.

"The eye of the Sun has always searched for the Court and only rarely has it seen even our shadow. We will ensure that it does not draw attention."

Starlight doesn't seem like the type to call herself "the Court", though I certainly could see her using the royal we to refer to herself.

Man, you never fail to impress with creative powersets and combat choreography. In other news, the military is useless. But given that they can't beat Sombra even with Celestia on the front lines (at some point, at least), that was to be expected.

Flash Sentry screamed, and both wings lit up with discharging magic for a moment before erupting into green flame.

I imagine the was some kind of thaumatic feedback loop with the intersecting pathways of Flash's natural pegasi laylines and the artificial unicorn ones

So, the court is apparently made of "Seelie", fairies. Interesting...

The dragon explanation is strange, because of the earlier log talking about the Alicorn/Dragon similarities plus Linnorms being part dragon. Does this mean that Celestia has a hoard, or that her hoard is small?

Well, that's an interesting development. I wonder if Celestia knows... The implications are quite exciting either way

A pastiche incorporating some elements from Getter Robo, Evangelion, and Devilman.

I’m not familiar with the first but don’t the other two end with the good guys losing, everyone dying a horrible death and the world being destroyed?

If the title of the next chapter isn't King Crimson I'll be extremely disappointed. Ok, not really. Keep up the good work.

Oh, there is Marble. She has an interesting role here despite not changing her personality much.

Oh man, the intensity is building. And is that the Nightmare possessing Marble? Even though her body is in a pod?

So it seems that that it's a photo of Twilight from the main timeline? The one where she's a Princess. It seems that someone took a picture of her during her battle with Starlight Glimmer.

Uh, wow. I have so many burning questions now. All is at a crossroads, the beginning and the end known. What remains is the how, and, perhaps more importantly, the why.

That fight scene from the alternate reality of this alternate reality was incredibly sastifying. That's probably because I'm a sucker for action scenes and making it Lightning vs. Rainbow in post apocalyptic just multiplies my desire to read it. This chapter has been my favorite so far.

The Black Moon Howls

Is that an SCP reference or is it a reference to a thing SCP also references that I don't know?

The dark side of Spitfire showing the true nature of the incident that kicked off Lightning Dust's first ark in this story. I'm assuming ripping out her engine heart killed her, so I guess that foal is now an orphan, ouch.

(Please tell me she's not actually dead, I can handle many things but that is heart breaking.)

I literally haven't even started the chapter yet and I'm already laughing. The cover you made is gold, even the disclaimer.

The more the story continue, the more my hatred for this celestia increase.

And suspense for what happened to Twilight and what Sunset seems to have avoided continues to increase.

"But--" Sunburst started, before the keening from inside the room cut him off. The sound grew louder and louder as the glass was pulled away, the gas-like mane tearing away at the barrier, reaching towards Doctor Sparkle. Sunburst yelped as a tendril as thick as his leg swept over him, ducking to avoid it.

This is so full of homages, I love it.

So that's how they dealt with Nightmare Moon. Has Discord been mentioned yet? I wonder what the story is with him.

How many ponies are have been hurt because of her?

I have three sisters. Marble and Pinkie are out there fighting and...

Do you mean Maud and Pinkie?

And here I was just thinking I might never see this story update again, nice!

another great chapter :)

Loved that. Great chapter.

I do like this story. I hope it at least gets far enough that we learn what happened with Luna.

Glad to see this continuing. I was definitely not expecting what happened in this chapter. Doppel-Sunset has been a conspicuous absence in canon.

I can't help but think there was some very important things going on between the portal shutoff and the forced reopening that we didn't get to see.

Welp. There's a reason they don't let soldiers pick their own missions.

Well, I am a big fan of every pony here. Lightning is best and both Vapor and Fleetfoot are sleeper hits for me. Shame Angel Wings had to go so fast, she was a very nice character.

Damn, that was brutal. :fluttershyouch:

Well, Vapor Trail survived. That's a plus for me.

These last two chapter were full of action, and were very well done. I'm looking forward to more.

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